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  1. Places to visit and eat at Hyderabad. 3 days. Museum, zoo and fort will go. In food looking for biryani, kebabs and nihari etc - not high end restuarants or commercialised centres like behrouz, even Paradise i once tried and didn't like.
  2. GunnerY2J

    Nioh 2

    Done till owl, this game is much more difficult than nioh 1.
  3. Watching 13 reasons why. Halfway. Disappointed and overrated. Everybody's just a dick and the Flashbacks are fine but The present scenario is so repetitive, same thing again and again, the episodes are needlessly stretched. Probably just finish season 1 nie and stop.
  4. Got and Completed some vita games, good system but with not so good games, at least not so good big studio games. Also, completed Shovel knight on ps4, really enjoyed it and a very satisfying straightforward game, still difficult but for the right reasons.
  5. Watched rocket boys. Liked it a lot when it started about two different individuals, great acting and music and even the love stories were sweet. Got boring towards the end when it was too much politics and also got a bit filmy.
  6. Watched eternal Sunshine of the spotless mind, didn't like it. Good here and there and maybe the message and all but really boring.
  7. There were lots of sir fryer posts on stay at home thread. Looking to buy one for the convenience, which is the best ? Large capacity.
  8. Healthy Pancake recipe ? Which is easy and limited ingredients, don't have oats. Banana, eggs,honey (can use yoghurt instead of baking powder?) and what else is a must ?
  9. Ladakh package recommendation for 8-10 days covering good variety
  10. Where can I get handmade wooden keychains from ? Online or offline in kolkata ? Like the carved jaipur elephant horse camel ones but want of wolf, owl or eagle etc.
  11. Visiting Kolkata. Any must have cheap famous places among the locals. Basic old restaurants or eateries type, mostly that have a limited menu specialising in a particular item. Non veg only and mainly only these : Biryani, kebabs, rolls, momos, Paaya, bheja, kheema, roomali roti (or another traditional bread) ,bengali fish curry, fish fry.
  12. Had to change gym. The previous was my first Gym and it had become too familiar. Should have taken a longer break and already regretting taking a 1 year membership. Am feeling so anxious and lonely at the new gym which is a very commercial one and even at other times. Also has one month of zumba/dance/CrossFit free, might opt for zumba.
  13. Me too along with that tongue twist. His and McGrath's
  14. Best scene from the show. Hits you deep, each and every episode's ending does.
  15. Rewatching - The wonder years. Hope they don't stop the telecast mid season like last time. Most favourite show ever, each and every episode makes you emotional. Star World premiere weekdays - 7 to 8 pm
  16. I had low back pain for 1.5 years because of an injury. Cycling, ground/mat exercises are good for it. And do squats/lunges everyday.
  17. Don't know how to post a video. Have started doing front squats now instead of back, like them more. Although leg days never get to my quads,only glutes get sore. Just form check, also current best (47.5 kg) when going full range,knees over toes feels natural to me. https://www.instagram.com/tv/CZPuxb4pcUw/?utm_medium=copy_link
  18. I'm 71-74 kg, keeps changing every 4-5 days. Eat a lot, around 2000 calories in breakfast I do, rest is not fixed and that don't calculate.
  19. Isse badiya pic kya chahiye 😅 Looking great.
  20. No,I don't. Getting good pain while doing push ups only mainly,rest can do pain free but avoiding everything other than back and legs. So what to do in the meantime ?
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