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  1. Playing Grime. It is quite difficult even when compared to any souls like or metroidvania game.
  2. Also chatriwali.. Start was good but turned out average by the end.
  3. Rashmee rocket and Satya Prem ki katha Both average movies.
  4. Watched shiddat. Liked it, had tears on a few occassions.
  5. Next goal wins. Average movie with few light laughs here and there, ending is nice and warm with an uplifting message. Documentary version could be a lot better.
  6. Worst rumble ever. Not one moment
  7. What a match. West Indies what a performance by Joseph. Smith would have won them the match but Joseph charging in at full pace every ball attacking the stumps. Matches in Australia always do exciting.
  8. Difficult start but once you get the amulets, was very manageable. Liked it a lot. Souls like metroidvania dark and bosses were fun, but nothing complex. More like blasphemous without the platforming. Good 5-6 hours game.
  9. Tried horizon zero dawn for an hour or two, didn't like it. I don't like big open world games now, days gone also stopped after 6 hours. Also, tried some catalogue games : Salt and sacrifice not near good as salt and sanctuary. Playing moonscars Liking it so far.
  10. Focussing more on weighted dips and pull ups now. Currently at 30 kgs for 4 reps.
  11. Ranbir Kapoor in rockstar was on another level. He feels better everytime you watch rockstar.
  12. Liked the angle between Ranbir and his wife a lot though, throughout. That was done right. Addition of Zoya was also right.
  13. Watched animal. Ranbir Kapoor great job, liked his entry a lot. Bobby doel role was overhyped. Bobby Deol's brother's role felt better. It's an average drama movie, 5.5/10 Not sure if it's a good action movie either, I don't really like action movies, but still felt overhyped and there were two action scenes ? (One was bad where they are attacked, and the last one was also bad but was also spoiled by an emotional song) Confused,uneven and the action and all is tried very hard to be justified with a father son story which isn't there, adding emotional songs and music and content in between just for the sake of it, felt very forced throughout, maybe except at the very end. That ending part was emotional But still doesn't give an answer or a solution or anything extra. The credits were exciting. Although, yes, there is no controversy at all in the movie, zero. It just was boring for half of the part, second half was much better.
  14. https://youtube.com/shorts/-RxXvorImFM?si=TKnviv_K_Mv4JUIi
  15. Unable to embedded the link 20 kgs neutral grip pull ups
  16. I'm thinking of going as well now reading the reviews here.
  17. Watched Napolean.. Doesn't show much of the journey and character development of Napolean himself or explains any events. The military battles are plenty and overdone. The love story of him with Josephine made it worth it for me, it was passionate and felt real and has its many moments. The actress is so charming and has done her job. Letters voiceover between them was also used very well to show both the love angle and depict the current timeline.
  18. Man City Liverpool draw Spurs lost Arsenal top. Good results.
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