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  1. Unfortunately you can’t. You need to add CC/DC or Paypal account.
  2. Yeah I got it off the EA Access. It has two very easy online trophies. Just have to complete 25 races online.
  3. After reading the article, it seems like lot of people presumably, has missed that the Main Menu screen post-credits, it’s actually the Catalina Casino, thus, Abby and Lev reached Santa Calina with the Fireflies. https://www.playstationlifestyle.net/2020/06/30/the-last-of-us-part-ii-post-credits-scene/
  4. Yeah it's an easy plat. Just few drift zones might be tricky but if you have a decent enough car you can knock them off with few trial and error.
  5. Picked up EA Access for a month. Looking to plat Sea of Solitude, Fe, Unravel and NFS Heat.
  6. Yeah why not. I am into trophy hunting.
  7. Yes it's available. But the Rs.89 offer is not available on Indian PSN store. Looks like the offer is only available on US store.
  8. Where is this offer for EA Access at Rs.89? Can't seem to find it on Indian PSN.
  9. Haven’t used the PS4 disc drive for over 2 years. Thankfully it’s still working
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