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  1. Will wait for the performance review before deciding to purchase it for PS5 or PC.
  2. https://www.reddit.com/r/IndianGaming/s/ICO2M8Nk49 PSA: This is how you can get 2 years of Game Pass Ultimate for ₹5043 Note: This works for only users who don't have any active Game Pass Ultimate subscription. My Game Pass console was expiring next month, so I was looking for the cheapest way to stack up Game Pass Ultimate. Turns out you can convert Game Pass Core (Previous Xbox Gold Live) subscription to Game Pass Ultimate in a 3:2 conversion meaning you can convert 3 months of Game Pass Core to 2 months of Game Pass Ultimate. I searched online and [e2zSTORE](https://e2zstore.com/) seems to have the cheapest prices for Game Pass Core. Here is how I stacked up my Game Pass Ultimate for 2 years by spending Rs.5043 1) Go to [e2zSTORE](https://e2zstore.com/) and search for 6 months of Game Pass Core. [Here](https://e2zstore.com/category/xbox-game-pass/) is the page. You can buy for 12 months as well but the 6 months voucher is cheaper. 2) Add the product to your cart and complete the payment. Unfortunately, E2Z doesn't allow you to add multiple vouchers to your cart at once, hence you'll have to come back to this step repeatedly. (Use Gmail ID to create a new account. I had purchased a product using Hotmail but never got the code. The owner eventually Whatsapped it to me and said their site only supports Gmail) 3) Once you get the code on your email, redeem the code from the Game Pass page or your Microsoft accounts page or from the store on the Xbox console. [Microsoft account | Redeem your code or gift card](https://account.microsoft.com/billing/redeem?ref=xboxcom) . You should get a confirmation and you can check out [Microsoft account | Services & subscriptions](https://account.microsoft.com/services/) to see the updated date for Game Pass Core subscription. 4) Repeat this 6 times. 5) You should now have Game Pass Core subscription 3 years out, with a spending of Rs.4494. Confirm by checking your Microsoft account page. ![img](uaz44drx5jic1 "3 years of GP Core after redeeming 6 codes") 6) Purchase a 1-month Xbox Game Pass Ultimate code. You can do this at E2Z itself or anywhere you can get a voucher code. 7) Redeem this code as well like you did in step #3. You will get a confirmation message that this will convert your Game Pass Core to Game Pass Ultimate with a 3:2 conversion and your new end date for your Game Pass Ultimate should be displayed. Another PSA: You can turn on recurring billing in step #1 to get an additional month. ![img](ixj2c2fg6jic1 "Game Pass Core to Ultimate conversion confirmation") That's it! Congratualtions on your 2 years of Game Pass Ultimate. As you can see I now have Game Pass ultimate till 13 May 2026 (I had Game Pass Console till March and I used recurring billing to get an additional month) ​ ![img](lkj1tb7e7jic1 "Game Pass Core gives way to Ultimate with end date 2 years out.") Important: * It only works if you don't have an active Game Pass Ultimate subscription * Use Gmail to create a new account on E2Z. Other emails don't work. * You can stack Game Pass Core to a maximum of 36 months. Hence The max you can convert it to a Game Pass Ultimate is 24 months. Overall, with recurring billing you can get 25 months of Game Pass Ultimate for Rs.5000. Let me know if you need any help! ![img](zjb1b7ca6jic1 "25 months of GPU for 5k :)")
  3. Assassin's Creed Syndicate Standard Edition FREE at UBISOFT
  4. Downloading the game now Thanks @SpearHea:D for sharing the GMG deal
  5. When fighting big mob of enemies sometimes one enemy gets stuck behind a wall or something. This bug I faced couple of times and it’s frustrating to reload the checkpoint and do the fight all over again.
  6. Devs are not prioritising game optimisation due to various upscaling features which are available
  7. I faced few bugs in my playtime till now. I had the latest patch installed. I had to redo a big fight sequence again as the objective didn’t update even after I cleared all enemies from the area.
  8. That too with DLSS performance lol.
  9. Lol GOT combat is like way better. Mirage melee combat is exactly like AC Valhalla.
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