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  1. Considering the covid situation, grey option also looks unlikely. Plus expect to pay premium if it's available via grey.
  2. After reading the article it's looking likely it will launch here in January. The same way how PS4 was launched in January 2014.
  3. I am not going to pick it up at launch. Will wait for next year’s Big Billion Day Sale. Also would like to see the hardware reliability for the initial first year. I picked up the launch PS4 console when it launched in India and had to get it replaced twice due to disc eject issue which many of the launch edition console faced. Once I got the replacement free as it was in Warranty and the other time I had to pay 50% off the Mrp. So I am definitely going to wait this time.
  4. Would be pretty harsh on Azpi to strip off the captaincy.
  5. Still think Messi will stay with Barcelona in the end. It's just politics to put pressure on Bartomeu to resign.
  6. Also check this video out. He has given a few tips that really helped me out
  7. What I did was I kept restarting the SSDD mission till the targets got lined up in certain pattern. Once that is done keep reloading the last checkpoint till you beat the score. See the video for reference Also use M9 and Desert Eagle. M9 till you reach stairs area and Desert Eagle when you jump down. It helps build up the accuracy
  8. It's great to finally have a competent DOF at Arsenal.
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