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  1. Bauji

    Yakuza Kiwami 2

    Its actually a divisive game. Many people like the slow pace of the chapters focused on orphanage. It dint work for me but if it does for you then you might like the game.
  2. Bauji

    Yakuza Kiwami 2

    Yea. Haven't played 4 or 5 but this game was s*it. Better to youtube the story. Won't going to miss much if you don't do that too. I've posted in wrong thread Could any mod please move the post to Yakuza remastered thread.
  3. Bauji

    Yakuza Kiwami 2

    Finished Yakuza 3 and it was my least favorite. I understand that they might be trying to take the game in a new direction away from violence and I love kids and all but man the first few chapters were so so boring. Most of the missions were like go to 3-4 places...just talk, talk and talk and in some cases fetch some item. And the thing is neither these main/side story missions were interesting nor they contributed towards the bonding between Kiryu and the kids. In general, I found all the side stories in the game very forgettable. Game picked up around chapter 5 and then the pacing again went for a nose dive on returning to Okinawa later. There were some cool character moments in between the boring chapters, Kanda was memorable and I loved the Morning Glory sea beach area but thats it about this game. Finished with a completion % of 15%, my least so far...may be playing two yakuza games back to back was a bad idea. My rating for the games I've played so far - Y0 >> YK1=YK2 >>>>>>> Y3
  4. Finished only 2 games this year so far and still not able to control the impulse buys Backlog has become ridiculous now. With 18 of these being open/semi-open world games, its going to take yearsss. Will try again this year to resist buying any more games June onwards.
  5. Bauji

    Yakuza Kiwami 2

    I expected it to be focusing on her and Majima, rather than she appearing in just a 5 min cutscene. It gave good context to Majima construction agency though. Having played only Y0-2 so far, I would have loved it if Majima is the main protagonist of Yakuza 7.
  6. ^^ Thats good to hear Heard the same complaints from almost everyone. Will try to finish just the main campaign, if I don't like the gameplay.
  7. Thought of just checking whether the Yakuza:Remastered collection's disk are working fine or not and ended up completing chapter 1 of Y3 😀 Usually I take a good 4-6 months break between games but looks like I'm getting more and more addicted to these games. I've started playing Y3, just minutes after finishing YK2 and the transition hasn't bothered me much. Character models look weird though.
  8. Bauji

    Yakuza Kiwami 2

    And because of how good was the Makota story arc in Y0, I had expected too much from this. She could have just left a postcard - It was a good freebie, but just average otherwise.
  9. Planning to do the same. Its been quite a few years, I haven't "replayed" HL2 and its episodes. Never played the first HL though.
  10. Bauji

    Yakuza Kiwami 2

    Started Majima saga and finding it just average at best. Chapters are very short too. Finished the first two in an hour or so. May be I had expected too much from it. Majima's entry was pretty cool though. Almost as awesome and impactful as his entry in Y0.
  11. Kiryu saga complete. Only Y7 left to complete PS4 RGG games.
  12. Finished HoS. Loved the Scenes from the mariage quest...highlight of the DLC for me. I found it very difficult to make the end choice of that quest. Another break and will then tackle the final DLC of this exceptionally well made game.
  13. Yup, when I was playing through the main campaign I was planning to try to get my first ever plat. Dropped the game when it asked me to kill 100 enemies in one of the Muspelheim trials. +1. But sadly can't do it without grinding through Muspelheim and that foggy realm with puzzles.
  14. Now I feel like playing it again too. When I played it, quickly lost interest in doing the side content, once the main campaign ended.
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