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  1. Bauji

    Alien: Isolation

    Don't soak in too much lest you find yourself soaking in your own pee. Naa, not finding this game that scary(yet). The thought of replaying the entire section since last save point....now that's terryfying.
  2. Bauji

    Alien: Isolation

    Yea,learnt this the hard way And the game might become a slog later but as of now I am taking my sweet time soaking in the amazing atmosphere.
  3. Bauji

    Alien: Isolation

    Finally the chase began. However for the first hour/hour and half, it was like a walking sim. The genre gaming community universally hates(or that happens only if its created by Kojima? )
  4. Not sure how common it is for a senior Ghibli guy to fly all the way to give demos, so not keeping my hopes up. But if ND and Ghibli collaborates or ND does something Ghibli'esque...
  5. Bauji

    Death Stranding

    Guys how critical is the online component of the game? Am I going to miss a lot if I play it later when not many players are active? Recently finished Witcher 3 and currently playing the first dlc..so dnt feel like playing another open world game as of now. Btw, no one posted jim sterling's video yet? Haters aren't doing a good job
  6. Bauji

    Death Stranding

    OT: Surprised and hyped to see Yakuza 5 in the list of games which got perfect scores from famitsu.
  7. Trolling? or not involved?(means a higher chance of him working on his new IP )
  8. Bauji

    Alien: Isolation

    Started playing this and as everyone has mentioned they have nailed the atmosphere. Always prefer great atmosphere,sound design over jump scares. This looks like a slow burner. Haven't met the big guy yet. On a side note, was reading the initial comments in this page...compare that to the s**t-posting in DS thread
  9. Have some big names attached to it. Might be interesting.
  10. Bauji

    Death Stranding

    ^^It was not a s**t-post. Nothing against the guy..just a joke
  11. Bauji


    What an absolute gem of a game. Never before have I finished a game in one sitting. Amazing art and exceptional use of the background and game world in story telling...without a single dialogue or text. There were so many WTF moments. Puzzles were easier compared to Limbo though. It makes the game a bit more tense when you see a child in dangerous situations and doing all those life threatning jumps. Light Nightmares and TLG used this well too. And she was freaky!!
  12. Bauji

    Death Stranding

    This somehow reminds me of -
  13. Yup, RDR 2 is the closest to this in terms of the overall quality and complexity. Liked exploring the open world of W3 more as I can call my horse wherever I am and in RDR2, if your horse even just brush a NPC, its instant wanted level crime. Understanding what R* was going for, these things were very irritating at times. Torn on this one. On one hand, BB is giving it for effectively $38 with steelbook but on the other want to wait and get the eventual GOTY edition and play it on PS5.
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