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  1. Highly impressed with Afg. With all the things going on there, not sure what kind of facilities they get. Then they dont get to play series against decent opponents too. Just pure passion and love for the game. Respect
  2. Bauji

    Lies of P

    Was hoping its comparable to Bloodborne and not Sekiro
  3. Bauji


    What an amazing year this has been!! Absolutely!! I consider HL2 to be the best game ever made, so that year Orange Box alone made it worth it.
  4. Bauji


    I took bank loan to build a gaming PC when Crysis was about to be released
  5. Bauji


    Tumhara lakhon ka PC
  6. Bauji


    Had no clue its from the same devs. One more game added to the backlog
  7. Bauji

    Lies of P

    How is the difficulty curve? Hearing its so difficult that devs have released some patch to reduce it
  8. You sure? Any link for the trailer/reveal?
  9. Thats an amazing start dude!! Congrats and all the very best for things to come
  10. Accepting I have lots of free time today, but its not that hard to find Its on page 3 currently.
  11. They can't afford it bro, dont you know they are the 'underdogs'
  12. What are you talking about? Q423, -13%, Q124, -7%, ~50% growth right there
  13. Watched Vikram, thanks for the suggestion, it was good Also watched Bullet train which was decent and Gadar 2. Honestly dint get what the hype was about, found it very boring.
  14. Going through Nag parv and liking it so far. Good alternate timelines/stories of all the characters, including the villains. It can never match coming across these characters for the first time all those years(decades) ago, but still good enough Was waiting for the series to complete, before I start reading it, but couldn't resist. And now in two minds. High chance Gupta ji will release the entire series in big size, but could be a long wait. Sarvanayak series had a great start but lost interest after reading the first 8-9 parts. Read first few comics of Aghori series. Decent so far. Also came across an old comic 'Shaktiputra aur Kaalbhujang'. Its cringe now but its a strong dose of nostalgia as it was among the first few comics I had and I remember liking it a lot as a kid. Speaking about nostalgia, going through a long train journey after a very long time and it dsnt feel the same without the book stalls on the platforms
  15. Bauji

    Spider-Man 2

    Want to do the same but its so hard these days. Very soon quite a few chu**ye youtubers will pop up with titles like 'Spider man 2: XYZ boss fight....'
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