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  1. @santanu18 if you find any good deal on AC, please share.
  2. ^^ And it's just one of the three games they are developing. 🙂
  3. ^^So is this the hardest From game? Have bought it day 1 but yet to gather courage to start it.
  4. In one of the interviews CDPR said that they were targeting next gen machines from the very beginning of their development cycle and that shows. We are done whining for BC, so now consoles should have FC too Pro-consumer ke naam pe kuchh bhi(from the company who started charging for playing online.)
  5. Bauji


    Have you guys played the same game that the guys from the last page played?
  6. Possible to make changes to diet? I went from 82 to 68kgs in 6-8 months, this was back in early 2017.No exercising at all...other than 30-45 mins walk in the evening, if that can be counted as exercise. I am facing an eye condition because of which doctors have asked me not to do anything related to weights....but I haven't gained back weight since then.
  7. Bauji

    Yakuza 7

    I would not keep my hopes up. As far as I know Kiryu and Majima are just "summons" in this game. You get powerful summons by doing side stories and then using your cell phone can call them to aid in battles.
  8. Yea, heard that you cant button mash your way through it, especially against the bosses. Don't care that much about styles personally..and thanks for the heads up on save system. Had a bad time with Yakuza 0 because of this...only thing I dint like about that game.
  9. Best game of the decade? - Witcher 3 Worst game of the decade? - Chubisoft made it very difficult to choose. Biggest disappointment of the decade? - Chubisoft. With their cookie cutter open worlds they have started this sh*tty trend where now everyone try to(or have to) force open world elements in their games whether it fits or not. Ubisoft of the past was amazing. Game that you played the most? - Witcher 3 easily even though I haven't played the DLCs yet. Soundtrack of the decade? - TLOU was the most memorable one for me. Story of the decade? - TLOU Game that you will continue to play during next decade? - Half Life 2 and its episodes. I play them once every few years.
  10. Co-incidentally I've bought it too this week, after getting +ive response from Yakuza community...seems like a hidden gem. Will wait for your review, currently playing YK2 and can't play two RGG games back to back.
  11. Bauji

    Yakuza 7

    ^^ And crazier
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