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  1. Bought from buycomics. Have spent more on comics in the last two days than on games in the entire year F*ckin nostalgia.
  2. Thanks a lot . Checked this and kalpanalok. Available at both. Which one of these provide better service?
  3. LMAO Thanks to your posts, I couldnt resist the temptation and bought a few Had quite a few back at hometown but when I visited there last week, came to know that my parents have given away "the junk" Also searched for Balcharit series but could not find anywhere...there is one CE pre order listed at one of the site but at kuchh bhi price.
  4. This should be a feature in Death Stranding
  5. Thanks. I am expecting this too. Saw few articles about officials being very strict with -ive RT-PCR report so was checking. Anyways, will have to see tomorrow
  6. By any chance were you travelling with a kid? Have to travel from MH to KA tomorrow. Me and wifey have -ive RT-PCR report but not feeling comfortable getting it done for my 2&half years old. Hoping they will not mandate to get it done for her too.
  7. Yup. Better to take a (long) break between games rather than ignoring the side content IMO. I am also planning to start Y5 next.
  8. Yakuza game without sub stories..why??
  9. Used to have a friend. Nayi gaadi showroom se leke mere ghar khadi kar deta tha ke le 1 saal ke liye udhar diya..chala. I miss such friends
  10. Finished Xing: The Land Beyond. Decent game. Started thumper and loving it!! Had downloaded a demo earlier but dint enjoy it much as there was no tutorial/button prompts. Getting first signs of ageing as well as I am much slower in pressing the required button than the game demands
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