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  1. Just another biased person
  2. Bauji

    The Last of Us 2

    Just like the first, this one is going to have epic soundtrack.
  3. Bauji

    Yakuza 7

    Keeps getting better
  4. Bauji

    Death Stranding

    Awesome!! Havnt watched anything since the release date trailer, but what you have posted above sounds great!! In Nov, I'll be like
  5. As someone who has never played any FF game and hence had no interest in this...this trailer made me very very interested in playing this
  6. Bauji

    Yakuza 7

    I take my words back. This looks so much fun
  7. After trying for a long time finally was able to run Wipeout Loving it, even though I am not into racing genre at all. Also played Superhot. Mind blown!!
  8. Bauji

    Death Stranding

    Taking risks in 2019. What an idiot!! Haven't watched the last trailer? Next project?? Sorry for OT. Seeing MGS V is on sale for $5. Tempted to get it...worth trying?
  9. So many awesome side quests already - - Towerful of mice - Wild at heart - Family Matters - Witches of crookback bog - Return to crookback bog - Ghosts of the past ..... Reached Novigrad and finding the quests here a bit weaker. Too many cutscenes and are basically scanning an area using Witcher sense. Overall, the game has turned into an addiction. Even though I knew it would cause problems next day, just couldn't stop playing it almost until dawn. Postponed a couple of important tasks(which I shouldn't have) because of this. Will have to put strict restrictions on my playtime
  10. Bauji

    Gears 5

    This feeling... Enjoy dude!!
  11. Sony TGS lineup: Meh
  12. Correct. But this isn't a dlc, so wanted to check if it works.
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