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  1. Sry for taking this thread towards OT discussions. That was supposed to be a joke
  2. The person requesting it should get at-least three months of borrowing time 😛
  3. Rich guy 😛 For me, never had any interest in souls formula. Bought BB because of the hype(& Sekiro for the steelbook, game is still untouched). I was playing it in the pre-corona era when gaming used to be a weekend only activity and this game wasnt translating well to that mode of playing. Have to again get used to attack/dodge timings every week, especially that stun attack that was crucial for doing massive damage. Then once because of travel & work, cudnt play for 3 weeks straight and on resuming it was finding it hard to even reach to Father Guacamole. So, game difficulty wasn't the main issue. Now when I can play for at-least an hour or so everyday, planning to give it another try.
  4. Reached to the section where Joel dies. Man that was a roller-coaster of emotions. Felt helpless, sad and angry..all at the same time. Felt like beating her to pulp. I guess, I'll never leave gaming, if games continue to evoke such feelings.
  5. Ohh, ok. Guess will have to play BB. Will wait for few months to see if there is any advantage of playing it on PS5(slim chance), else will start it on PS4. Is this fun?
  6. Having difficulty levels wont be stopping them to do the same.
  7. If most of the active users here donate just 1 or 2 good games...IVG library will become better option than GamePass in no time 😛
  8. I meant the modes we see usually in other games(wont mind wearing a chicken hat too 😛) Read about music box for example but still was never able to beat Father Guacamole.
  9. Heard this from so many players. How they were bad at it initially and later it became their GOAT Will give it another try...I think this is the best time to start on a time consuming game. They can provide difficulty modes may be?
  10. Don't agree easily man. Let them work hard for this.
  11. Bauji

    Hogwarts Legacy

    Sry, dint get you. I'm not talking about exclusivity. Wont be buying PS5 for next few years..so hoping this game runs decent enough on PS4 so that I dont have to wait few years to play it on PS5.
  12. Lol, same here. Got exited for a while looking at the gameplay today. Is that Kratos behind her getting angry looking at her type?
  13. Bauji

    Hogwarts Legacy

    +1. And hope its decent on PS4, so that I can play it asap.
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