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  1. This is gold!! 😂
  2. ^^You are such a buzzkill. Its been years...let him enjoy a bit
  3. Bauji

    The "Good" and The "Bad" News Thread :) :(

    Out of likes for today...thanks all 😀
  4. Bauji

    DOOM Eternal

    That's one beautiful steelbook 😍
  5. Bauji

    Cyberpunk 2077

    Looks great.
  6. Bauji

    The "Good" and The "Bad" News Thread :) :(

    Became 'Bauji' this week 🙂 Gaming which had already taken a backseat will become a luxury for a while now.
  7. Bauji

    Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch Remastered

    Great post!! As you've said, some games are just magical & this was one of them. This is the only JRPG i've ever played and could never get into another after it, including NNK 2.
  8. Bauji

    Marvel's Spider-man

    ^^How good are the dlcs? Seeing polarizing reviews. On sale deluxe edition is just 10$ more than the base version.
  9. Bauji

    Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch Remastered

    Back to Ding dong dell
  10. Bauji

    DOOM Eternal

    ^^kab complete hoga ye 😛
  11. Bauji

    Death Stranding

    This is my most anticipated game. Kojima's games always deliver in gameplay department. But just need the steenbok. Most probably will cancel this once TLOU's CE is announced.
  12. Bauji

    Shadow of the Colossus Remake

    Started playing this and enjoying it much more than I thought I would. What a timeless classic!! And to think that this used to run on a PS2... Great job done by blue point too.
  13. Bauji

    Death Stranding

    Pre-ordered as an impulse buy. Having second thoughts though.
  14. Bauji

    The Game Backlog Thread

    ^^ Order 1886..chii!! 😛
  15. Bauji

    What you bought this week

    Yup, these are addicting.