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  1. Would love to borrow but there is no way I am going to finish it in less than 2 months Great addition to the library @SkinTightTuna
  2. Bauji


    Its easy if you are using any weapon. Play with the torch alone.
  3. Have usually seen this trend. Those who have played NNK 1 first, find it to be better than NNK 2 & vice versa. First one was magical, 2nd was a good game.
  4. Bauji

    Hitman 3

    Dont think so. They have quest, odyssey and all. PCVR market is much bigger. Also dont think Valve treats HL:A as the killer app to be used to sell Index as its available on every PCVR headset in the market, some of them are priced as low as $200. PSVR is a 5 year old, entry level and now weak VR headset which might not be able to run HL:A well. So, still hoping to see it show up on PSVR2 someday. Imagine execs at MS sabotaging an entire console generation by thrusting Kinect down the throat of xbots and then having no presence in VR space which is worth billions now. Smart decision https://www.grandviewresearch.com/industry-analysis/virtual-reality-in-gaming-market They will wake up from the sleep few years down the line and will start throwing billions in buying aplu-taplu VR studios. Sony has completely abandoned VR though, having made a dedicated website to register and sending PS5 VR adaptor to everyone for free.
  5. Bauji

    Hitman 3

    Would suggest to wait for PSVR2. As much as I love PSVR, there are too many wires...complete mess. Because of the small kid, I was setting it up every time before I play and then again pack it up once done. Also the pricing is absurd. Fingers crossed for HL:A to be released on PSVR2.
  6. Bauji


    Damn, was planning to play Sekiro as my next From Soft games. Bought it Day 1 for steelbook and its still in wraps. Looking at youtube videos, never found Souls game interesting but the setting of Sekiro looks awesome.
  7. No, I was scheduled for a surgery. They do it as a safety measure for the staff involved, which I think is a valid point. Fingers crossed. As Bird said will do it just to make sure I am not passing it on to someone else.
  8. Thanks. Will have the test done coming weekend.
  9. Bauji

    Hitman 3

    No other VR game like this, indeed
  10. The doctor was pretty chill about it Maybe because of seeing me in good health. He just told me to be in home quarantine and go to hospital immediately if any symptoms appear. As an additional measure I put myself in isolation away from my family. That ended on 28th Dec. Thanks for the details. Now that its almost 1 month since the test(was done on 14th dec) and there isnt any symptom whatsoever, should I still go for these tests? I am thinking there is a high chance it was a faulty kit.
  11. Bauji


    Could be years old When I was trying the game for the first time few years back and wasnt able to beat father gasoline. Yup. And by easier, I dont mean by a lot. The enemies who were killing me earlier in 1 hit, would now kill me in 2 or at the max 3 hits
  12. So, I was scheduled for a surgery on 14th Dec. As a safety measure they did a covid check before the surgery and I was told I am +ive and to come back after 2 weeks if there are no symptoms. I was speechless and felt like someone had punched me in the gut with full force. Once I came back to senses few hours later, remembered they took blood sample for the test. Googled about it and could not figure out what test they have done. Checked with them next day and they told it was for covid antibody test. So, does it mean Corona came and went without me even noticing? Never had any symptom. I am a diabetic for more than 20 years now, with s**t immunity. Or it could be that the kit was faulty. Its almost a month now and thank god no symptoms appeared. Had isolated myself in a room though because I have a 1&half year old kid.(this was the most difficult part...emotionally too ) and will continue to take the necessary precautions.
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