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  1. Finished HL2: E2 and like always feeling sad, now thats it over. What Ep3 could have been if it was released. Sigh. In another life.... Now, the next play through in few years before playing HL:Alyx, hopefully on PSVR2. Started playing Child of light for the past couple of days. Its one of the most beautiful games I've ever played, like a painting in motion. The combat took some time getting used to but now I'm hooked. Its turn based but with its own unique flavour. Have new found respect for Ubisoft now...which was completely gone in the last couple of years. They are off-course simply making what sells. Have removed my Now Playing text. Hoping to see the return of Ubi-art framework in a game next gen.
  2. Finished it one more time & Ep 1. For a f**kin 16 years old game, it still holds up pretty well. Iconic locations & set pieces, in-game physics which redefined gaming, Alyx - one of the best NPCs and gravity gun - one of the best weapons in gaming. This game has everything and was soooo ahead of competition. Onto Ep 2.
  3. Looks cool Big fan of video game art books.
  4. Bauji

    Horizon: Zero Dawn

    For a game that was selling for 9.99$ last year... that's good cash inflow. Quite a few of these might now buy the sequel and who knows PS5 too. Smart move.
  5. If rising dev cost is indeed the reason for the hike, don't think GP will keep giving new games at the same price
  6. Cool. Wasn't aware they created Machinarium.
  7. If anyone cares. I liked Maquette(hope there is a VR version too) and Creaks(reminds me of Valiant Hearts)
  8. Wow, a Sly Cooper fan Not counting TWD:S1 the only tell tale game I've played...Sleeping Dogs is the only platinum I have.
  9. Out of the blue, youtube recommended this video and today I've started may be my 50,000th playthrough of HL2. I hope in my full life I experience another game that feels as awesome as this felt back in the day.
  10. Finished the game. The last couple of chapters were dragged sooo much. You go to a person and he is like - hey the boss is in another castle..go and talk to that guy...rinse and repeat. Story was more or less non-existent. Have never seen the anime. Those who have seen it might enjoy it a bit more. There were few things to redeem it a bit though. Boss fights were decent enough, sub stories were good, learning and performing the crazy heat moves was fun. Moving from one corner of the map to the other might hardly take 2 mins and in this small sized map they have crammed - Bartending missions Bounties Hostess Club Hospital missions Lin's delivery service Colosseum battles Casino About 80 side stories etc etc And then there is wasteland, with its own set of activities. .but all in all, wouldnt have missed anything by skipping it. The overall structure of Yakuza games is starting to become a bit stale for me and I've still 4 games left to play. Dont understand why people were so upset on the changes done in Yakuza 7. My current ranking of the RGG games I've played: Y0 >> YK1 > YK2 >> FoTNS > Y3.
  11. Those who prefer game on disc, I hope they still get that option.
  12. Did Wolf 2 inspired you for this post? Bosses in that game were just bullet-sponges iirc. With every game now trying to be a 30+ hour RPG...most bosses are there just to force you to level up and boss fights are mostly just a numbers game now...level X - 100 damage...level Y - 150 damage... Somehow the fondest memories I've regarding bosses are from 16-bit era Contra hard corps game...they were so much fun at the time. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gtVi1KBo6g8 Always loved the scale of GoW bosses...especially in GoW3 and recently the bosses of Nier:A, because the story made me care for them.
  13. My bad. Wasnt aware this feature exists. Rather than browsing thru pages of boring and toxic console war sh*t posts...would prefer to add few to ignore list. Regarding threads was hoping if I can put TLOU related threads to ignore list...so that I dnt click on them accidentally (or during times when it gets difficult to resist )
  14. Is it too much work to add "Ignore" feature like they have at Era?
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