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    Yakuza 0

    Gave up in the middle of 5. Was getting too repetitive after 6 games(0-4, Fotns) But will be definitely completing his saga.
  2. Bauji

    Yakuza 0

  3. Bauji


    Damn!! Every game is trying to 1up each other. What a great time to be a fan of the genre.
  4. Could be heart attack inducing in a game like RE7
  5. Both happened RE4 VR, cherry on top
  6. Done with more or less all of the games in my backlog that arent having PS5 patch. Has been a great gen..so much so that I found it hard to choose my top 10. Below is my top 10 list, in order: Bloodborne: First and only From Software game I've played so far. One of the most frustrating but memorable and rewarding experience I ever had in gaming. GOW: Thats how you do a reboot!! Astrobot: Each and every level was so unique and creative. Makes great of use of VR tech. Nier Automata: One of the best stories in a video game. Yakuza 0: Like many, this hooked me to the Yakuza series. Witcher 3: First witcher game I played and loved the world, its stories and characters. RE7: VR took it to the next level. RDR2: What an amazing, complex open world they have created. Arthur Morgan FTFW!! TLOU 2: Tells an emotional story, looks insane but gets too dark and depressing at times, hence the lower ranking. TLG: Unique and emotional like all of his previous works. Few indies like Inside, Little Nightmares, WRofEF, Valiant Hearts etc - found them way better than many copy-paste open world crapola. So many memorable moments: Defeating Father Gascoigne after countless tries over 2 years. That moment in TLOU2 That moment in GOW Jump scare in Arkham Knight Visiting Valentine for the first time. Finding your way through those underground caves in Hellblade Yakuza 0: Majima's intro What remains of edith finch: Lewis's story UC4 ending Watching E3 2016 in a theatre full of ponies. And many more... VR has been a highlight for me this gen. Can easily fill a separate list for VR only moments. But the best one for me was from Moss, the first game I played in VR. After completing a comparatively tricky puzzle, quill raised her hand and I instinctively responded back for a high five, just to realise a second later that she isnt there.
  7. Dead Space Silent Hill(s) Callisto Protocol Alan Wake
  8. hey, let me also tell you in case 4 replies werent enuf already...its not a demo
  9. Thanks @Mr. Comingle @KnackChap Will be taking the cab only. Travelling with kid so wanted to have some idea on the time it will take, so that I can be better prepared. And rough idea on fare so that I am not scammed
  10. Need some info from folks in Mumbai..or anyone else who has an idea. I will be reaching Lokmanya Tilak Terminus Railway station around 6:30pm. 1. Best/Fastest way to reach Lonavla from there? I guess that will be Cab/Taxi. If thats the case how long does it take? Google says ~1.5 hrs but not sure whats the traffic situation be like around that time. 2. Can anyone give some idea on cab fare? Again on googling I am getting widely different fares in different sites.
  11. Same, havnt watched any vids though, but from the comments, it seems like it turned out good.
  12. Bauji

    Elden Ring

    Ohh, I heard that before Elden Ring, it was the toughest.
  13. Please let me know which laptop/model you guys finally went with. I am also looking to get a laptop for just the basic stuff. If anyone else has any suggestion, please let me know
  14. Just one more thing, I hope I havnt given the wrong impression that weight loss is easy-peasy. It will need lots of effort and discipline from your end to follow a plan consistently, exercise regularly, suppress the urge to eat your fav things or just munch every now n then while sitting idle at home. Np at all. I could be wrong about the duration. Losing the weight was the take away.
  15. Ohh, if as per science, its not possible/very difficult to lose 14kg in 2 months then I must be wrong. Have been more focused on results rather than tracking things And ya man, I tried to go extreme with the weight loss. The 'Who cares' bla-bla: Some or other diet gets "famous" every now n then. And any difficult to follow diet will be effective. Dont think its that hard to guess. But, as you have also mentioned, problem is to keep following it for long. In the past, I had also tried few for a month or so and when it ended...man, it was like flood gates were opened Eating whatever I like but in lesser quantities worked for me. I started in early 30s, still able to stick to it in mid/late 30s...and I am sure even in my 60s I will be sticking to it. It has become a part of life style now. Off-course keeping track of calories will be more beneficial, if one can keep doing it. Then one can also keep track of the carbs/sugars/fats/protein etc etc intake. Can use bands to keep track of daily steps, altitude and what not. You can make it as complicated as you can and it will definitely be beneficial. I like to keep it simple and its working so I suggested it.
  16. Going by his past game, may be Star-fight. Mangal explorable in the game confirmed!!
  17. Sony should acquire him immediately and ask to work on Starfield for PS.
  18. You know something, dont you?
  19. Goddamn, this turned out to be among the worst games released in recent years!!
  20. If they just confirm its not a vaporware, i'll be hyped!!
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