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  1. Best surprise from the show for me. As others said, I am just happy to see this franchise returning, in whatever form. Dont even remember when was the last time Ubilol got any money from me
  2. Wow, this good. Wonder why only this one got thrashed in reviews. You just wait man, for their next game MS PR is definitely going to use something like - "From the LEGENDARY developers behind Redfall...." Nopes. Definitely fake...not a single mention of Nail polish.
  3. Meh. You will never be able to play Concrete Genie 2...just imagine the loss!! This is nothing compared to that.
  4. Here's to hoping that this ages well
  5. Gave it 10/10 Another game, Humanity, is currently sitting at 86 meta. If all the VR devs of the world keep working hard like this for the next couple of years then VR may be able to get approval even from VaibhavP
  6. Why he hasnt been awarded a custom title yet? Very unique takes come from him. Genuine question to the mods..not trying to be funny or sarcastic
  7. I was looking forward to play Planet of Lana someday tbh
  8. Sorry for bumping this thread I guess?
  9. Started this among all the hype around the sequel. Don't remember when was the last time I played a game having a climbing section with 'things' happening in the background. Missed such linear games tbh. Played till we meet bd-1 and liking it so far. Can understand now why the sequel is getting so much praise when it comes to visuals as this one looks amazing on last gen hardware. Wasn't expecting it to be this hard though.
  10. The balance of nature. Ya, only fully grown, responsible citizens of society here. No kids.
  11. Bauji

    Persona 5

    Actually one of the main reason I was liking this game was that using stealth I can skip most of the repetitive battles and proceed to the things I like. Have barely spent an hr in mementos for the same reason. But no other option to grind now I guess. Ya. Issue is when the 5th wave of those green robots comes, even with baton pass and exploiting enemy weaknesses, the max damage I am able to do isnt enuf to kill all of them in 2 rounds. Then they are replaced and this cycle continues. Add to this there is a timer and f*ckers have changed the way knock downs have been working in the game so far as well Anyways...havnt checked how many palaces are left to avoid any spoilers but looking at the level of most of my confidants I guess there should be just one more palace left, so wont be missing much if I leave the game here.
  12. Bauji

    Persona 5

    60+ hrs spent over the last 3+ months and this is unlike anything I've ever played. I dont like JRPGs much, especially those with turn-based combat, dont like sims or visual novel based games and still loved this game to bits. So many options during the turn based combat, even during the much longer boss fights quite a few decisions you have to take, to keep it interesting. I can zip past many of the usual mundane tasks in a jrpg and that saves so much time. Then the amazing characters with superb personalities, relatable, loveable and provide unique benefits in combat later. Never have I ever remembered so many Japanese names while playing a game. The gameplay loop of infiltrating the palaces, classes, confidant and social skill related activities is so so addictive. However, all this came to a screeching halt against Okumura boss. Such an irritating and boring fight as if some intern(that too a bad one) had designed it. Tried twice, reached till 5th wave max and now have lost all interest to go back. I was about 5 levels below the recommended level as well. Will take a break and hopefully will regain interest in this. If not, I feel like I've already got much more than I've paid for the game.
  13. If Don Mattrick still had been there, he would be like- If you dont like trash gamepass games day 1, we have a product for you..XBox360....and a game to play on it...Skyrim. Oh wait
  14. Bauji


    Seems like this game indeed has potential Not bugs but undocumented features
  15. Sad states of affairs really. Why was he spending billions then jab kuchh karna hi nahi hai. Going to miss next Doom
  16. Awesome!! How are you finding the experience? Which all games you have tried?
  17. Cool. Once the feature is available, the devs can then personally go to those 2-3 folks who will buy the physical copy and remove the sticker.
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