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  1. Don’t marry, mom cried two minutes l, you fixed it. Keep fixing her like that, if you get married you will cry silently all life and no one will be able to fix it. truth!!
  2. Biwi ke aage Muh nahin khulta to humko itna bada gyaan dega 😝😝
  3. Lol at game reporters! Such click baits! If I have to put a number to it it would hardly be 1-2% of total layoff.
  4. Bring it to me I will run my car over the dell, and if you want glorious and fancy death for the dell I will run the ducati over it.
  5. If you don't have a mac, ideally you should not be buying an iPhone anyway
  6. ya been using it for sometime now, cheapest cloud space!!
  7. waht is there to censor, gore? 81 mins runtime for first episode, that is long, will definitely watch this though, been sometime I saw some TV, except sports.
  8. Just delete them if they are backed on cloud.
  9. KL has rohit Sharma CD, he will continue to play and probably just play as WK like how we played Dravid. The Only change your team will be gill will continue to open.
  10. It's good but then you can just get regular 13, they are almost same. Try to get iphone 14 plus. Though if I was you and not invested in apple ecosystem, I will but the Pixel 7 Pro and take that risk, google is a big company they will support the phone. Pixel is just a better phone overall.
  11. Jo biwi se kare pyaar woh baba se kaise inkaar.
  12. I thik sri lankan players also saw this and couldn't stop laughing while fielding as well, dropping all those catches for Kohli to get his century Was that farhan akhtar sitting behind.
  13. I have been using a transcend drive pro 230, have connected it to the fuse box, starts and stops with the car, no issues. As per service manual irrespective of Km run, earlier if you run more the specified Km earlier.
  14. Any idea when is the next drop, a friend is looking to buy one!
  15. Ab doctor Tera kidney Nikal ke bech dega.
  16. we need more selfless players like Tripathi, let him open with shaw, while if kohli plays for sometime more can anchor. Shaw Tripathi Kohli SKY hardik Jadeja Axar This can be our top 7, where other six can all hit.
  17. good fight back by the team today, they did well to reach where they did. but Arshdeep almost bowled an over of noballs, it is borderline criminal.
  18. Working fine on my lg tv also.
  19. Good game, good to see bowlers stand up.
  20. Is there any discounted item in the cart, it will not work on non discounted items and limited drops, rest generally it works.
  21. I hope this has "Pratishod Ki Jwala", if not I need to order it for you Pronto!! Have a happy time reading, wish you a happy new year!
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