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  1. Good win, good to see Kohli getting back to scoring and enjoying, hopefully he continues for the WC and retires on a high.
  2. deepthi sharma runs out non striker for backing up too much.
  3. Dude it's still a kick a*s phone at 52, remember people bought it for 80K also on day one!
  4. Yam, but last time lot of my friends did Snag the iPhone 12 for this price.
  5. So i can not apply for another one? I own two ICICI cards, I guess can do the same with SBI.
  6. Yes for the people who are unknown to how things work in Amazon and FK
  7. what is this card, please explain in detail I have a SBI CC, which a friend just used to buy something, I slipped in my GOW Pre Order. But if this is a better card I can swap my current SBI card with this.
  8. i am not on both the sites to try to buy something I actually don't need!!
  9. Brother Just called me from US, he was at an apple store and they had one 14 Pro Max 256 GB available, he asked me if i want it. I said yes, then he said it is golden color, I said No. I just saved myself 1500$
  10. iPhone 12 though relevant, you are better off going with 13 with putting a bit more, usually it does 50 markpoint during sale. Wife been using moto for sometime no complaint, phone is very well built, never needed support till now, not sure how that will pan out.
  11. first case where itch is right compared to brain
  12. Seems like playing for country is now not a privelege but a joke, anyone can play for India now, such a sad show.
  13. mindblowing consistency being sh*t from Bhuvi, iske liye bhi Afg ko bulao. Harshal wants to better Bhuvi. Rohit getting more constipated, lol
  14. How does it matter, he is not going to wc and having him playing 11 is just a waste. also why does Rohit Sharma always have a constipated look these days.
  15. why the hell was bumrah selected then, this management and selectors are absolute sh*t along with the captain and coach.
  16. Pandya is in sublime form, he is the future captain. Also how the hell does Umesh Yadav comes in as a replacement and starts in 11, Rohit Sharma and Rahul Dravid should be giving tactician of the decade award.
  17. Arrange few more matches with Afghanistan, as Sri Lanka has also improved quite a bit.
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