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  1. Brilliant batting, though Rohit should have given jaiswal one more over to try hit one more six to break wasim akram record, not everyday you hit 12 sixes in a test match. Though with 20-20 mindset cropping in Test as well, that record will be broken sooner rather then later.
  2. Big blow for Team India we are effectively left with four bowlers.
  3. This is BCCI, he will get 15 cr this year to be dropped next year by MI and then no other franchisee will pick him. He will then go back to Ranji but then never be picked again for India, he is killing his career. Break was OK and he can do waht he wanted, but after coming back instead of going to train with Pandya he should have played ranji and made a come back. It's completely his fault. The way this has now snowballed and with impending return of Pant, Kishan is looking at a deep exile.
  4. took mom dad to theatre yesterday to watch Hanuman. It's a well made movie and a good one time watch. What stands out is osme of the CGI, they have done a very good job, and some of it they have totally nailed it. Dad usually sleeps off but he is an avid hanuman fan(reason I took him), this was a late night show and the fact that he saw all of it without sleeping is a good testament of the movie. Last 5 mins of movie is pure goose bumps, director has absolutely nailed it and it hits you at another level when you listen to hanuman chalisa on big screen and with an amazing sounding speakers. Music director has done a wonderful job with few songs and specially the last part. Hopefully part 2 (Jai Hanuman) lives upto these same standards or surpass it.
  5. 1 it is expensive 2 I wanted a bike I can tour on 3 H2 has a much higher downtime in case of any issues as not many on road.
  6. Oh that is a relief, but step motherly treatment to S24 and S24+. Anyway our boy @Assassins Creed gets the good processor.
  7. Congratulations, but they have f**ked up with the SOC, why that third grade exynos. Hopefully it performs on par with SD this time.
  8. wats the status on Pant? Guess IPL will answer.
  9. Ya feels so much dfferent then the Ducati. These are only for highways and Track, Bangalore roads are used to just get to highway.
  10. well a good start to 2024. Ducati bid adieu and BMW made an entry!! Now you know why the lego set was bought! Easy for my secret santa to pick a gift this year, just head to Puma.com
  11. Rohit Sharma has called out the ICC and the match referees for what he sees as double standards at rating pitches. After winning the shortest Test in the history of the game, thanks to a lottery pitch loaded too heavily in the favour of the seam bowlers, Rohit was scathing about the slander against pitches in India, which don't go the distance. "I mean, we saw what happened in this match, how the pitch played and stuff like that," Rohit said. "I honestly don't mind playing on pitches like this. As long as everyone keeps their mouth shut in India and don't talk too much about Indian pitches, honestly. "Because you come here [in Test cricket] to challenge yourself. Yes, it is dangerous. It is challenging. So, and when people come to India, it is again pretty challenging as well. Look, when you are here to play Test cricket, we talk about Test cricket, the ultimate prize, Test cricket being the pinnacle and stuff like that. I think it's important that we also stand by it. "When you are put up against, a challenge like that, you come and face it. That's what happens in India, but, in India on day one, if the pitch starts turning, people start talking about 'Puff of dust! Puff of dust!' There's so much crack here on the pitch. People are not looking at that." Rohit singled out the match referees and some of the ratings pitches received in last year's World Cup, held in India. "I think it's important that we stay neutral everywhere we go," Rohit said. "Especially the match referees. You know, some of these match referees need to keep their eye on how they rate pitches. It's quite important. "I still can't believe that the World Cup final pitch was rated below average [it was rated average]. A batsman got a hundred there in the final. How can that be a poor pitch? So these are the things the ICC, the match referees, they need to look into and start rating pitches based on what they see, not based on the countries. I think that's quite important. "So I hope they keep their ears open, they keep their eyes open and look into those aspects of the game. Honestly, I'm all for pitches like this. We want to challenge playing on pitches like this. We pride ourselves playing on pitches like this. Uh, but all I want to say is be neutral." Well done Rohit Proud of you
  12. Must have been sometime when a team was bowled out in first session on first day itself!! Good bounce back!
  13. Thanks @silv3rgunn3r kiddo loved building it. This now is in progress.. The size of the tyres..
  14. Sorry for the Late post, thanks @silv3rgunn3r for this awesome lego set. Kid will love to build it while I work on the bigger one!!
  15. I wanted this as showpiece for my collection, last one, let doctor sell kidneys and buy stuff.
  16. Abhinit is your santa based on the gift you got 😋
  17. Screw office, Wear it an all gals meet and go there as a distinguished guest!!
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