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  1. Anyone played Baby Don't Cry substory weird stuff
  2. Sorry no luck in finding a ps5 in those few minutes scam i don't want to spend ridiculous money on black market, got series s from us for 24k
  3. Can someone recommend me good Jrpgs. completed dragon quest 11 and previously played lost odyssey on xbox 360
  4. Just completed it after 250+ hours, what a game gamepass totally worth it for this game alone
  5. can someone explain how to get 30months for myself, i have active gamepass subscrption for console with option to upgrade ultimate for one month with 7 months free. how do i get it for 30months
  6. Brilliant story. wish i should have selected hard mode instead of normal, combact is bit too easy.
  7. Loving dragon quest 11 on gamepass close to 200 hours. my first in the series
  8. Just got my new xbox series s from us (around 24k indian conversion) Game pass ultimate for first month cost me around 50 rupees, downloaded psychonauts 2 from game pass waiting for game to unlock around 5.30 am
  9. Anyone playing xbox series s on a 4ktv? how does it looks
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