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  1. guys is it worth getting on one x or get a used copy on ps4
  2. still can't believe this game outsold uncharted games even if you take the half the number on single platform
  3. 17 million got to be fake thats like gta/call of duty level of sales on a single console
  4. ΨΨ babloos ΨΨ

    Persona 5

    completed the game what a game probably best ps4 game i have played
  5. guy's iam really bored of s8 what would be best upgrade now
  6. ΨΨ babloos ΨΨ

    Yakuza 0

    which stats are worth investing in rush initially. I got health and attack power
  7. ΨΨ babloos ΨΨ

    Yakuza 0

    Guys which combact style should i invest iam in chapter 2 got 3 styles with kiryu
  8. http://picresize.com/popup.html?images/rsz_20180428_120618.jpg [/img]
  9. downloaded the game from xbox game pass which i got free with new xbox one x not able to start needs gold account it seems. should i buy gold account or skip it won't be playing any other mp games unless dark souls kinda of co-op
  10. man seriouly our pace attack sucks
  11. is getting above 60 degrees in fifa games alright?
  12. guys having issues with 7700k temps using noctua 15s its high side 30s in idle with air condioner on also started playing witcher 3 its trottling between 50 to high 60s everything is in stock settings not overclocked
  13. can you provide me link for 40k cheapest is 41k in mdcomputers also next best is gigabyte windforce g1 for 46.7k
  14. Mini is the cheapest 1080 gtx available now.next best is 5k more.i have normal build no itx
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