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  1. It was bad for me the first week, probably due to the learning phase. It's pretty good right now. I have AoD on, but don't play any games but do a lot of browsing/twitter etc on it. I haven't had to worry about charging it so far. I charge it to 100 around 7-8AM in the day and it's around 20s-40s the next day when i reach charging time. Screen acctive time during this duration is generally 7-10 hours. This was on 16.0.3. 16.1 has been there for only a little while but haven't noticed any dip.
  2. That article is misleading. Click on the link that mentions which carriers support family setup in India (There are none). So, while you can setup a watch itself under family setup, the cellular function wouldn't work which is the main draw for this so kids can be contacted/tracked etc. Otherwise the watch is severly limited in this mode so there's no advantage.
  3. If anyone wants to sell off an old iPhone 8 or SE 2 or X in not so good condition for cheap, lemme know. I am planning to buy one for temp usage for managing son's apple watch since family setup doesn't work in india and managing it from my or wife's iphone is a pain.
  4. This is the one I got. Very good but I am not sure if available here. https://uniqcreation.com/collections/iphone-14-pro-max/products/lifepro-magclick-14-pro-max
  5. Flipkart replied today on INGRAM confirming they refunded because of the ticket on INGRAM. This really works.
  6. Flipkart replied today on INGRAM confirming they refunded because of the ticket on INGRAM. This really works.
  7. Thanks @Bird Bird Bird FK called immediately next day after filling INGRAM complaint and refunded money which hit the bank finally today
  8. Yeah, Android and Pixel teams at Google are separate. And there can be some...coordination issues. So it should be better this time around.
  9. I did quite a bit of work on that to make the super resolution AI stuff work quickly and efficiently I was the software lead for TPU in that chip
  10. I created another thread on twitter for this issue with flipkart. Please show some like/RT love
  11. Yeah, they should cover shipping themselves. For customs, they'd mark it as review/sample piece so most of the times there's no customs as long as it is not super expensive. Bigger companies who have some kind of presence in india cover customs as well or some companies reimburse the customs levied if any. In worst case though, you may have to bear customs.
  12. Yeah, I’ve received such requests many times. Good to go as long as they are not asking for any financial details or PII except shipping address from you.
  13. Check 65” prices as well if you get a chance
  14. Thanks. Will do that. By CC. Thanks for the great suggestion. I will file a dispute. Yes, have done that several times (official complaints, social media, escalating to grievance officer etc)
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