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  1. I don't think so. I believe you need to buy one of those specific BT audio receivers.
  2. Good thing then I didn't buy this. I'm instead checking off Scarlet Nexus from my backlog.
  3. Shantz

    Atomic Heart

    Playing on xcloud is the only way to play this game
  4. Shantz

    Atomic Heart

    Is it me or is the aiming too wonky on this game with a controller?
  5. I never used to play indies before but game pass + steam deck combo has made me play them a lot.
  6. All this BC discussion reminded me of this standup
  7. PS5 is a better choice from another angle. If you also want to play via steam deck, PS5 remote play works great via chiaki4deck. This is the way I am going to play most of the time
  8. Feels a bit slow to me. Couldn't get into it that well. But i tried for only 30 mins
  9. I have the 512 version without any screen protector
  10. redfall needs constant internet connection even for SP
  11. I've a meco one. Works fine.
  12. I’ve actually given up on replacing batteries now. Got those replacement battery kits + charging stand which is much more convenient. https://www.jbhifi.com.au/products/powera-dual-charging-station-for-xbox-series-x
  13. I posted about this about an year ago. Xbox controller kills the pros
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