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  1. And I am guessing I should let my current sub expire before applying this?
  2. Lads, what's the recommended way to get the gamepass now? Just buy from msft? the older tricks work or not? (I have a few weeks remaining in my sub, in case that matters and I should either renew before lapse or wait after lapse)
  3. I haven't. Controlling it with an ESP32 should be fairly straight forward. Color matching with surely require some kind of capture card
  4. Anyone has contact of an HDFC RM who can help apply for infinia? Now that Magnus is useless want to switch, but hdfc doesn’t let one apply for infinia directly :|
  5. And i have a trip coming up right now ending around 1st july so will pay a big bill for hotel around that time :'(
  6. I printed this today https://twitter.com/shantanugoel/status/1669317561731911681
  7. My C7 is still going great (touches wood). No dead pixels and no other issues as well so far in ~6 years.
  8. Haha, no secrets. I've been posting about my 3D printing journey publicly on twitter. I use an Ender 3 S1 Pro right now. Hope to switch to a Bambulab X1C or Creality K1 max (just launched) when I can get them for a good price in India.
  9. Added this xbox logo fridge magnet/keychain/carabiner attachment. Thinking of doing a consoles logo brick next. https://store.shantanugoel.com/product/xbox-logo-fridge-magnet/
  10. Added a unique batarang shaped fridge magnet that feels like it's stuck in your fridge https://store.shantanugoel.com/product/batarang-fridge-magnet-in-wall-effect/
  11. Hey Everyone! I'm a long time member here and many of you know me as someone who dabbles in tech a lot. Sometime ago, I started dipping my toes into the realm of 3D Printing and discovered an amazing world that lives beneath. A few of my designs caught a lot of attention over twitter, ultimately leading me to start selling them. It became too much to handle everything over twitter/IMs so I've started an official store https://store.shantanugoel.com This post is to announce the launch of the store to my closest gaming fraternity, and to offer a couple of exclusives: IVG exclusive discount code "CHEATCODE". Use this to take 10% off anything you buy (including even sale items) + Free Shipping. This will work till 30th April. I'll do a raffle for all the people who make an order before 30th April and the winner will get any one item from the store for free. Although the store is just about beginning to take shape. I've added a few things there that might be of interest to you as a gamer and an avid tech user, e.g. A stand for your xbox controller, or a hanging one for your dualsense and pulse headset, or a shelf for your monitor to display your latest figurines, or an airtag compatible case for your apple tv remote. I've a ton of other things incoming and I'm also building a design for a minimal protection cover for the Steam Deck so we don't have to lug the big case around everywhere. Do let me know any of your ideas that you'd like me to make and I will try my best to make them happen. Mods, please let me know if I need to avoid/change anything for this. Few pics here for some of the items: https://store.shantanugoel.com/product/ps5-dual-hanger-and-stand-for-controller-and-headset/ https://store.shantanugoel.com/product/xbox-controller-stand/ https://store.shantanugoel.com/product/apple-tv-remote-case-with-airtag-slot/ https://store.shantanugoel.com/product/monitor-shelf/
  12. There are better alternatives than the zero forex cards. Even a LTF IDFC Wealth card will give you a few 0.xx% back after the forex fees. And many other cards will make even more. And no issue of having to load the card/block cash etc. And better dispute handling/loss protection which is even more important for foreign transactions.
  13. I don't think so. I believe you need to buy one of those specific BT audio receivers.
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