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  1. Not really hilarious.This works. I had an issue few years ago for a laptop that was stuck in customs and didn't get delivered. Amazon cc and social media team stopped responding to me and around 1.7 lakh rs of mine were in limbo. It came to such a state that they blocked my account from being able to contact customer care over chat and from my registered phone. After 2-3 months of harassement, I sent an email to bezos and refund was approved in 2 days, all restrictions were lifted.
  2. Shantz


    JFTR, I liked the gameplay and the story and the presentation. It may not be amazeballs but it wasn't trash either for me.
  3. Where's the tee from :o I want to buy one too. Old times..
  4. ^^ separately. Only content included in membership is the stuff under "Apple TV+ channel".
  5. My OLED is now almost 1.5 yrs old. No burn in issues so far, even remotely.
  6. pehle troll pe hi lagi hui hai :| By mode, you mean the tv mode? I've set it up as game mode. Abso-frikkin-lutely amazing though on the new tv.. Full paisa vasool
  7. So I canceled the amazon pre-order and bought it from psn now. :|
  8. Are these guys shipping the standard editions today?
  9. They also have something called screen/pixel shift where they keep shifting the static portions (not sure if just the static portions or the whole image) a little bit to avoid the effect of the logos being displayed on sports/news channels etc. Apart from that, they run some pixel clearing scans over the panel whenever you switch off the tv and then there's a longer run you can do if you see some signs of retention, which is supposed to avoid perma burn ins as well. Another suggestion is to keep the OLED light levels a bit down to avoid it. According to rtings.com, they do see temporary image retention but chance of perma burn-in on 16/17 models is negligible. Ironically, they see higher chances of perma burn in on '18 model. Edit: But yeah, if you are going to use the tv as a workstation screen, don't even look at OLED. That will surely cause you problems.
  10. @kunjanp Yeah, I was wary of the burn in as well and went to the shops looking for Sony X93E but it seems to be oos everywhere (in fact all X9** series is oos). Finally took a chance with this looking at some of the mitigations that LG has apparently done to avoid burn in and some confidence building by rtings.com guys as well. Time will tell though and will update if I see any.
  11. So I started looking for a 4K tv after Mi TV came about. Tried for a couple of sales unsuccessfully, changed goals to a Sony X93E midway. Went to shop and it seems to be out of stock everywhere and ended up buying an LG OLED 55C7T. Had wanted to buy an OLED tv for long and then splurged somehow. The tv looks gorgeous physically as well as in picture quality. Sound quality is just about average or below average so will have to get a soundbar or something.
  12. new TV LG OLED 55C7T. Getting ready for God of War.
  13. Shantz

    Persona 5

    Save your SP and use it as little as possible for now since you can regen health through items or SP, but cannot regen SP. Sometime later you will be able to make/buy items to regen SP and will also be able to buy an accessory that auto-regen's SP (depending on who you try to level-up in your confidants) after which you can be bit more liberal with SP.
  14. Yup, no one can play dishonored 2 properly without VoLTE support. Dual SIM would be nice. And you'd love that sound when the shock bolt hits the glass but doesn't shatter it.
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