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  1. Apologies, too busy these days with work to do much at all Although I believe there are a huge number of bots already available?
  2. I have a good way out for this @Bird Bird Bird @adity - I've removed it for now from our IVG secret channel - Added it to the public channel in case anyone still wants, they can join that - When @Bird Bird Bird is ready to buy one, I will remove it from public and set one up specifically to send notifications directly to him I hope this works out for all.
  3. All, I will remove xbox notifications from the telegram channel today as most people here seem to have gotten it already. If someone still needs it, reply to this post by 5PM today or forever hold your peace.
  4. Sure, I will ask once in the xbox thread and remove if no one replies today.
  5. BTW, it goes to show how low is the demand for xbox in India. It's been stock for more than 30 minutes now. Not much uptick on twitter either.
  6. Yes, it's still up. DM me or rushab to get added.
  7. Ab bhi jis ne nahi liya, uski kismat kharab hai
  8. Shantz

    Days Gone

    I won't take your bait so easily
  9. It's unfortunate they've replaced it
  10. Shantz

    Days Gone

    I wouldn't say it's superior or inferior to TLOU2. They are very different games, the only thing common being there are zombies in both. I don't know why would one even compare these 2. TLOU2 is a brilliant single player, story driven master piece. Days Gone is a brilliant single player, open world game. Based on what someone looks for in a game, one would appeal more to them than the other.
  11. Most of the newer XSX stock is getting dispatched from Gujarat since last couple of months.
  12. jiggy bhai Here's my entry
  13. Shantz

    Days Gone

    I did get killed a couple of times when I ran into them unknowingly. Man, I've never felt so scared in my life.
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