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  1. That's not how it works. Any share of the profits do not go to shareholders in any % unless a company declares dividends and the dividends are generally paltry. The benefits of these investments are generally realized by either having an influence in the direction the invested company takes and/or by exiting the investment when the valuation soars. So you will not see any money coming to Sony from this investment any time soon.
  2. Anyone knows a good place to get Anime and Gaming canvas prints?
  3. I call photoshop. See the difference in shadow angles for X and PS5.
  4. Binged on Dorohedoro on netflix. It's pretty good. Equal parts fun and carnage.
  5. Actually, I found that that first 2 parts (Phantom Blood and Stardust crusaders, both contained within Season 1) are okish. The next 2 are pretty great (Stardust crusaders and Diamond is unbreakable), probably even the best. The protagonists are also the best in these 2 out of all Jojos. After that it goes all downhill. You can also see the live action movie. It is well made.
  6. Just search for the title It's from "Domestic na Kanojo"
  7. Also, without giving away too much, when you get assess, read it thoroughly. Don't just focus on the tabular info it spits out.
  8. Assess is your friend. My first ATB bar always went for this whenever fighting any new enemy. I loved the game's combat. You've to keep switching between characters during the combat and try different ways for different enemies. Didn't get bored at all throughout the game.
  9. Microsoft is a publicly listed company. They can't burn money just at the whims of execs. They've to answer their shareholders. Burning money is only tolerated if they have a plan in sight to make money from it (directly or indirectly).
  10. Not really hilarious.This works. I had an issue few years ago for a laptop that was stuck in customs and didn't get delivered. Amazon cc and social media team stopped responding to me and around 1.7 lakh rs of mine were in limbo. It came to such a state that they blocked my account from being able to contact customer care over chat and from my registered phone. After 2-3 months of harassement, I sent an email to bezos and refund was approved in 2 days, all restrictions were lifted.
  11. Shantz


    JFTR, I liked the gameplay and the story and the presentation. It may not be amazeballs but it wasn't trash either for me.
  12. Where's the tee from :o I want to buy one too. Old times..
  13. ^^ separately. Only content included in membership is the stuff under "Apple TV+ channel".
  14. My OLED is now almost 1.5 yrs old. No burn in issues so far, even remotely.
  15. Shantz

    God of War

    pehle troll pe hi lagi hui hai :| By mode, you mean the tv mode? I've set it up as game mode. Abso-frikkin-lutely amazing though on the new tv.. Full paisa vasool
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