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  1. It isn't overwhelming at all. I use two 32 inchers side by side.
  2. Apple TV is the only device that works better than LG OLED's built in apps
  3. The nokia routers won't bridge. The older huawei ones could. This is something that airtel is actively blocking for some reason. You don't need to bridge to use your own router. Just use the airtel router as a gateway, turn off its wifi, and then connect it to the wan port of your own router. I use my ubiquiti setup with ACT and airtel with ACT directly connected and Airtel connected via their nokia router.
  4. Downloading games available via various options is a mess on PSN. I use my PS5 and my son uses PS4. Various games show up as available to download for different platforms in different ways on different places and other times they keep asking for payment :| Just had this with miles morales which shows up as paid when i try to download it from PS store on PS4 but works on app or web. For PS5, i could download it directly from PS store.
  5. Yep! We used to laugh at those clauses.
  6. Taxation doesn't mean legalization, folks. Wait for the crypto bill for that. Crypto is still a grey area and no regulated entity (ergo, banks) will do crypto till the crypto bill is passed.
  7. Try buying amazon cards from something like gyftr/payback?
  8. I remember when this happened. My office was very near Ikea, couldn't even get out of the tech park where my office was. Finally after waiting for 2 hours, left the car on the road in the tech park, walked 3 km and then took an auto to home.
  9. Don't go by these articles. There is no clear correlation between btc network hash rate and price. It's just sentiment and speculation.
  10. Crypto things fall because they are falling, and rise because they are rising. There's no other explanation.
  11. This person looks like Namokar if he had hair
  12. Same. I'd take Hyderabad any day over Delhi/Gurgaon/Bangalore.
  13. Shantz

    Cyberpunk 2077

    Bought this for ~750 on epic store and started playing last week. First couple of hours are quite good. Let's see if it continues or goes south from here.
  14. Yeah, the jack on the controller is a bit fiddly. I face some issues as well where the same headset works fine on DS but on xbox controller sometimes I need to fiddle it around a bit.
  15. Gamers: lol, gamepass is a scam. Everyone buy. Sony: Hmm, let's make PS plus a scam as well. Gamers: Not this way
  16. You have to create a new account to be able to use another region for eShop purpose, isn't it?
  17. So, I've started to enjoy switch more than my son Bought Ys 8, Persona 5 Strikers, Astral Chain, Zelda BoTW, Monster Hunter Stories and a bunch more :|
  18. I developed an AI model some time ago to check whether to sell a coin or not. You can check it out in these turbulent times: https://timetosellcrypto.shantanugoel.com/
  19. Are you in a family group? Someone in your family may have set up a family alarm/reminder.
  20. They may be calling Sony because consoles can be blocked by manufacturer. This has been done in the past for Xbox one/PS4 consoles. So at the very least, Sony will block the console from logging in online, and may also be able to brick it remotely.
  21. Wow! I was this close to buying scarlet nexus a week ago and then I thought I will complete Tales of Arise before buying it. Money saved
  22. Also, do I need a microsd card? If so, which one is recommended for switch?
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