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  1. Ada and Leon faceoff was so much better in OG, the low dialog volume is really has low impact in cut scenes.. they should fix this also in patch..
  2. How to get that Leon's shirtless outfit
  3. I tried this mines thing for twin sisters and Father, didn;t had enough mines though for 1 sec kill
  4. They should have used Nixxes.. Instead used Iron Galaxy
  5. The game has been updated to include the Rally but hasn't unlocked yet.. shows that I have purchased but not able to play the Rally stuff yet.. will try in the morning
  6. That bell apparently hit by Ada later on..
  7. Was there any Bonus ? I didn't get any.. TShirt is free, only GTS exclusive
  8. Is that what Assisted mode is ? Damn
  9. Mann, missed one side mission in Abondoned Factory.. can't go there again. Listen to what Merchant says.. he actually warns if you can't come back again
  10. Taking Ashley and cleaning up the Map.. Ashley literally be like - I wanna go home
  11. The rifle reload animation
  12. Plus side missions tracking is great
  13. My volume is super high but still the dialogue volume feels underwhelming.. even the atmospheric volume not that great.. DF pointed out things like thunder which was in OG missing when Leon comes back to church..
  14. There's a light shimmering too when you are using Sniper Rifle scope..
  15. Parrying it actually good.. You can parry a melee weapon attack also, but parrying a melee grab didn't work..
  16. Doesn't look like I explored a lot around the lake.. Don;t remember any of it. The lake boss though was classic in the old one.. didn;t feel it much in the remake.. Found baby eagle and stopped at Chapter 5, done for the day !
  17. Ya man, the old ones VA is still etched in mind.. his laugh was something ..
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