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  1. Yep Signature R* physical...map will be included..
  2. It was known in the first leak only..
  3. These leaks are bad, Gonna delay the game More
  4. Yep and my bet is more like this Tweet, PS5 Pro might launch by then and game will make full use of the new hardware..
  5. Check now, I have temporarily disabled Authenticator
  6. Haath mein thodi hai dene ko lol Paid 14K since June and waiting Nahi aanewala hai Bhai..
  7. Suprising, most of our Bollywood Tollywood hit that much easily know
  8. I am not at all hyped, story looks similar to Prashaanth Neels first movie Uggram but at a much much higher scale... Prabhas lacks the Swag.. KGF2 is still the King !!
  9. But really sucks, the stock is still available in US PlayStation direct.. must be some real f**k up.. I have bought LoU2 and GoW2 CEs and they were on time. Here we have a 50 day and being mute https://direct.playstation.com/en-us/buy-games/marvels-spider-man-2-collectors-edition-ps5
  10. Amazon Bhai, will refund no questions asked.. Shop SC is deducting some monies lol even GTS will
  11. Cancelled my Order Bro, No point waiting.. @Vamos @Kushagra
  12. Spoke to Amazon CC, they need additional 3-5 workdays to check what is going on !! they are so confident that its sitting in some warehouse Sony India got the Spiderman Consoles and not this, just unbelievable..
  13. Its a shipment issue dude, worst part is even Sony centers are not giving any update..
  14. Yeah, and @Mysteryman is taking mine Looks like it won't come eventually... they might ask us to cancel it soon, see below.. Can't believe they are sitting on the Monies since June
  15. @Vamos you had ordered Spiderman 2 CE right ? Any updates ? The last update was that it will be available today but no sign yet..
  16. I am not, even Gamepass Console is getting the game not just the Ultimate Gamepass Console - 379 per month PS Plus Essential - 500 per month
  17. Most of the Sony first party titles have easy platinum, Insomniac ones especially has been really easy..
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