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  1. I don't think there is a Pro charger.. Boys correct ? @El Tigre Chino @quixote_1989
  2. The problem is its not as shiny as PS5 UI, no HDR in UI and keeping same UI for Xbone and Series X is a big No.. The 4K UI is gonna come soon, Lets see if its any better..
  3. Welcome to the Club ScamGang Get the Enelopes and save yourself from play and charge kits.. https://www.amazon.in/Panasonic-Battery-BQ-CC17E-Advanced-Indicator/dp/B010I0STUY/ref=grr_1/258-8769604-9233219?pd_rd_w=u7w6x&pf_rd_p=08e4617a-cd12-4b48-a92b-2c4658a6f16e&pf_rd_r=M0QGT6R65YPDRRHSAVRD&pd_rd_r=7da768ec-b6f0-47de-911b-ecd62896b6c1&pd_rd_wg=BpEuf&pd_rd_i=B010I0STUY&psc=1 https://www.amazon.in/gp/product/B00JHKSL28/ref=ppx_od_dt_b_asin_title_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  4. Series X|S controllers however though has problems with the triggers.. sometimes the spring might get loosen and a split second struck feeling especially during racing games...
  5. LG CX software updated to 4.30.10 Checks all the boxes now, even 120 DV.. Team OLED
  6. 1. That's how the controller design is, nothing to worry.. they are built to last. 2. The above doesn't need replacement, But this is how you do it> Raise request via your Microsoft Account under devices. If the controller is not automatically added there, add it by entering serial number. Once the request is placed. MS return center will send you FedEX lables and delivery challan, if your PIN is not serviced by FedEX you need to choose a different address or struck in this stage. You need to then pack the controller in a box and attach the labels and hand over the delivery challan to FedEX guy. Once the controller reaches them, a new controller will be shipped the next day. It should take 4-6 business days for all this.
  7. Lol getting it delivered from FK itself was a BIG deal.. Hang in there.. almost there..
  8. And my noob team @Keyofx @El Tigre Chino is denying me even these boss fights by playing on Recruit 😞
  9. So you got Deathloop and yet to get Xbox ? Right now it does look like it hasn't moved due to Dusshera weekend.. see what happens tomorrow morning.. DTDC is pretty good if the packing is done alright..
  10. No need to be so rude and get personal.. If you are not interested in reading his long posts use the Ignore Users option..
  11. Looks Great.. All In Engine trailer, top notch character models and animations
  12. Chances of Amazon doing the scam is unlikely as they should have quality checks in place before anything leaves warehouse. I thought return wasn't an option for consoles ? During return the courier guy also checks what are you returning, Is it the same product etc. Such scams are being mostly done at local level courier distribution center.. there was a video running around where he is checking boxes which is not his job...
  13. Always check with the Bank on what is the deal with such consumer loans.. You are right that you will save that future interest.. I have closed such loans on HDFC without any preclosure charges..
  14. I nominate peasant C9 user @quixote_1989 to try this on his OLED and come back to you with feedback..
  15. Its souls game, u gotta learn everything Don't mind, but please use para breaks in your posts so it appears to be readable... I have started to appreciate @radicaldude's extra line spacing
  16. Play online you can find public players or find a group in the Xbox Game pass users club
  17. So they should have given only 1 Yakuza 1 Gears game and let you buy the rest.. Too bad they offered players the whole Series at one place for one price
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