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  1. I don't know man, but apparently some deal thru which you get it for $1, I remember reading it in some thread here, either this or the other one.
  2. Gamepass is good enough for casual gamers who just play a few select titles every year like FIFA/madden/halo etc and don't care about the rest. I have hardly purchased a game this year, and play mostly ps+ titles. Except for the upcoming cyberpunk game, I don't think there's any game I feel like buying in the coming months. I'm sure many like me would prefer something like gamepass for everyday gaming and buy a game only once in a while.
  3. Ne0

    The Book Thread

    Not really a biography, but the book - 'the everything store' is a good one tracing the startup story of the website Amazon.com
  4. u mean series x ? I was thinking of starting with series s for the first 2 years (there's gamepass too) and then decide which one to get depending on the exclusives popularity etc.
  5. looks like xbox series s preorder is live on amazon.in .... tempting
  6. Doom is much more of a system seller than elder scrolls series, it also has better mass appeal. But yeah, I would really want a proper sequel to skyrim instead of the next doom game, that game was insane. I don't think any rpg (incl witcher 3) had the scope/content of skyrim. There;s also the fallout series, which really had a very decent mobile version (even though fo 4 was not as good as the prev gen versions). Also, its not just the games alone, but id tech has really awesome gfx tech, they can share that across other ms studios too. just my guesses though.
  7. Anyone tried making quinoa based food ? Any recommendations on which is the best brand of quinoa to order in India ?
  8. performances were awesome no doubt, but i didn't feel like the whole conclusion satisfactory. I was expecting more interaction in terms of their soceity / culture and many different aspects they could've added to make it more interesting, also had a deeper / larger goal they had when they arrived. It had lot of potential, which was wasted IMO.
  9. Saw Arrival on netflix. The premise was very interesting, and the movie was going good until some 3/4th , didn't like the way it concluded. I was expecting more of alien / human interaction and some other cool stuff towards the end, but the ending was kinda underwhelming considering the intriguing premise the movie had. Also, what's up with space and , first with interstellar and now this :-/
  10. I meant if I have a digital purchase already, can I play it in the next gen console ? Most of my purchases have been digital this gen (including all the free stuff from psn+) But yeah, gamepass games should be playable, they even showed it in the ad.
  11. Without a disc drive to read, how does anyone expect to run current gen game in the first place in the new console ? Isn't back compat feature only limited to disc versions even in ps systems ?
  12. Ne0

    The Book Thread

    so, the second book of the stormlight archives - words of radiance, doesn't waste any time and starts with a bang right where the first one left off. I was expecting more new characters and some boring sub plots in the beginning chapters, but no, it gets right down to action actually reveals a lot more about the world and the lore. Damn, can't believe I'm saying this, but even Shallan's chapters have become interesting
  13. Anyway, the generation is (un)officially coming to an end when the new consoles launch by the end of the year, so thought of making this thread to go over some of the best and the worst games I've played in this generation. My gaming habit has progressively declined from the start of the generation to the end (where I hardly play for 2 hours per week now). Anyway, here're some features of PS4 which I really liked : 1. PS4 touchpad - I was mighty impressed with it after using it in kz:shadowfall to control the drone , especially thinking of all the possible scenarios where it can be used. Sadly the feature was underutilized and ended being just a clickpad to open up in-game maps or things like that. 2. Rest mode : I was pleasantly surprised, when I found that I can literally put my PS4 to sleep and just continue my game from where I left off (without the need to boot up/start from beginning). I was abroad when I bought my ps4 and this feature was used constantly as there was never a power cut and I never had a reason to switch it off. 3. 2 free games on PS+ every month, I believe this was one of the best things that Sony did on PS4. Instead of a simple online platform, releasing some really good games every month for free. My first game - kz:shadowfall was actually a free ps+ title which i played. 4. Background downloads in low power mode - this was another awesome feature. Thanks to this, most of my purchases on PS4 gen were digital. Not so flattering moments : 1. When my hdmi output conked off, had to replace it , cost me quite a tidy sum :-/ 2. Realized that the dlc's i bought in India wouldn't work with the digital games I bought when I was abroad :-/ 3. When my disc reader stopped working , glad that most of my purchases were digital. 4. Huge noise the console makes while playing some games ! Top 5 best games : 1. Bloodborne : This is my most hated (in the beginning) and then one of my most loved games on PS4. Every time a boss beat me, I felt more motivated to level up and face it again. Add to it the goth architecture , enemy variations & the superb level design, this is hands down one of the best games of this generation. 2. Horizon zero dawn: This was a pleasant surprise for me. While i was skeptical about the whole bow/arrow thingy in the beginning , I was surprised by how seamlessly it integrated into the game never feeling laggy/slow. With the variety in machines and a good plot which makes you play just to understand what was happening, this one was a real surprise package. 3. Witcher 3: Wild hunt : Don't need to say more, one of the best crafted open world rpg's with a strong story (damn, even the side quests were much better than the main quests in most games). 4. RDR 2 : While it didn't have the same comical overtone of GTA, the world R* created was mighty impressive with the near perfectionist attention to detail. One of the few games which i played for weeks (spending most of the time just wandering in the open game world), guess this is one of the swan song type games of the PS4 gen. 5. God Of War: Well hands down one of my all time best experiences in gaming. I was expecting it to be good, but it turned out to be much better than what I thought. The whole reboot was done quite well. No wonder they couldn't bring one more game, as you can see the amount of effort that has gone in creating the world. 5 Most disappointing games : 1. Infamous second son : While it started out well, found it to be quite boring midway and lost interest 3/4th of the way. 2. Uncharted 4: This was by far the most disappointing game for me. Was a huge fan of uc2, uc3 was ok. But UC 4 was the most boring of the lot , had to drag myself to finish it. 3. Doom : While the game was good until one point, it became too fast for my liking. Started to feel more like a chore than a game. 4. Fallout 4: Another boring game with bland dialogues , boring characters and uninteresting main quest. FO3 was like leagues ahead of this. 5. COD WW2: Well, I did play only one COD game this gen (WW2) - and downloaded it as part of the ps+. But damn, how the mighty has fallen. Guess the series could never rise to its prequels in the prev gen.
  14. Ne0

    Horizon: Zero Dawn

    the worst of the enemies is that stalker thingy which attacks from cloak mode and iirc, its attacks are osk , found it much difficult (especially when they come in a pack) than all those bigger enemies !
  15. dont they exclude gst ? if they are incl taxes then the prices can be expected, guess gst is 18% or 28% for consoles / gaming etc ?
  16. Ne0

    The Book Thread

    btw, the concept of desolations mentioned in the book, kinda reminded me of the core plot of the
  17. Ne0

    The Book Thread

    highest rated of all times .... like above classics like lotr / godfather ? anyway, started with the second one .... another 1000 pages awaits
  18. I think gamepass would be the driving force, buy the console at $299 and play over 100 games at $1/month. Very tempting offer for casual gamer !
  19. They should've opened up with this instead of the Series X. Seems good vfm 👍
  20. I said mobile was a necessity, also said that $1000 phones are mostly bought by upper middle class since they use it heavily, read the response completely atleast 😒
  21. Come on man, you can't really compare the two. Mobile is a necessity and consoles in a luxury/good to have. Also, mostly upper middle class ppl get phones over $1000 every two years, and they buy it since it's with them most of the time, and use it for everything from music/movies to emails/WhatsApp/calls/calendar etc. It's also more or less like a status symbol when they go to parties and flaunt it. Most other guys just buy sub-20k mobiles and change it perhaps once in 3-4 years. Consoles are still mostly a luxury and used only by a fraction of the population who use mobiles. Add to it the cost of individual games (each costing above $60), and the fact that you use it perhaps an hour per day on an average only for gaming, doesn't make sense to pay very high amount.
  22. all digital looks like a good next-gen entry level console .... if price is confirmed to be $299, seems like a decent buy to play the cross-gen titles until the dedicated console specific games come towards the mid of the generation !
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