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  1. Just went thru some of the reviews of immortals of aveum , it has good reviews and even the gameplay looks good. Is this a well known game ? I’ve hardly heard much about it so far.
  2. Can I read the 2nd and 3rd books after having seen the first season but without reading the first book ? I understand the character names/locations etc might be different. But will it be too hard to follow ?
  3. So completed 3 body problem on Netflix. I have mixed opinions. The show starts well with an intriguing premise, peaks somewhere in episode 5 and then just goes down with a few scattered moments of awe, but that’s about it. The last 2-3 episodes have way too many fillers and emotional/romantic subplots which I found to be an annoying distraction from the main plot. In terms of sci-fi series, it’s nowhere as engaging as DARK or even the initial seasons of LOST! Not having high hopes for second season now, I think I’m gonna read the wiki to know what happens in the sequels!
  4. In chapter 13 now, the end boss fight of chapter 12- rude and Reno was really something. Just when I think I’ve a strong party the game replaces one character with another lol 😂 Also the cutscenes in this game are on a whole new level. Leave it to the japs to make a such a movie grade cinematic that’s so emotionally heavy. i think this is by far the longest linear game I’ve played in recent times.
  5. I finished 4 episodes and into the 5th now. I felt in the first 3 episodes, the premise/mystery was good, now it has started to feel like a generic sci-fi show. I hope there’s some twist in the coming episodes !
  6. Also, I felt Deepika’s backstory was completely unnecessary.
  7. Saw fighter on Netflix last week. I felt the sfx was pretty good and some of the stunts - esp the aerial dogfights were choreographed quite well. I think the movie could’ve been better with a lesser run time and lesser melodrama. Overall I found it better than the Pathan/tiger movies.
  8. When did you do it ? I tried today morning and I kept clicking install and nothing happened. I installed battle.net separately from their website but still it didn’t work. Will try once more in evening !
  9. I forgot the name of the character, yeah the old man/ owner of the house is Mammooty, he has lot of makeup on, even I found difficult to recognise him initially ! Come to think of it, I think I didn’t watch in the original language either, I think I watched in Kannada and the voice dubbing was quite good.
  10. I watched in the original language with subs sometime back, it’s indeed a very good movie. I didn’t like the ending so much though. I felt Tumbadd had a more satisfactory conclusion. Also if by villain, you meant mammotty , I thought he was the lead, brilliant performance from him !!
  11. So anybody tried installing Diablo 4 on pc ? I tried installing via Xbox app on pc, it just shows install battle.net but nothing happens after clicking that !
  12. It was showing to me as some 7k for renewal recently, mine ends in another 4 months i believe . 7k is a bit too much, I’m hoping for discount offer by then !
  13. Thanks, started with Detroit: being human. Love the interface and looks really polished for a game from ps4 time. I love these kinda choice based games too - the quarry, until dawn, life is strange (and its sequel true colours), heavy rain and most recently house of ashes are some of the games I’ve played in this genre. I found LIS: true colours to be really good. It has this small town setting which I found it very relaxing to play especially after a hard day’s work !
  14. Completed house of ashes yesterday. Decent game, not as good as the quarry out until dawn though. Now, thinking of starting one of the 3 below : 1. Evil west 2. The Callisto protocol 3. Detroit: being human any recommendations ?
  15. lol no. Starfield was exactly that- an Skyrim /fallout set in space with better looking gfx with the same dated gameplay and I was very disappointed with that. Gaming, especially rpg genre has advanced a lot in the last decade and I hope the next es game is more modern in approach wrt gameplay and I seriously hope it doesn’t retain the dated mechanics of either Skyrim or fallout !
  16. Thanks, although I’ve read so much and watched so many yt videos on the topic, hearing from actual ppl with ‘skin in the game’ like you said is always interesting. BTW, how much is the love/passion to money ratio among the co founders where you’re working? I’ve always read that if money is the primary motive one tends to give up sooner than later especially when the going gets tough! Also perhaps why I’ve never taken the leap, haven’t found any such subject which I’m so passionate about (sufficient enough to give up a day job and dedicate a majority of my waking hours towards) !
  17. Anyone here a startup founder/entrepreneur ? Was watching shark tank (India) and every season gives me so much of energy and motivation to start something of my own, but once the season ends I just forget about it and shift the focus back to my corporate job lol 😂 If there are any entrepreneurs here, curious as to know what’s the daily grind like 🧐 ? And what exactly motivated to take the leap into the startup world ?
  18. Ne0

    Elden Ring

    I still have this game sitting in my steam backlog. Had tried it once and left it after the first enemy encounter in that open area. I felt the game was too open and was not sure what should I do as there were no quest markers or don’t remember if I missed something. Plan to get to it someday. BTW, is it much more difficult than bloodborne ? That’s the only souls game I’ve completed so far !
  19. Woah, the chapter 9 final colosseum fight - hell house, was the stuff of legends! Never faced a boss like this before lol 😂 Took me a long time to defeat it though. Surprised to see the chapter still continues and this is still not the end boss fight of the chapter. The wall market is really well done. The best open area in the game so far ! Also, while many parts of the game is linear, it does look to be a pretty long game, need a break after this before I can start another FF game.
  20. That’s a relief will probably start ff16 after ff7:remake is completed. Or maybe play something else in between and will then get back to FF World ! Coming back to this game, while I love the combat, story and the cut scenes (almost movie grade) , what stands out (imo) is the music. It’s so soothing at times ,I feel that just playing this game after a long day is a big stress buster despite the difficult boss fights at the end of every chapter ! Also they could’ve made it a bit open, the game is way too linear for a jrpg. I mean, I can’t even go back and grind some more to prepare better and the only option is to just lower the difficulty or keep changing tactics/swap materia !
  21. Currently Playing : Final fantasy 7 - Remake : ps5 The man who erased his name : PC House of ashes : PS5 All amazing games in their own right !!
  22. i purchased it on a discount offer sometime back after reading all the glowing reviews !
  23. Completed chapter 7 yesterday, the end boss fight was brutal ! Unlike other jrpgs this game doesn’t give an option to grind and there was no option to go back and get stronger lol 😂 BTW, are all these FF games related ? For ex can I play ff16 after this and play ff7:rebirth later ?
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