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  1. Nothing decent from Dell till now? Looking for an i5/8GB config majorly. Flexible on the other components.
  2. Every single thing in my wishlist is 'temporarily unavailable'. When clicked, the product page says 'Out of Stock' Great going FK 😑
  3. Any mobile gamer here? Space Marshals 1 got a price drop it seems. Being offered for Rs 99/- instead of the earlier MRP of Rs 295. Link: Space Marshals 1
  4. Well, due to some stupid glitch, lost the progress and now I stand at a point where I have just abt finished 'Archaeology for beginners'. How do I get a save file that will help me start with 'The Wheel'? (I had completed that as well, but somehow it has not led me to that point)
  5. Thanks. Btw,I could have done without that revelation A hint abt at a happy surprise towards the end would have been subtle and apt. But seriously, thanks again for the quick reply.
  6. So both the Epilogues are worth playing?
  7. Yep. This is one of the positives mentioned in the mediocre-bad reviews. What I could sense that the backbone from the TLOU 1 has gone missing which was the Story/narration. I don't go into the game while forming a rigid opinion of the game as that ll be detrimental to my enjoyment. But I have always been very circumspect with the games. Never the one to pick up a game cuz others were going bonkers (played TLOU 7 months back only). Giving due attention to spoiler free impressions to gauge if the game is worth the time and the money. First instalment was v satisfying due to the narration and this time that very element seems to be missing, or has gone haywire. And ofc avoiding anything TLOU on youtube. Its algo is way too eager and anxious.
  8. I have been reading bad reviews and impressions from people who have finished the game. Cheerleading the graphics and gore apart, it would be very helpful if people can drop some genuine word abt the game.
  9. Would have been incredible if she had played the DDLJ mandolin tune. Baki sab meh.
  10. People who have finished it already - Astonishing feat! Congrats is in order. Btw, How many from Noida/access to noida planning to put up their copy on sale?
  11. Absolutely. This sentiment really has gone missing on people who have posted some utterly baseless and caustic 'reviews'. To actually have a game that not only gives a bloody good excuse to keep yourself indoors, BUT ALSO maintains semblance of normalcy like it used to, only morbid people gonna be bashing a product in the vein they have done. ----------------------------------------------------------- I def would like to see a rating based thread with STRICT instructions of cloaking reviews in spoiler tags. This being a major release in covid19 times, controversial material, suffered a leak, and ofc delayed release. Lots of things converging and hence it ll make for a good thread imo. Want some good comparisons against other AAA title like GoW4, UC4... And most of em all RED DEAD REDEMPTION 2. The latter imo is the gold standard.
  12. That alternate cover art would def had been a better choice than the constipated face they decided to put up as default. .
  13. Hmm. Okay. Can def relate to the sentiment. Cheers!
  14. I had gone through that post before mentioning the chapter count. That bit of detail got removed from my post. Does that come under spoilers as well?
  15. 25 hrs for the main story. Now the wait begins for an early birdie TP deal in NCR
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