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  1. I was looking for a thread but couldn't find it. Sorry about that. And yes, It only comes to around 900 when I add the NES and SNES Classics. Otherwise if I just count the physical copies, It must be around 830. It isn't about the numbers anyway. I will post closeups soon, it's just there are too many to properly photograph. Also, I haven't really gotten anything amazing this year. Getting harder to find quality games.
  2. It's maddening. Though I've tried most of them. Have only finished the games I absolutely loved. It's hard to spare time for each and everyone though.
  3. Hey, yes this is mine. Have been collecting for about 5 years and been playing since I was 2. I'll post some close ups soon. There are just too many to photograph. I'm on it though.
  4. Hello guys, I was wondering if there are any collectors here. If yes, it would be amazing to see photographs of the collection you've built in the past years. Please post some if you can! I would like to share mine as well! https://imgur.com/a/jmX68Mx Around 900 games across multiple platforms. Don't think would be able to touch 1k before the year ends. But hopefully soon. Cheers
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