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  1. Whose balcony we have to visit to get the babes thread open?
  2. They will generate more revenue this way. GTA is a game which many people double dip.
  3. I am not an advocate for very difficult games but in this case, FF is the difficulty best suited for this game. Its challenging and engaging and I enjoy it a lot. My initial play through was a breeze.
  4. 2024 holiday for XSX/S and PS5. Then 2025 Summer for PC version
  5. I am at the end game on Final fantasy difficulty. Only one more trophy left. The irritating grind for 'Maaterclass' is over.
  6. f**king morons we don't have anyone to bowl under pressure. What a hellish last over.
  7. I would have got a disc one now and sell my DE if it didn't looks so fugly
  8. It was 39k or something, then with supercoins + card offer, comes to around 35K
  9. What an innings. T20 cricket is something else.
  10. Discount is there for only a select few. Very weird logic by Sony.
  11. Bishnoi is meme material man Also for streaming folks, https://hd.crichdlivecricket.cc/sportsala-live-cricket-streaming-hd-5?v=m
  12. Stupid thing keeps on saying to update. Playstore tells me it's already updated. Dafaq man.
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