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  1. Been playing this when I get irritated with Returnal and finished it today. It's good fun and I enjoyed it but wouldn't call this a groundbreaking game as I initially thought it would be. The SSD prowess is pretty evident and the DS integration is pretty sweet.
  2. Nope, they don't allow it. Try to get 5 other folks and start a family plan. Will cost you 30 bucks a month. I share it with 5 other guys here on IVG. Vanced development has stopped last time I checked. Its any time now some youtube update will break the app.
  3. b!T


    Oh dude, i am mesmerized by the world and at the same time irritated by the constant deaths. Phrike is an excellent boss and i am yet to best him.
  4. Good for them. I like the work reform that's happening in US now to an extent. Crunch is never acceptable.
  5. Because it has happened before. Whenever someone who makes relatively controversial statements gets banned, a new account pops in right away and jump into this thread. Anyway, I don't mean to accuse you or anything. Just an observation. If you are indeed someone new to this forum then ignore the ramblings and enjoy the stay
  6. Correct. They can and will remove games after a while. First party games might stay longer or are permanent. Works the same as gamepass.
  7. b!T


    I hate when I have a love-hate relationship with a game. Can't quit yet struggling to proceed but i guess i have to just git good.
  8. b!T


    This game is addictive yet so frustrating. Bullet hell indeed.
  9. This so much. I juggle playing between PS5 and X1X, the loading times on X1X downright annoy me now.
  10. Tried streaming on wifi PS told me to get the f**k out with that latency. Have to drag PS5 to where router is and try ethernet cable now.
  11. I haven't switched yet but it shows 81 bucks to upgrade to Extra and 112 for Deluxe for the remaining 13 days. My friend who is in Canada has upgraded to Premium so trying out games from his account for now.
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