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  1. b!T


    People are always hanging on to that "It will never happen to me" thread. Until it hits them and it's all tears and misery. I remember people like this during 2018 floods as well.
  2. b!T


    Our workplace is asking people to come to work from Monday in mumbai. Its truly shameful the company has no regards for safety. But am not going till 31st anywhere. That is quite sad indeed. I am being forced to work from home till April 18th but they never had a reason to force me, I am not going to a tech park where 50K people are working.
  3. b!T


    I am a district away from you in Kochi and here people use masks but are panic buying anything and everything. I went to get some groceries and people were clearing out stuff in an alarming rate. Like someone said before, i am more worried about the people than the virus at this point.
  4. b!T

    Death Stranding

    I started chapter 3 and things have opened up a lot. I really love the multiplayer aspect of it. The likes pour in once I have placed some roads and structures around the map. Also most of the roads were already built by other players
  5. b!T

    Death Stranding

    Game's been lying at my desk for sometime and finally managed to start it last Sunday. I have mixed feelings about it and I think I am at the end of chapter 2. Is there a way to retrieve the trike if it runs out of fuel somewhere? also tried to take the trike to the Port city and it did not go well
  6. Key and Peele youtube channel has most of their videos. Comedy central channel has some good stuff as well. No other go if you are in India.
  7. You are not alone. It was pretty short though.
  8. Doesn't work for me. It's weird because in ps site shows wrap up option.
  9. b!T

    Days Gone

    +1, I was surprised he didn't get a nomination.
  10. b!T

    Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

    I wonder what's the minimum requirements for this are?
  11. Best game of the decade? -> Witcher 3. This decade gave a lot of good games but for me, nothing comes close to W3. Worst game of the decade? -> Duke Nukem Forever. I waited forever for this game and it was utter crap. Biggest disappointment of the decade? -> The ending of Phantom Pain. It pains me Kojima couldn't or wouldn't complete it and MGS got robbed off the ending it deserved. Game that changed gaming of the decade? -> PUBG I think. Not a fan but the influence it had is undeniable. Game that you played the most? -> Witcher 3. Soundtrack of the decade? -> Persona 5 OST Story of the decade? -> Witcher 3 Game that you will continue to play during next decade? -> Deus Ex(Original). I am addicted to it so I replay it every 2 or so years
  12. b!T

    HITMAN 2

    Is this for PC only? or even for PS4 copy, one can play Hitman 1 levels?
  13. You survived through Xbone generation,so I think Sony fans are going to be just fine
  14. Why can't they give it a proper name. Series X and lockhart is what? series S? name something else series 3 and you have successfully copied Tesla.
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