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  1. b!T

    Hogwarts Legacy

    @SpearHea:D, thanks but didn't realise it is PC as I am an idiot. Guys whomever quotes him after me will get the key.
  2. This was one hellova scene oh man, nothing like the office.
  3. b!T

    Hogwarts Legacy

    Lot of people banned in that thread
  4. Year of Xbox had begun 7 times before however I've heard 8th time's the charm
  5. b!T

    Hi-Fi Rush

    No man, it's just a JSRF clone
  6. I bought a laptop from Amazon using the amazon ICICI card and received cashback of around 4.5K. But I had to cancel it because the seller didn't ship it for 6 days and i got one locally. The laptop amount got credited back to the card however the cashback amount is still in my wallet. When will they take it back? I am assuming during next statement date?
  7. b!T

    Hogwarts Legacy

    No one will support her controversial statements even if they genuinely want to. In today's world, it will be career suicide if they do.
  8. And you should play the game before calling it a JSRF clone. I have played both JSRF and HR and it is not a clone for cash grab.
  9. Maybe because, one is a mass marketed AAA game and other one is a shadow drop. I haven't played forspoken so can't really criticize or praise it but don't say HiFi rush is a bad game. It's an excellent game and you should try it before bad mouthing it just because it came as a Xbox console exclusive.
  10. b!T

    Hogwarts Legacy

    That's the catch. All the bravado and self righteousness comes out only because they are anonymous.
  11. b!T

    Hogwarts Legacy

    On the other extreme, GAF is running a shitpost meme contest just to piss off ERA
  12. So what? it is based on the game and Neil is directly involved. He even directed the second episode.
  13. b!T

    Hi-Fi Rush

    We need a reason to reduce the score but can't find any so here is one we made up
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