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  1. I haven't played many games this year but so far the ones that surprised me are Outer Wilds and Katana Zero.
  2. b!T

    Death Stranding

    I haven't pre-ordered in like 2 years and I would like to keep it that way
  3. b!T

    IVG is back

    Cloud powah failed
  4. Bummed lot of posts are gone but its good to hear from all you guys
  5. b!T

    Octopath Traveler

    Reviews out in 3 hours 30 mins. Been a while since I used switch so might pick this up. @CarbonCore , preload done? whats the size?
  6. b!T

    No Man's Sky

    I will pick it up if I can find it on sale later.
  7. b!T

    No Man's Sky

    Anyone playing this game nowadays? I would like to give it a try if the updates changed it for the better.
  8. This. Second half was just irritating football
  9. I hope so. Just to see the ruckus that create
  10. b!T

    Shenmue I & II HD

    Man, i am gonna get this just for the nostalgia.
  11. Two years ago I realized that I haven't touched around 70% of the 700 odd steam games I own, so I stopped buying a lot of games. My backlog is too huge and consists of old games. Whatever I have bought in last two years are completed except for Doom, FF XV and Dying light(of the top of my head).
  12. Why the topic shows quarters? its not quarters yet.
  13. b!T


    This is where I am stuck and never tried again. Reading your descriptions make me wanna try again.
  14. Hmm, I am not able to pull all nighters like you do. 3 hours is the max I can game continuously that too by risking the wrath of wifey
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