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  1. Got the hot wheels DLC yesterday. What an amazing DLC. They know how to mix the high speed nuts that is hotwheels with such beautiful tracks. Truly a must play DLC.
  2. And it's dead https://www.ign.com/articles/google-is-shutting-down-stadia-its-cloud-gaming-service
  3. b!T


    Installed it but yet to start. Yeah, it's on gamepass.
  4. b!T


    I am playing it now but very good chance I won't complete it. There are some dishonored vibes which I dig but overall its very boring.
  5. Hope he 'rebranded' his customer service as well
  6. This is such a pathetic way of doing stuff. They are really pushing this sub in sub method that some of the stuff I want to see are behind another sub.
  7. Copies are with @Krazyniksand @fatpigeon. One of them will ship to you.
  8. Deal of the day: Sony WF-C500 Truly Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds with 20hr Batt, True Wireless Earbuds with Mic for Phone Calls, Quick Charge | Instant Bank Discount of INR 1500 on Select Prepaid transactions https://amzn.eu/d/hIjyryV Good deal, 3k with SBI card.
  9. Not a good idea to open it. I bought a TV last year for my aunt and since she was replacing her only TV, I took it out of the box and kept it on the TV cabinet so that the technician can wall mount it. When he came, he specifically mentioned that I am lucky the TV works fine if not, there would have been complications for replacement.
  10. Sold one of my 1Xs and got this as a gamepass console
  11. I love it that one troll can spark a thread like this
  12. That was fast. If he is smart enough to hack, Should have been smart enough to be anonymous.
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