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  1. b!T

    Persona 5

    Finally Plat'ed after around 130 hours. Even though I enjoyed every bit of it, I have mixed feelings when it comes to whether royal is better than vanilla 5. There are a lot of improvements compared to 5 but I didn't entirely enjoy the new content. Some of it felt out of place and forced. One of the new chracters is really good but the other falls flat sometimes.
  2. yup, i missed this and good to have it back. Also the subscribed notifications work fine now.
  3. Dafaq!! Why are there even subscription codes then :facepalm:
  4. You can't use wallet codes to subscribe to EA access. You need a CC or DC added on your account.
  5. Damn, I missed that
  6. Yeah, its 315. I took that when US didn't work out. I just wanted to play NFS heat.
  7. Same. Wanted to get that 99 cents sub for a month. It's irritating something basic like this is not there.
  8. I was on pita BSNL 10 Mbps plan till last month which gives max 5-6 Mbps. Finally moved to fiber by local cable guy. 100 Mbps/1000 GB plan for 700 bucks. Feel's gud man.
  9. Yeah, true. However I felt the influence of spanish music is a bit too much this time around. Maybe its just me but there are some cool tracks.
  10. So the races/events are split into day and night. Day races are legal, you earn money by winning those races. Night races are illegal Street races which will earn you rep. Both money and rep are important because rep unlocks new sh*t and you need money to buy them. New story missions are unlocked as you earn rep and also upgrade your car. Cars are also unlocked based on your progression. Also there seems to be various disciplines like drift, race, off-road etc but I just started and have seen only on road race and drift events.
  11. It's good if u can ignore some cringe hip new gen dialogues. Cops are better than payback. Drifting is weird but once u get the hang of it, it's decent.
  12. b!T

    The Book Thread

    Thanks dude, will check it out.
  13. b!T

    The Book Thread

    Guys, need some recommendations in SciFi genre. I have read forever war series, old man's war series and really liked the world building though quite limited. Need some books similar to these.
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