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  1. With your strain of thoughts, it would be better for you to buy it at a later point in time when Covid effects have subsided.
  2. Apart from the controller issues people have been reporting, the console itself is pretty solid right? I have good track record with Sony. Apart from fat PS3 all my sony consoles are still working including a couple of decades old PS1.
  3. Are you new on gadget space or what? any new device will have certain failure rates but that shouldn't stop you from buying one. Why are you worried so much when you get a year warranty?
  4. Game pass is pretty awesome. Mine is expiring soon, hope that trick works fine then.
  5. You don't play GTA for story. Nothing to write home about that. GTA series is made to put you into a detailed world which will let you do pretty much anything and have your own fun. GTA 5 is not forgettable in my opinion but the story is.
  6. Ah okay. I have played Ys memoirs of celceta which is an awesome game. Will see about the others.
  7. I already have the vita version and have started that. Will see about getting ex+ on PS4. As for trails , I don't have it so will see if I can get it cheap.
  8. Still my favorite RE.
  9. RE4 felt longer to me due to the anxiety. What a game it is.
  10. People have to stop buying gta 5 for that to happen and the damn game still sells a lot.
  11. b!T

    Halo Infinite

    Poor guy is gonna struggle to find employment now.
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