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  1. Joking about one's own is fine but not laughing at others relationship. Ufff.
  2. It's for everything that breaks a heart. Breakups, divorces, crushes and in some cases, marriages
  3. Finally, got a N3DS that too the hyrule edition thanks to @playstationdude. Also, got a X1X for cheap from a friend who is going abroad so my Project Scorpio edition 1X got some company. Will hook it up to the bedroom TV for some late night GP.
  4. Didnt mean the first one is bad rather lacking compared to the sequel even if the difference is not stark. I for one liked the first AC game at the time because there was nothing like it then. Now, not so much.
  5. Previews looking gr8. So much improvement over first one. Will this pull an Assassin's creed 2!
  6. It doesnt work on my account . Not available for INdian accts?
  7. PSVR2 sounds good but my experience with PSVR has been underwhelming. Not the hardware but I get vertigo and nausea if I use it more than 20 mins. Only tried Ace combat, RE and Astro not though.
  8. Feedback system is busted for now so you need some reputation points. Be active and participate in the discussions going on and you will soon qualify.
  9. It's not only about the IPs but the way those IPs are experienced as well. Nintendo has it's flaws ofcourse but to say Nintendo is gonna go under because MS acquisitions is a stretch.
  10. My point was proven pretty quick after I posted
  11. Exactly. The so called "hardcore" gamers don't realize the pull Nintendo has. Only an idiot would categorize Ninty games as kids games.
  12. Can we wait till they have something to show for these acquisitions before leaping on the hype train? Surely by 2023 end or 2024, some games would come out? Also, lol at Nintendo losing relevance. Hardcore crowd will still buy Nintendo for their innovative approach. I don't see neither MS nor Sony coming out with anything as innovative as Wii or Switch until Ninty does.
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