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  1. Zodka is not a troll. Trolls know they are just trolling This is cult like faith.
  2. The thing is, Disney has a well curated and established way of increasing the value of IPs it acquire or take over, but Microsoft Gaming division doesn't. With it's history, they will probably run half of those studios to ground within this gen.
  3. Microsoft is bigger than Disney but microsoft gaming division is not. If u think Nadella will spent more than Disney worth on gaming division with current MS situation then u r the fool. That's not how a trillion dollar organization operates.
  4. b!T


    After Andromeda, I am itching to play something like mass effect 2. Hope this is good but God knows how it's gonna go.
  5. b!T


    Mass effect vibes
  6. Ps2 can be downloaded on a PS4? Never knew that.
  7. It's for US pre orders I guess. No clue why 'Euro'gamer is reporting on US stuff. Comments are hilarious as usual
  8. Amazon might not deliver SX preorders during launch
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