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  1. b!T

    Days Gone

    The voice acting and background score for this game is spot on. It runs okayish on base ps4 but not that bad on pro. However I am really enjoying the game now as the initial drag is over.
  2. Yeah man, I've heard era can be PC without sense but seeing it first hand only now. Sent from my ONEPLUS A3003 using Tapatalk
  3. https://www.resetera.com/threads/eurocosplay-ban-league-of-legends-cosplayer-for-alleged-blackface.146227/ Era going ape-sh*t for this issue is a sight to see. Damn, some 50 people would have got banned for it.
  4. What the hell are they gonna do with 32GB of ram!
  5. Naa, it's not an IVG one. It's a tech and gaming grp.
  6. I was wondering where have I seen the same pic before. Then I realize that you are Pakman from the whatsapp grp
  7. b!T

    Days Gone

    Wow, that's commendable and I love it even more knowing this.
  8. b!T

    Days Gone

    I started it as well yesterday. Initial impressions are good even though it is moving quite slow. Loved the world design, the dreadful atmosphere and the fact you can get killed pretty easy. Bike handling felt heavy initially but now I am getting used to it. I wonder whether there is a way to increase inventory because it becomes full pretty fast. Go for Yakuza because even though I am enjoying this one, Yakuza games are a treat and one should't miss out on them.
  9. Got tickets but for Saturday night
  10. Metro 2033 and Everything free on Epic Store
  11. ah, that's sad to hear.
  12. b!T

    Death Stranding

    Its weird that I am looking forward to hear everyone's impressions than actually playing it myself
  13. Consul closed down? I remember them having a site a well from where I ordered stuff many years ago.
  14. b!T

    Death Stranding

    That's the ugliest controller I have seen so far. What were they thinking.
  15. I might be wrong but the thread we had earlier were for Professional models and celebrities. I have never seen pics which are personal or taken without consent in that thread but then again I was not a regular visitor Also I am not advocating the need for such a thread btw rather clarifying the type of thread we had.
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