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  1. Same. Wanted to get that 99 cents sub for a month. It's irritating something basic like this is not there.
  2. I was on pita BSNL 10 Mbps plan till last month which gives max 5-6 Mbps. Finally moved to fiber by local cable guy. 100 Mbps/1000 GB plan for 700 bucks. Feel's gud man.
  3. Yeah, true. However I felt the influence of spanish music is a bit too much this time around. Maybe its just me but there are some cool tracks.
  4. So the races/events are split into day and night. Day races are legal, you earn money by winning those races. Night races are illegal Street races which will earn you rep. Both money and rep are important because rep unlocks new sh*t and you need money to buy them. New story missions are unlocked as you earn rep and also upgrade your car. Cars are also unlocked based on your progression. Also there seems to be various disciplines like drift, race, off-road etc but I just started and have seen only on road race and drift events.
  5. It's good if u can ignore some cringe hip new gen dialogues. Cops are better than payback. Drifting is weird but once u get the hang of it, it's decent.
  6. b!T

    The Book Thread

    Thanks dude, will check it out.
  7. b!T

    The Book Thread

    Guys, need some recommendations in SciFi genre. I have read forever war series, old man's war series and really liked the world building though quite limited. Need some books similar to these.
  8. b!T

    Persona 5

    Thanks dude, I was not aware of it. Checked the e-mail and I got the first two sets.
  9. b!T

    Persona 5

    Awesome, where do we get those? I am currently at 12/24, so do I qualify for these themes?
  10. b!T

    Persona 5

    Yup, days of play sale last month.
  11. b!T

    Persona 5

    Buying P5R is one of the best decisions I made recently. I was skeptical to shell out 2.6k due to the amount of time I have spent on P5 but P5R has a lot of welcome changes. I might plat it as Atlus removed some pita trophies in royal.
  12. It's pretty simple. I don't remember any trophies which gave me problems.
  13. I have 5 plats and all of them are easy games like Detroit, Spiderman, telltale etc. I think I have only 3 or 4 trophies to get plat in God fo war, Odyssey and few other games. Days gone would be the plat I enjoyed the most. Such an awesome game. PS - I picked up Hitman with the mind to plat it and then realized it doesn't have a platinum trophy
  14. Era is so toxic nowadays. If you disagree with someone then u r suddenly alt right. They keep on pointing out what's wrong with gaming but forums like era who take upon themselves to correct the society is exactly what is wrong with gaming. Bunch of narcissitic morons.
  15. Damn man, that was fast
  16. I agree. I normally buy a new console one year after the launch but this time think I am going to wait for a slim or pro equivalent.
  17. I don't remember where I read it but for PS2 version they tweaked the race a bit so it's not as irritating as the PC version.
  18. It's sad though. PS4 is one sexy as hell console. Even 1X is just beautiful
  19. I don't know what it is but I find it hard to like the design. Seems futuristic but incomplete or trying too much.
  20. Lmao, I did this and won that pita race. However in my subsequent playthroughs, I did get gud enough to win it legitimately.
  21. I didn't even notice the name missing
  22. Tapatalk works fine now. No more delays.
  23. True. With the popularity Avengers have, they might even be successful in doing so if the game is half decent. Sent from my HD1901 using Tapatalk
  24. Lol, I remember how annoying the police were in the OG game. It was damn hard to escape them as well.
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