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  1. Nice!! It looks much better than the pregnant disc version
  2. Congrats mate. Are you the first one to get a DE?
  3. No, No one has donated a PS5 game yet.
  4. After 11 years of hardwork and dedication, I am finally a newbie
  5. Yes, it can. I will see abt request thread.
  6. I agree. He is one of my favorite characters as well.
  7. Due to pandemic @SkinTightTuna doesn't have access to this game. Since he has donated another game, he will continue to be a member of IVG library. Future borrowers, pls note.
  8. When this was posted here, multiple folks exclaimed who believes Jaffe and he is not a credible source.
  9. No but GOW is in my radar. Horizon I am fine with PS4. Also if GOW is cross gen then I don't need it till 2022 end probably.
  10. The decision of not buying a PS5 at launch looks better and better XSX went up a couple of notches on my list.
  11. Once he redeems it on PS5, won't the same games become available on PS4 as well? I heard people were redeeming on friends PS5 to play it on their own PS4.
  12. Been 4 years since I used ps+. If I subscribed now, will I be able to see the ps+ games I added before my sub ran out?
  13. Cool, I will get this for her. I thought of Mi but the after sales support in my city is horrendous.
  14. So E3 is there this year? I thought it's a bunch independent conferences by publishers?
  15. b!T

    Far Cry 6

    He was good despite some flaws. Vaas was more menacing but Seed had this euphoria riddled feel to him which was a weird feeling. Something no one talks about is the music during cut scenes and loading screens. It gave you that creepy cult vibe.
  16. Is this TV good? https://www.amazon.in/dp/B08G21VNQQ/ Aunt wants a full HD television on 30K budget. Only requirement is set top box. I checked only sony/lg and samsung because I don't want her to go through the hassle of dealing with no name brands in case of any issues. Also smart tv is preferable so she can finally get into some OTTs.
  17. Apparently there are two copies now. I will update the status post.
  18. Tr00 Tr00... It's butter smooth. I am not an MP guy but have tried it and it is really something. I was going to write I agree with an xbox fan after a while then you had to write this
  19. Congrats, mate. Pretty sure PS8 vs Xbox series whatever fight will be going on
  20. didn't need to know that. Told the wife and she asked very innocently, "why can't you people watch regular porn" imma gonna teach her about a country called Japan.
  21. and Sam makes both looks lke midgets. You introduced me to this namokar guy.... I can't stop watching now.... Damn you, Jiggy Sad part is that, I don't even understand hindi
  22. At some point, Sam's face reveals that he has contemplated his life choices
  23. Finished Tokyo Xanadu on Vita. Will start either Ys VIII or 13 Sentinels.
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