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  1. Will add a disclaimer that owner is busy.
  2. Oh, I thought he has a PS5.
  3. Is this why you are not playing the game??? lmao. Give it a try. Its an awesome game and can stand on its own.
  4. What issues does FW have?
  5. Played a bit of Trek to Yomi. Liking it so far. Feels like playing an Akira Kurasawa movie.
  6. Both are better now. Skoda has improved a lot atleast here in Kerala. VW service is still higher than the likes of Hyundai/Toyota or Maruti. But parts are easily available.
  7. Pretty much my experience as well. Korean cars excel in the feature department but not so much when it comes to drivability,
  8. Sequel launched in 2020.
  9. You got the CC from somewhere? if not, DM.
  10. Kotick doesn't deserve to walk away with millions of dollars after what happened within the company. And the actual nerve to come and tell we don't have resources to investigate is heights man.
  11. EAPremium will never come I think. However current EAPlay titles on gamepass are decent enough. I am hoping to play couple of AC titles which i had skipped over the years.
  12. b!T

    Elden Ring

    hmmm, that's a new way of reviewing the game.
  13. The epitome of Mystery and how to handle a game reveal Awesome news if true.
  14. They are legit and pretty understanding as well the last time I had used MX2.
  15. I do have a PS5 so unless a proper nextgen xbox exclusive comes out, no reason to get an XSX.
  16. MS just doesn't want me to get an XSX Even this one will be on X1X.
  17. b!T

    Forza Motorsport

    This is some kind of Alpha build right?
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