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  1. Considering how broken AK was at launch, LOU should not be playable at all.
  2. Yeah,the update today was to just prepare for rally expansion. There will be another update tomorrow to enable it.
  3. I am kind of irritated with Niyo. Got a debit card couple of weeks ago for my trip next month and they stopped all international transactions citing an RBI rule. Now have to get the credit card but I think it's limit is capped at the FD amount you put.
  4. Langer might get some awesome games but it's 4chan.
  5. I am beginning to realise that Dakota Johnson is not just the nudity from 50 shades of grey but a decent actor.
  6. Can't believe it's been 9 years since the last one and we don't even have a trailer.
  7. b!T

    Ghostwire Tokyo

    I posted it in some WTB thread
  8. b!T

    Hogwarts Legacy

    Bunch of morons who thinks it's dark outside just because their eyes are closed
  9. Microsoft is yet to buy WB. You don't have to defend this one to death. Game looks good my a*s
  10. It's not. My PS5 and XSS have comparable speeds.
  11. If you have friends who want spotify, family plan is only 358 for a year/head. I am subbed on one with other IVG folks.
  12. It shows 499 for me. I am part of a Family plan though.
  13. I doubt it's genuine. Read the description and they say they will give you an account with ps+ loaded. Very good chance it's purchased using a stolen CC.
  14. Your name is not in the members list, which game did you contribute? I will add it to the list.
  15. I will verify the games and remove the ones not available by tomorrow.
  16. Man, can't wait for this.
  17. @KunjanPSD , when do you think it will be taken back? is there a fixed period? my second statement date was yesterday and they didn't take it back.
  18. yes, having different price for different people for a product is same as taxation.
  19. Yes, Rich people can be discriminated against just because they are rich Bruh, what are you on?
  20. Even I prefer one to two. Also 360 version was better iirc.
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