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  1. Guys, have a query. I use gamepass with 1X. Now my cousin had assembled a new PC so he wants to try gamepass on PC with my account. He logged in , downloaded No man's sky from gamepass but when he launches it, there is sign in notification and it says "cannot sign in to Xbox live". Any idea what is happening? I have used gamepass for PC some time ago i think but never extensively. I checked and Xbox app shows signed in with my gamertag.
  2. Even I did the same. You shd see the smug look on my face right now
  3. I never take a video of unboxing but I think it would be smart to start doing it.
  4. Can't imagine the frustration of waiting for a new console and experiencing this.
  5. I am surprised there were no contracts in place to prevent this scenario. One does not help this much without making sure of the returns. Maybe AMD wanted to get in with MS so much, they had relaxed terms?
  6. b!T

    Days Gone

    Rarely I see gamers who put Days Gone above TLOU2. I don't want to play TLOU2 in spite of it's success is because I don't want drag myself through an emotional story.
  7. b!T

    Days Gone

    It's very easy for me to say Days gone is my favourite because I haven't played TLOU2
  8. I didn't find any other thread to post but if anyone's interested, local translation for Suikoden: Woven Web of Centuries is out now. https://suikodenwoven.website/
  9. Same here, I want to play just VC. I don't have any hope they will sell the games separately. Will wait for price drop.
  10. I doubt it. I had an i20 and it's service was less than my Wife's Brio. But will never question Honda on reliability.
  11. This is not a forum to question what an individual does with respect to age. In front of "society" we are playing games which are for kids when we are in our 20s,30s and 40s
  12. They also have a XSS for 30K if anyone's interested.
  13. b!T

    Far Cry 6

    Na, my PC can't run this. Will wait for consoles.
  14. I have finished it long time ago on switch. But tales of vesperia is also leaving along with it.
  15. Am not an expert on gamepass and have only used it sparingly to play Halo. Now that I have sham glitch executed , would like to play some games. How do I know which games leave when? found it!
  16. I think he deleted his account after receiving some "piece of my mind" DMs from angry folks
  17. Loser is not the name for this fellow. He is the gaming equivalent of the kid who asks for homework when teacher forgets. Absolute Moron!!
  18. Oh it's him Thanks dude, helped me a lot.
  19. b!T

    Far Cry 6

    As usual, will get it when it's < 1.5K.
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