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  1. Looks like I may have to turn my XSS to a toaster after all . DIY thread coming you guys.
  2. Lol, Rhoades got bitchslapped there is hope for WWE after all. The attitude era vibes that presser gave me chills. After so many years, looking forward to a WM. Also why Roman whining about bloodline when he started it. Apparently the top dog was a obedient little pooch when with the Rock.
  3. Lack of clear direction from lord phail is more irritating than lack of games tbh. Gamepass still hold some value to me because I am playing some games which i otherwise won't like Valhalla, P3 etc
  4. b!T

    Silent Hill 2

    Does it have an option to change to Japanese with subtitles?
  5. After reading some reviews, I think it went from 'never gonna play' to 'will get it on sale'
  6. Just reading this irritates me. Who employs these people SMH
  7. Solid scores, 10 - RPG Site 10 - Shacknews 9.5 - GamingTrend 9 - IGN 9 - PSU 9 - AOTF 9 - Press Start 9 - PCGamesN 9 - Videogamer 9 - GamingBolt 9 - Push Square 5/5 - VGC 5/5 - VG247 4/5 - Eurogamer 4/5 - GamesRadar 4/5 - Digital Trends MC: 90 OC: 90
  8. I don't take long time offs because I am not a travel guy. I prefer to take short breaks every two months and I spent it on family get togethers and hobbies.
  9. That homework doesn't work with Zodka. Mate lives in another world
  10. Pretty good reviews, 86 on both OC and MC.
  11. That's weird. When I click subscribe it takes me to payment screen. Also if not already done, link your ubisoft account to XBL account.
  12. I can see the option to subscribe on the store. Under subscriptions menu.
  13. Yes, possible. Login to his account on your PS5 and enable console sharing. Then you can download games from his account(PS+ or bought games) and play it from your account.
  14. I just use Axe deo for everyday purposes
  15. As per FK CC, be grateful the delivery happened
  16. The best invention after sliced bread? A XSS toaster
  17. Last year new year resolution was to complete all games I buy. It worked out fine for PS games but I didn't even complete a single switch game I bought. Onto to next year
  18. I have both HDFC and Federal accounts and I prefer HDFC over federal. Also no need to convert your savings to salary account. You can just open a new corporate account with them.
  19. https://www.trueachievements.com/news/xbox-game-pass-added-nearly-9000-worth-of-games-in-2023 Added $9k worth of games apparently.
  20. I would say go for the switch lite. Much better system thans XSS.
  21. I will sell my XSS when GP gets over as I am not planning to renew it. Question is whether anyone will buy it
  22. There will always be some a**hole who does this as if the money comes right out of his pocket. Na, it was for 32 months to be precise. Mine started on October 7th, 2021 and is expiring on June 6th, 2024.
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