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  1. Great, haven't played 6 and 7. Don't want to start those without completing 3, 4 and 5 :/
  2. Just wondering.. When you moved there, did the authorities give any warnings about not to mess with emus?
  3. Watching the trailer again it kinda gives off a Bonnii and Clyde vibe set in a modern world. Hope is it doesn't get any downgrades on retail version.
  4. Looking incredible, need to play and finish 5 before this launches. Also, glad they're not releasing on last gen consoles. Phew.
  5. Trailer wasn't even needed.. That thumbnail alone sold me the movie 😅
  6. MS did want to get Gamepass on more devices.. They managed to get it working on hair straighteners too
  7. I'm sure everyone knows how hypocritical that statement is. Top execs no longer under MS payroll are probably the only ones who'd speak out about it. If Phil really believed that then xbox wouldn't have a single console exclusive game.
  8. Very nice. A couple of hits and SIE will acquire them to be first party, just like Bluepoint.
  9. Lol. So what's gonna happen to the original board members. Altman right now:
  10. Since everyone's giving their unpopular opinions, sharing my 5 cents. RDR is boring as f**k, had to force myself to finish that game and I was so bored by it that didn't even bother trying RDR2. *hides under the bed*
  11. I'm sure a PC version will be released simultaneously or some time later.
  12. Dude, make up your mind already. Is Sony selling at loss or not?! You flip multiple times in the same page of the thread. Yes, it should be cheaper but they know it's gonna sell like hot cakes anyway. Its business, they're charging same price for newer variants too, knowing all well it's gonna sell. And Sony is known to be greedy, they will choose to maximise profit.
  13. Console was already in profit within year 1 of launch, unlike its competitor which still sells each console at loss. Article from August 2021: https://www.theverge.com/2021/8/4/22609150/sony-playstation-5-ps5-loss-profit And parts get cheaper as the generation progresses and more efficient variants are released. You need to stop doing meth instead of math
  14. BG3 might have reviewed better than SM2, but as of now they're both in the race for GOTY. My bets on BG3 winning, but the nominees(including SM2) are at least giving a fight.
  15. Lol, Phil Spencer is in the The Game Awards Advisory Board, watching the 'Second run PC run RPG' bludgeoning every Xbox first party game this year That must sting, another genius move by Asli Gamer.
  16. No xbox game got snubbed, none of them deserved GoTY nomination.
  17. Starfield is the only nominee for 'Game of the Generation' category, that's why ya'll don't see it here. Geoff will personally drive to Todd's home and hand the award.
  18. Not a fan of a remake getting GoTY nomination. That spot could have gone for FF16 or Sea of Stars imo.
  19. Details include: -Players follow Cloud on a quest to save the planet from evil -Characters impaled or slashed by swords, sometimes with slow-motion effects -Splatters or pools of blood -Assassin throwing a spinning blade at a targeted figure -Female characters with revealing outfits, e.g. deep cleavage -Suggestive dialogue accompanies camera pans of character bodies/outfits -Players can drink a version of moonshine at a bar -Some characters appear drunk -Characters smoking cigars or hookahs
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