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  1. As far as I know, there was a sale in june with 30% off on subscriptions, state of play I think. This happens every year at least once. There's a guy selling 1 year code for 2099 in the buy/sell/trade section.
  2. ohhh . .so that's what I've been doing wrong. I was using blinker fluid.
  3. Same, I prefer the black color too, I'm sure the white one will get the brown taint in a few years. Hope we have the option to change the led color though, at least the basic colors like the DS4 lightbar.
  4. https://www.pushsquare.com/news/2020/07/rumour_black_and_red_ps5_console_spotted_in_sony_marketing_material Red and Black PS5 in official Sony marketing pamphlet.
  5. Finished Season 3 of Westworld. Feels a lot less like the first 2 seasons, there's so little of Westworld in it. But I do love the direction this is going. Also, Ramin Djawadi still slays as usual.
  6. Started Resident Evil 7. Darn thing is such a step above 6 in its creepiness and the atmosphere setting. The first few hours I've played were quite tense, and I'm playing it on a TV screen. I bet its even better on VR.
  7. I went ahead and bought them, easiest plat and the one with the least meaning. Defeated the whole purpose of a challenge. I still have all these to complete, wayy too many backlogs this gen. I only started platting from PS4 and with UC4. GT5 maybe too late for you to plat but the next GT is around the corner and knowing Polyphony's track record, that plat will be quite challenging guaranteed. As for RDR2, I've heard it takes long time but is quite fun.
  8. I loved Rupert losing his sh*t when hes nannying the baby. All 4 of the lead cast are british and yet they manage american accent effortlessly. That was really well done, like you know something bads gonna happen and the dread just keeps rising until it hits you like a freight train. Yeah, same with me, it answered a lot of questions but left 2 more in its place :/
  9. gecko89

    Apex Legends

    Lately, loving the R-301 and Mastiff combo. Pretty solid for short to mid range. HCOGx2 for the R-301 and HCOGx1 or Digital for Mastiff. When I have level 3 attachments on R-301 I try to get HCOGx3.
  10. gecko89

    Hyper Scape

    Agreed the BR space is quite saturated, but this does look pretty good tho. Visuals gives a bit of a Valorant vibe to me. I'm satisfied with Apex too but will give this a try, nothing to lose, it is free after all.
  11. Watched Servant, haven't seen any posts about it here. Only season 1 is out and its pretty good stuff. Psychological Horror from M Night Shyamalamadingdong, its as if this genre just agrees with him. Rupert Grint is in it and he's freaking excellent.
  12. gecko89

    God of War

    I knew the queen would be difficult, so I had heard so many times here. Went in fully prepared, she destroys my a*s in 20 seconds.
  13. Thanks for all the great recommendations Turns out desktop power cord works just fine. Got one locally for 110 INR. Weekend gaming saved
  14. Yo, can someone please point me to a ps4 pro power cable for online purchase, need it urgently.
  15. Holy phuk !! I don't think a lot of people understand the significance of this. Good going, I'm sure it took almost a 1000 hours or more to obtain this one.
  16. gecko89

    Apex Legends

    This is great, I was kinda worried too whether I can complete the battle pass. Seems like I'm good for level 110.
  17. Thank you I've got a few friends not on IVG who have 100+ Plats, but most of their trophies are from indie titles, quick 2 hour plats and very low on ultra rare trophies that takes some effort.
  18. My rarest trophy would be COD BO3 Platinum, 0.77% rarity on PSNProfiles. Difficulty rating 8/10. I remember one trophy had you finishing the entire game with you dying on 1 hit, 2 if you're lucky. My fingers got PTSD for weeks after completing that. Easily the most difficult trophy I've done ever. Also, getting platinums is easy if you play indie games that you could finish in 30 minutes to few hours. A more appropriate measure of skill would be the number of ultra rare trophies.
  19. I use PSNProfiles to track the trophies I'm missing and how to get it with minimum playthroughs. Just create an account, link your PSN ID and it shows what you've earned and what you haven't and how to get them. Currently going after Battlefront 2, need to get to Level 50 in multiplayer and its the grindiest multiplayer level up I've ever seen :/
  20. Ohh man, those were freakin amazing. MGS has some of the greatest boss fights, each unique. The End is to this day one of the best bosses I've ever faced. The level design, the tactics, his AI, everything perfect.
  21. Maybe Clank is also female in Ratchette's dimension, named clink or clankette or clankolina
  22. Platted COD WW2, would never have played this if it weren't free on PS plus. Turns out it's quite good. Multiplayer was a bit mediocre, campaign was good and zombies was excellent. It was super fun getting the hardcore Easter egg, probably the most convoluted and most difficult zombies Easter egg I've played yet. Next up Battlefront II.
  23. Agreed. I was hoping for 60fps on PS5 but it seems like they've concentrated more on visual fidelity than more frames. That said we still don't know the official numbers yet. As for Xbox, maybe we'll get more concrete information during their event. If they showcase games that look like anything from PS5 event whilst managing 60fps, that'll be mighty impressive.
  24. Feels like the Xbox fans have come out of their caves after a long time, the way you guys roast them here I won't be surprised if they retreat to hibernation even before the xsx event
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