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  1. Bots til StarPunk 2023 releases
  2. First of all, the list you posted is of lifetime views not 24hours. Secondly, I genuinely think half of the marvel movies are either boring or redundant or both, that's my opinion. This also implies I liked or enjoyed the rest of it. Infact infinity war was better than endgame imo. This doesn't mean hate in anyway. No one is putting MCU down, you don't have to jump in like a defense squad. The movies I disliked in MCU, I wouldn't touch again with a ten foot pole. Meanwhile Ridley Scott's Gladiator or James Cameron Terminators I've seen probably a dozen times at least.
  3. Yes. And this number will move to 50 by the end of this year, so they'll add more to Ubi+Classics.
  4. Like the top comment in that reddit page says, everyone underestimates Cameron, all the time. Titanic started slow them blew every record wide open. It took decades and a marvels conclusion movie for 22 (half of which are either trash or redundant anyway) other movies to barely beat it. And now this, after 13 years everyone says that no one cares and yet it's turning heads. Even if it makes half of the original, it's still a win.
  5. Neat, almost 2 dozen games I've wanted to play. Extra would be perfect for me.
  6. gecko89


    For context:
  7. CEOs sending out mails about some personal stuff is normal, my company CEO does it, but it's tasteful. I think the problem here was he used same mail to talk about both his personal pet preferences and a sensitive topic, while giving more lines for his love for cats and dogs than the controversial subject. Should have kept them separate.
  8. Lol, a little awkward and insensitive. Doesn't a ceo of his level have PR people to check what he's sending out?!
  9. And now, it's starting to sound more like StarPunk 2023
  10. Just dropping in from my vacation to post my reaction to the news...
  11. How about.. 'The Boner Collective' ? Has a nice ring to it.
  12. No, the point of the tweet and the reason it was shared was to compare current users on both platforms. It has everything to do with number of players. And the reasoning is nothing short of nonsense.
  13. WTF 540p?! Infinite isn't even that good looking.
  14. This exactly. There's so many better games to buy, why the f**k would anyone buy a mediocre indie. On the other hand, GP users get the mediocre indie as part of their sub, no extra charge and they're bragging about more players. And this 400 vs 12k number is from a trophy site?! Most PS users use Psnprofiles not true trophies, what dumbass made that tweet
  15. Ehhh, 24Mil subs on GP and only 12k players... That's not something to brag about. Should have had at least a mil or two.
  16. gecko89

    Apex Legends

    Hopefully the new ranked rules stop this from happening on lower tiers of every rank..
  17. Ok, so Nomura stuff was meddled with by Tabata and later Tabata meddled with his own to fastrack coz development was taking way too long. Still don't see how this was Nomuras fault, don't think he has a say on which platform the game should release, wouldn't that be Sqeenix? And I loved ff7r, had delayed playing it thinking it was same wine in new bottle. But surprised at how good it was, looking forward to the storyline changes too, they had already abandoned the original storyline with Dirge of Cerberus having no followups or news for over a decade.
  18. MS spending 80Bil just to save Koticks a*s is ridiculous. But it is possible Kotick asked to be saved in return for the deal. As in, for MS, getting ActiBlizz is the campaign mission, and saving Kotick is a necessary side mission.
  19. And she looks fine as heck here. Also whenever lulu shows up, most people don't look at her gown
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