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  1. Best case scenario I see is something very similar to Gamepass minus day 1 access to PS first party titles.
  2. ^^^Noice, for once Sony is copying a good thing from MS if true.
  3. EA-Dice: We may launch a game half baked, but we will NOT miss ETA for microtransactions!!
  4. Yeah, even if somehow the bill passes in the US, it will never happen it India. Retailers won't bother, simply coz units go off the shelves. Also, it's a luxury item. Doubt it'll ever even be in govts radar.
  5. Help him with his concern, even the odds
  6. Raccoon City Edition is 1583 INR. That includes both RE2 Remake and RE3 Remake, lowest price yet.
  7. Noice!! Been waiting for this since the console launched. Thank you.
  8. BF2042 PS5 Version Physical Disc is 3,999INR at Gameloot.
  9. Watched Venom 2. I kinda liked it, maybe coz I went in with very low expectations. Short and fast paced. Should have been Rated R, and more of carnage.
  10. IVG has too many dudes, it's a sausage fest. We need more women representing Indian gamer girls. I suggest having new registrations go through approval process and approved only for women until numbers are equal
  11. Gender gap exists, but what's the solution?! You can't employ a woman just because she's a woman. If they did, it would be reservation and we all know how great that is in India. /s More women need to choose to get into stem fields by their own volition, which could be encouraged from a young age. Meanwhile, and this is only from my personal viewpoint, I had more girls than guys in IT engineering. Yet after getting a job, they either left it for marriage or got married and chose to leave their jobs. I feel the problem is for men in India, being in a job and earning is a necessity whereas for women it's a choice, the ones who break this and proceed do extremely well.
  12. Kevin Butler VP of everything, that was marketing genius. Shame the actor screwed himself over, would have been perfect revival for these times.
  13. Completed Arcane Nothing to say that hasn't been said about this one. Must not be missed.
  14. Lol, godfall will be add to library and forget. On the other hand, Mortal Shell is something to look forward to
  15. gecko89

    Cyberpunk 2077

    A master at baiting should be called so. I suggest... Master Baiter
  16. Btw the LG BX 55 OLED is 99,999 on Flipkart. +5% cashback with Axis FK card.
  17. Amen, even better if one understands chess pieces and their movements
  18. That's the Gucci edition XSX. The carry bag probably costs 9000USD out of the 10K USD price tag
  19. It says random. If it's really random, who knows maybe one of us from IVG might get it.
  20. gecko89


    Exceptionally few studios have the cohones to try something like this, and better yet succeed.
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