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  1. Haven, Bungie and Savage? A new studio, multiplat studio and a mobile gaming studio. XTakla seriously comparing those to Activision Blizzard having following franchises?! Call of Duty series Crash Bandicoot series Guitar Hero series Skylanders series Spyro the Dragon series Tony Hawk's series Diablo series Hearthstone Heroes of the Storm Overwatch StarCraft series Warcraft series Candy Crush Saga
  2. gecko89


    Tried the tower, reached Phase 3 Room 5 on first try, solo. Is there any reward to finishing this? Does it extend the story?
  3. With the FK Axis card, and after cashbacks I see lowest is 50400. Was the base price lower earlier?
  4. IPhone 13 still going for, ~50400 after cashbacks with the FK Axis card. Open box verification available.
  5. DLSS 3.0 being held behind 4000 cards, is it because 3000cards are hardware limited and not capable or they're just making it exclusive to push more 4000 cards?
  6. gecko89


    Both are some of the best weapons in the game (along with pylon driver) imo. They have certain buffs that make them even better, leech rounds that give you health with enemies killed for carbine and rounds that cause portals to shoot enemies for you for hollowseeker. Even without these buffs, you can't go wrong with either of them.
  7. This is good, should have implemented on launch. Also helps in event of faulty disk drive.
  8. Agree. On the bright side, we're getting another version of God Butcher vs Thor on November 9th
  9. Interesting thread, makes a lot of sense imo. Also, CMA sure isn't half assed like the FTC or DoJ.
  10. The latest trailer was meant to bring the hype back and boi did it bring it back. People went from, 'lets wait for more gameplay' to 'Where can I get the game pre-ordered for the cheapest?' . No one is questioning the lack of promotions now. Even with what's shown in the trailer, we can only make guesses and speculate, nothing concrete given away. Besides, if what Cory says is right then what we've seen is just a tease compared to what's in store for us in the game.
  11. Legend Jim Ryan responds to the lackluster Xbox TGS event with 3 year old games... In Japanese.
  12. Sony confirms PSVR games will not be compatible with PSVR2 :/ Big L , so much for all the PSVR games we had collected in PS+ over the years
  13. OT2 was not announced for Xbox, even though OT1 was on Xbox and even part of GP.
  14. Title is missing 'the' in it
  15. Never owned or even tried any sort of VR. Going by these first impressions, this might be the first, hopefully it's not priced too high.
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