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  1. yup.. I won’t buy them.. but I’ll complain about them…. Because I want something new… i don’t get the argument that people who havnt played dead space and other games would enjoy remakes.. BC is there, they can play that.. They also havnt played dead space 4.. they can play that if developer makes them instead of remakes 😂 And Why are you quoting me about Sony remakes? I don’t care if it’s from Sony or MS.. I don’t like remakes…. You on the other hand defend Sony remakes but sh*t on MS remakes.. I mean how many times are they gonna remaster TLOU ?
  2. Hate remasters.. go make something new.. goes for gears, TLOU, Demon souls, max Payne etc
  3. Stop making up stuff bro… you don’t decide what counts and what does not… the conversation didn’t start with AAA’s .. conversation started about how ponies suddenly fell in love with subscription surfaces 😂😂
  4. f**k no … say no to remasters !
  5. when you pivoted from logic 😂 this is not bragging bro… just posting facts to dispel myths created by ponies 😂
  6. https://www.techspot.com/amp/news/93725-microsoft-tops-metacritic-game-publisher-rankings-2021.html Microsoft tops the Metacritic game publisher rankings for 2021 Xbox Game Studios' 2021 titles received the highest-ever average Metacritic score why are you always wrong?
  7. Translation - let’s only count Sony games because that’s the point I am trying to make… try again bro
  8. lolz .. talk about memory loss … forza horizon, psyconaughts, halo infinite, hitman, flight simulator and many others 😂😂 now waiting for how you will spin this
  9. why are you sad, pathetic and even a moron at times ? be happy bro… forget about sadness and sorrow
  10. I am not judging bro… if you wanna buy pink, go buy pink.. there are gazillion other Color too… ponies just posted pink.. and you might not want to post how women friendly PS is after what what jimbo “two sides” Ryan wrote about women rights.. he’s yet to apologise.. but I agree MS also has been silent about some important issues..
  11. just won the FA CUP… man can do no wrong bro… love it…don’t be jealous of happiness @El Tigre Chino is experiencing sadness and sorrow.. he may relate to you.
  12. I don’t visit gaming forum for sadness and sorrow but you do you..
  13. haunt him? do you even read what you type ?
  14. Great news for employees.. why is this in vs thread ?
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