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  1. https://www.playstation.com/en-in/ps-plus/ 25% off till 12th June for existing and new users PS Plus extra already subscribed till 2024, don't think there is any point in buying any more at this point
  2. so no word of it coming officially? If you know, whats the ballpark grey market price? olx has a listing for ~65
  3. Do we have any intel on if/when PS VR2 is launching in india?
  4. Either buy the AirPods Pro gen 2 or don’t buy AirPods. The other variants are just not worth the price. AirPods Pro 2nd gen are really good. I went from pro 1st to 2nd gen specifically for the transparency mode and the better bass response. ANC is also top class.
  5. 4500 off on Series S https://www.amazon.in/h/rewards/dp/amzn1.rewards.rewardAd.LDVHIIKBPWAP6?rdpf=en
  6. after going through the event viewer on windows, there was an error on low virtual memory, increasing it fixed the crashes. people with 16GB ram, windows managed page file max may not be high enough for the game, I set it to 6000 max and it’s working fine now. Internet is filled with complaints of the game crashing, and the devs haven’t given an advisory to increase page file size especially since the game is memory hop at ultra/extreme setting.
  7. I can’t get the game to launch on pc. It silently crashes every time, tried a bunch of things but it’s just not running. Any body here has faced this before and solved? I’ve wasted 2 hours trying to launch this stupid game. Playing on PC after a long time, I’m beginning to remember why I moved to playstation.
  8. Thank you!! just got xbox ultimate 3 years for 4500. What to do with the 500 MS store credit now.
  9. Apart from US (~37k cheaper than India after tax), Thailand has very similar pricing to US post conversion. Plus in Thailand you can claim VAT refund as well. pro availability is a whole different challenge though, managed to get the 14 pro from NY after multiple failed attempts in Nov. They usually update stock online towards closing time.
  10. Preowned stock available at both gameloot and Gamenation at 4600-4700. Not great pricing but useful for those with store credit. Gameloot delivers to me the next day via BlueDart. Mine is coming tomorrow, can’t wait , going to call in sick and play all day
  11. Is 10% off a 12 month sub, 500 off 5000, a good deal? Do the psn gift cards ever go on sale?
  12. I’ve never sold anything to gameloot and Gamenation before. Somebody from Gamenation has reached out to me to ask for pictures of the controllers and packaging on whatsapp. Can someone who’s dealt with them confirm if this is standard practice and not some kind of scam
  13. Is Gamenation.in trustworthy? I’ve dealt with gameloot before but Gamenation seems to be giving more credit for PS4 controllers.
  14. When is a good time to buy the 12m ps+, as in when is it the cheapest usually?
  15. I meant in terms of price. I definitely want the game. it's about ~4k on amazon/FK and I haven't seen many used ones being sold so I guess 2600 is a decent price. was looking for a confirmation P.S. interested in single player only
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