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    For any information to overclocking, games head over to this indian website - www.ocfreaks.com

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  1. @AzureSupport Sure, there you go - https://t.co/eJrjlLH2ZF

  2. @andrewdwelch You can have something like https://t.co/OQVvRMorkI or https://t.co/rdz7JBhpJt ;)

  3. RT @MiladMSFT: One of my favourite features in #WindowsDefenderATP is #ThreatAnalytics that provides you insights on the impact of global c…

  4. @keithdoyle9 @Azure Added one more comment to the article regarding one slick thing to do. Let's hope they take care of it as well!

  5. @AzureSupport - Can someone look into this? It has been an issue since a long time now. - https://t.co/SVJEuXQu3I

  6. @AzureSupport Surprisingly, this started working on my other machine!

  7. @npmjs @npmstatus - I am getting timeouts while trying to search for packages. Any idea what is going on? Intermitt… https://t.co/EeE0GSA1wB

  8. RT @goretsky: NYT sues FCC, says it hid evidence of Russia meddling in net neutrality repeal https://t.co/OYs1KBBOmI

  9. RT @julienPauli: "Windows 95 was 30Mb. Today we have web pages heavier than that! Google keyboard app routinely eats 150 Mb. Is an app tha…

  10. @AzureSupport Okay it seems to be working now... Thanks! Maybe a hiccup?

  11. @keithdoyle9 https://t.co/7z9NRi3TJy

  12. @newrelic Installing New Relic PHP Agent in Azure Web App for Containers https://t.co/rlrAFZSspL

  13. Setting up Logrotate, Rsyslog, Cron & Anacron in Azure Web App for Containers https://t.co/VSWfSKGc4X

  14. RT @JohnLaTwC: To anyone in IT who's ever pulled an all nighter because of a crisis, slept at work because that's what it took to respond,…

  15. RT @fermonte: Open Sesame: Picking locks with Cortana. #BlackHat2018 https://t.co/91CcduQDy8