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    xbox games, tf2 trading, PC gaming and all of the stuff in the technology department. :D.

    For any information to overclocking, games head over to this indian website - www.ocfreaks.com

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  1. Uninstalling Pi-Hole on Ubuntu 16.04 with OpenVPN https://t.co/1SJKQRxNzz

  2. @markrussinovich - Solving a silent crash in 5 minutes! Thanks procmon!

  3. @AzureSupport - Any idea what this would mean? https://t.co/VJUNgtWaQi

  4. RT @rickhanlonii: sorry i had to https://t.co/1O3qV7TE11

  5. RT @troyhunt: Just over a week to go until PCI DSS mandates TLS 1.1 or higher https://t.co/MBwZOvgNqw https://t.co/lWKoSAWpvI

  6. @ozziebeats Is there any chance for the complete remix of Needed Me by Rihanna? 😍

  7. Certbot --dry-run with NGINX fails with Invalid PID https://t.co/piP9AWx6wh

  8. @JosephRyanRies I am sure they would've understood "Wooden PC". That's what I use while playing DOTA :P

  9. @jsnover Is there any possibility/chance that updates to PowerShell/Azure Powershell could be delivered via Windows Update?

  10. @AzureSupport Done. Raised a ticket as well.

  11. @jsnover Bots? And maybe they want to show that tweet to their followers as well?

  12. Any idea what could be going wrong? Function App is this - pranavavaerms

  13. @postmanclient I guess today's update has resolved the issue. I will keep an eye and in case I notice again, I will send out an email.

  14. @AzureSupport The Indian number is being picked up and immediately going to voicemail despite being in business hours...

  15. RT @aisteam: NEW BLOG: “Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong." AIS couldn’t find a better phrase to describe a recent problem we enco…

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