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  1. I honestly can't say. Don't remember being mind-blowing but it could very well be my theater INOX. Now that you say it and vouching it so much. I am thinking of watching it on my TV in its full glory! Not sure if there is 4K version available. I didn't like it so never thought of rewatching. Will probably give your another shot!
  2. I have huge respect for Cameron and I am not sure why there is even a comparison between Marvel and him. BUT! Avatar? I watched that movie in 3D in cinema! It is average at best. Can easily be compared to any of the average/low quality Marvel movie. It is only after years I realized Avatar became the highest grossing movie of all time! That was a very.... Strange moment for me lol. I was like WTF?! How come that movie is even that much hyped?! Compared to other Cameron works, it's a huge dent in his career. Now they come up with a sequel which looks even shittier. But I'll probably catch the sequel, maybe it is me who is missing something. Trailer didn't attract me one bit.
  3. The average rate of return ticket eco class is 23k to 26k. Going from my place Lucknow, overall cost is around 60k for 2 adults return. The reason I am thinking of going in June end is because July August is off season and heat is unbearable as told by some of my friends there. Also, it will be first time intl trip with Missuss!
  4. Amazon ICICI card offer seems tempting. Giving 10% off but only on Wednesday and Thursday! FML! Let's hope flight cost doesn't increase by then. I don't see any specific Regalia offers.
  5. Now the picture is clear. Aise layman ki tarah samjhaya karo bhai Let me checkout ease my trip!
  6. I don't understand this post one bit. But thanks 🤣🤣🤣 I am basically planning Dubai. Flight and Accommodation I am planning with my CC. I heard CC and travel go hand in hand. That is why I was asking. Don't understand Smartbuy thing. Only have Smartpay enabled on Regalia card for my electricity bill lol.
  7. Is is there any good offer going around for HDFC Regalia CC for flight and hotel booking? How can I use any of my CC to get the most of my travel!? I have Regalia, ICICI Amazon and SBI Simply click card.
  8. Grew old watching him play. A great all rounder! Bully but a talented player. So many memories!!!
  9. I am using the same headphones. 2 things related to pricing - First, it's price usually goes down quite frequently. I bought it last year and see it's price. Just wait a couple of weeks and track it's price. It even goes to around 6.5k during great Indian sale. The better version from the same company. Sony's XB910N which supports app and gesture control goes to down to about 8.5k!! Which is the current price of CH-710!! https://www.amazon.in/dp/B09CGB6VRR/ref=cm_sw_r_apan_i_WS6K00W96JJ8RSYQ1Q1M So, if you can wait till Big Billion/Amazon Day sale. It would be better. Who knows even XM3 might get a big sale price this time. Now, the sound. It sounds decent. I am good with the sound but when compared to my sound and these headphones, TV speakers sound much better to me. Noise cancelling is ok. Does the job. Didn't use much for office, only taken few calls to test and it worked just fine! The only downside is that it doesn't get very loud. It's highest volume is not so loud. Rest it's a decent product with decent build quality and decent sound.
  10. Awara Pagal Deewana and Deewane hue Paagal are two my favorite comedy movies. They had lot of copied scenes and the overall story is inspired by other Hollywood movies. Yet, these are two of the best movies out there.
  11. No need. Just skim through it by reading or watching some videos. It is mostly for Scarlet's motive that you may need to watch Wanda Vision but you can easily skip it. Don't skip on reading some info or watch the summary of the series. I highly recommend it.
  12. Death on the Nile - Boring first half and totally predictable story. Ending was pretty much exactly what I predicted especially the WhoDoneIt part. Plus first half is just plain boring and didn't add much. With the slow first half, I was thinking of catching small details and all but it didn't matter much. Overall a poor film. Worse than first which was average at best.
  13. I applied for Venus. Looks good. But I have never been assigned any IPO. Ever!
  14. Didn't she cheat on him with Murli Vijay!?
  15. He is trolling. Just leave after the first credit scene. Second credit scene is not relevant at all. Even for important post credit scenes, I usually wait for only first mid credit scene and never in second as the second one is too long. Then watch it on YouTube!
  16. I think it's correct. 10 times or even more. You can clearly see the ground reports of news channels that are still on YouTube. In one of the LTs video, they showed at least 9 dead bodies in front of some hospital and it was just one place in Kanpur. Imagine total number in other places in the same city. They mentioned total official count given today by govt is 2 to 3. Govt. May not be totally at fault though. Their qualification of Corona deaths may be different and some weren't even reported.
  17. Its official!!! I finally found a guy who didn't know know anyone close to him die. After about a year till today, I did not know of a single guy who did not lose someone close. Like literally not a single guy in last year's Covid. It was like living in a hell. Worst time in history for me!!! I think my city was affected worst! Maybe your city isn't wasn't as severely affected as mine.
  18. Ticker tape showing Tata Steel PE at 3.81 and PB at 1.97. Much lower than industry! Am I missing something? In steel sector. PB and PE ratios matter right?
  19. Strange. So I guess it is only for few devices
  20. Are you guys facing any issue with YouTube app on android? My videos keep getting sticked. At first I thought it was connection but then everything else is working fine. Then I check comment section in the app store and some other people are also complaining about the same issue. Not sure if it device specific though. Can anybody confirm? Happening since last 2 months AFAIK.
  21. Sad for our devs in India but I honestly didn't like anything about it in the first place. When a project is snatched back to the original team from any company's outsourcing team. It is considered a huge setback :| But the silver lining is, it may just turn out to be better now.
  22. My comment is directed towards Apple. I think MKBHD is correct here. But peak or not. If Apple don't include new chip this year, their price hike won't be justified. I know their recent phones are also more or less the same thing with different name but at least on paper it provided some upgrade. This one the hand, shall be their lowest point if they decide to charge extra for the same thing. Why can't companies skip a year if they are not able to provide something new.
  23. Aur kitna choona lagayenge ye!
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