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  1. This one? https://www.amazon.in/dp/B014I8TLS6/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_g5yaFbVFBVN79
  2. Thanks man. Yeah. I am lookin for that only. I was looking for 3 hdmi but what the hell. 2 will do too. Work laptop personal laptop and ps4 to connect but no problem at all! I don't need a remote lol. I will use it on a monitor so its fine. Now. I searched on internet and found out that all hdmi cables are same with no quality difference. Is it true? If not, please suggest a good quality hdmi cable because I'll need that for the switch.
  3. Thanks guys. Looks like I'll be buying some cheap ones. I don't wanna spend too much on that either. @chirag - that is a different gadget with no switch I guess. I am not sure if it is called the same. I think it is called the same lol. I have seen some amateur Indian YouTube videos and this is exactly what I need. Price hike also happened lol. They mentioned 25-300 rs but these are now at least 500-600 rs but I am fine!
  4. Thanks. I'll give windows app another go. Chrome is not a lot of work though. I just open Chrome click on Netflix and that's it. But yeah. I asked because I wanted the convenience of an app.
  5. Its a movie thread but WTF people haven't seen Stranger Things so far? That should always be the number one priority!
  6. how do you guys watch Netflix on PC? App or browser? I am watching it on browser for a longtime now with no problem in quality, I remember when I installed windows app video quality was so bad that I couldn't even watch it. Is is better now?
  7. Does anyone use hdmi splitter here? Please suggest me one. Preferably 3 hdmi with a button to switch. All I can see is some unknown brands selling. If anyone is using it here for a long time, then please suggest one.
  8. 55 inch TV is the only thing holding me from playing this. I have ps4pro and my friend have this game. I can simply get the game and play but seeing the graphics. I think it is better to wait 4k 55 inch tv. The price on steam is also tempting. But I don't think my 1050ti can handle 4k on 55 inch TV.
  9. Gears 5 released at the same price on steam. The only difference is, it was free for ms premium subscription and 3 months of that was like 500 bucks so people like me played there instead.
  10. Angry birds. Dora. Any superhero movie. Detective pikachu. Gulabo Sitabo. Crawl. Parasite. Jumanji or any Rock movie. Depends on what you wanna watch. Above are movies of every genre and they were listed om my Home page of prime.
  11. If I remember correctly, there is a scene where someone says his girlfriend brings small tits or something. So beware!
  12. dante77

    Steam deals

    Also, I wanna know if there is steal deal going on coz for 700Rs purchase, there is 120 off. MK 11 Aftermath collection seems tempting.
  13. dante77

    Steam deals

    Middle Earth shadow of war is 287 bucks and deluxe edition is 344 bucks. Of course deluxe is no brainer but I want to know if those additional DLC gives you extra power up at the start of the game or something or not. They kinda ruin the experience. It is weird Shadow of Mordor is 900+ bucks while the sequel is this low.
  14. I realized how important backward compatibility is for every console. There were some games that I missed on ps3 and now I want to play them but no way to play apart from buying PS3. Folklore and GOW Ascension, I really wanted to play them but they are not available for PS4. I believe it is easy for a console to be backwards compatible for digital games compared to disc based games so I think they should be mandatory now lol. Folklore I have played a bit but after my PS3 YLODed, there was no way I was gonna buy another one!
  15. So he doesn't even have to be on my account once he downloads his game. Great. Thanks.
  16. Hey guys, one more n00b question. I was reading about PSN game sharing and I what I could gather is that the other person has to have my username and pass for login into his ps4 and make that as primary account. That is all I need right? He can see the game in purchased section, right? Am I missing something or is this enough. OT: finished GOW3, excellent game!
  17. Wait what? They put ads on their flagship phones? Even any phone? That's a new level of cheap! On the other, my old one plus 5t got a totally unexpected out of the blue Android 10 update! And it is working as smooth as Android 9. The best thing about this phone is that even after about 2.5 years, it is as fast as day 1!
  18. I am totally in! Release this on NetPrimeStar!
  19. Yup. Watched it a few months ago. Loved every single bit of it. Highly recommended!
  20. I just adjusted display area after some googling. It was not working because the game required a restart. Now working fine. All sorted out.
  21. Yeah. It was always showing INR. that's what troubled me. Another question but I guess that is to be asked in GOW thread. The screen is showing black bars from all corners making the effective display smaller.
  22. Yeah. I had an old account too. Forgot password and forgot the security question. So couldn't reconnect with that. This one I made on their website with India as region. Thanks for help guys. Appreciate it!
  23. Wait. My ICICI card worked. I received a call and confirmed! Issue resolved thanks guys. Don't know why my other card didn't work. My HSBC os actually an international card. Anyway. No matter now.
  24. Yeah. I actually created my account through website not with ps. So there is no way to tell. WTF should I do now? I tried both CC and dc. While with dc it says wrong info and with CC it says an error has occurred! This is such a shitty thing.
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