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  1. Has anybody used fingerbot? Something like this https://amzn.eu/d/c2BuqJE
  2. Ohhhh man! Same old tech guy like many of us. I thought you were cool finance guy lol Need to know when it goes live. Where to sign up!!!!
  3. I am very excited. Will create a horror movie with Haunted House and Lonely Hills and watch! Also, pretty sure there would be Text to Porn soon after this. You can create endless scenarios with those realistic 3D models.
  4. No. Please no. We have enough remakes already. Need Dead Space 4 or a complete reboot.
  5. We played Bazball much better than them. Perfect tit for tat.
  6. I finished this recently too. It was a decent game. First half is below average and second part is good. Making it overall an ok experience. It looked like a Dead Space clone but it sadly is not. While it is inspired by dead space, I would have preferred a proper copy of the game rather than try to differ and put emphasis on Melee. Melee isn't bad but it is nothing good and after about half game, It becomes effectively useless except the forced part. Second half really picks up and that is where you'll get some good guns unlike dead space which is about so many cool weapons from the start. I think the devs were confused which route to go, either go Melee focus or put emphasis on guns and copy Dead Space. They didn't mix it well. Stealth in earlier part was bad but I liked it later on killing those deaf enemies. Overall this game is still worth your time, just go quick in the first half of the game and you'll enjoy the second half with some cool shooting and environmental challenges.
  7. No, it was not turn based, just that you can pause and make strategy, that was a slow action game, you can move around while enemy is attacking you and place your allies strategically. Play DA2 And DA Inquision. I am still surprised people haven't played DA2, DA Inquision. It was a thing back in its day and even quite famous on IVG itself! Everythimg happened in IVG itself lol
  8. He is a predator. His intentions are not good.
  9. Didn't Godzilla beat Kong's a*s last time. Godzilla alone can take on any enemy. He doesn't need lame allies like Kong. Kong can GTFO!
  10. I am surprised seeing you guys surprised. Unless I am remembering DA differently.
  11. Never a turn based. DA2 and Inquision were full fledged fast paced Action RPGs.
  12. Modern Dragon Age we never got!
  13. Siraj in Indian pitches is same as Ashwin as in foreign pitches. Useless! Better try someone else. Keep Ashwin, he can be a game changer in Indian pitches.
  14. We are indeed a community that supports each other in achieving academic excellence. Don't worry @Big Bosswill help you out. Positive experience with nursery essay writing. Don't mention it.
  15. Google authenticator implementation doesn't work. I don't know how other people login but no code works. I have to use forget password every time I login. Thankfully I don't have to login frequently.
  16. Zerodha dude. I don't even think about anything else.
  17. Via Ind Money and other apps I think, not in usual way like Zerodha/Groww
  18. Starbucks is listed in India I thought Tata consumer covers it
  19. Ll results seem bad. But I think somehow it's gonna go up tomorrow
  20. Top Up ELSS a good chunk today. One final small top up remains but I am happy.
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