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  1. Saw M3GAN - Basically a new version of Chucky from Child's play! Which is a good thing. A well made movie with similar AI concept taken from other movies.
  2. Ye chota ps5 nahi bech pa rahe, bada wala rakha hua hai
  3. Pharma to free me de diya industries ne. Knew it was overvalued but can't sell as the price isn't even adjusted I am very hopeful still for Divi's and Laurus to fire.
  4. I have Divi's lab, Laurusabs, Aarti ind and it's pharma because of demerger and Jubilant foodworks :| My overall PF is down 12% :|
  5. Short comparison video of game and movie. Amazing work IMO!
  6. Still supply is short! But I think it is good. A new model is rumoured in April. May not be pro but could be a smaller size slim version.
  7. Adani FPO cancelled https://indianexpress.com/article/business/adani-enterprises-call-off-sale-of-shares-stock-market-8418603/
  8. Ironically I believe Oscar was the most sane and rational person in The Office
  9. Exactly same. Never watched Brokeback Mountain because of Gay plot. I don't think I will ever get comfortable watching man on man and don't want to be. A lot of people get disgusted by a lot of things in cinema, I never judge them, in fact if get asked I usually tell them myself that there XX scene in here and movie is based on XX plot so they may avoid despite liking that particular movie. See the movie thread itself and you'll know. At the same time, I ain't boycotting anything. In fact I didn't hate the episode because of it. I just didn't like it as much as first two that is all. I do feel the emotional connect and overall theme was understandle. It is simply my personal preference to not like these scenes, even Dostana is a no go for me lol. But let's just agree to disagree on this and move on from this Gay topic
  10. I feel very uncomfortable and disgusted watching man on man action. Had to skip this and some other parts on episode 3. Just can't stand it. Reading posts here make me realize it is now not acceptable to say these things lol.
  11. I didn't like episode 3 either. It wasn't bad, but nothing great either.
  12. Saw The Menu - Delicious!!! It's a Ralph Ralph Fiennes thoughtout! It's kind of a movie which you think only Ralph can do such a role or no one else. Casting is an ingredient and it makes the movie perfect when it is just right. Also, after finishing the movie, I quickly read about the message and theme of the movie and that made me appreciate it lot more. Although, the movie gave a lot of hint and I was somewhat getting the message but still read about it to clear mind. Guys I highly recommend reading a very simple version of it in here https://screenrant.com/the-menu-ending-explained/ This is written in simple and easy to understand words. You would appreciate the movie more after reading it. Of course a disclaimer to not open the link for those who has not seen it.
  13. Despite the fall. They all are still extremely overvalued.
  14. dante77

    Hi-Fi Rush

    Looks great! Need to know how demanding this is for PC.
  15. Extra - Limited time, they come and go. Usually stays a few months. But the 3-4 monthly games that part of essential package stays with you forever as long as you are subscribed to the service. You need to add them to your library for them to be available forever.
  16. Yeah. Definitely worse then pro plus. Perhaps they are now trying hard to be profitable lol. Only thing better is their shiny new gold UI
  17. It totally depends on how much you order. I am not very frequent, it still is worth for me as it saves a lot on delivery and my only 3 dine out on their eligible pro restaurants has given me discounts worth the pro subscription itself.
  18. It says I am already a gold member I was a pro plus member earlier. They even refunded my remaining pro plus amount. So basically got my money refunded and also got gold for free. Not bad!
  19. I don't have any issue because I just use subtitles for all TV and movie shoes now. Earlier I used to only use subtitles for English (UK) movies but now use it for all. Now I understand why Animated movies voice is crystal and subtitles are not needed at all.
  20. Lol @ PSG scoring 7 goals. It really is Farmers league.
  21. The last of us episode 2. Again it's like watching the live action cutscenes from the game! Everything was fantastic. Major props to clicker actors. I don't think they are CGI, they are actors and they nailed the role. The sound I guess was taken directly from the game but acting is top notch.
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