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  1. I wasn't gonna do it now anyways. Will do after the TV. Thr Frame supports Apple TV as per link given by Joe. I will most probably do the same.
  2. Thanks guys. Watch in web browser lol. Ok. Will sub for a month and then cancel!
  3. N00v question - does apple TV work on Apple devices only? I don't see any app for Apple tv. Their subscription service seems to be following a different approach than other streaming services.
  4. The Frame 2020 un-available on corporate website as well on FK. Should've ordered earlier. Hopefully the 9k cashback offer remains, otherwise I have to wait BBD sale which is too far this time!
  5. Thanks for the info. I'll keep an eye out to stack it then!
  6. My only worry is that is that since it was the first souls game, will it play like Dark Souls? Are there any gameplay improvements? I never played DeS so don't know how much inferior it is compared to Dark Souls but gameplay should be of equal quality if not better.
  7. Yes. I bought it for about 2200 odd. If it comes in sale again, then I'll be stacking it too.
  8. The Babysitter: Killer Queen - As crazy as the first one, I liked it. Not the ending I was expecting but its ok!
  9. If the room is not too small where you are only 5-6 feet apart from the TV screen then you can get 55 inch. They are bang for the bucks especially some of the models providing some much needed upgrade from their 50 inch counterparts. Also, no one complains about the TV size too big but people do complaint about them being small. So, if possible and not too sore for eyes. Get a 55 inch TV.
  10. #Alive - popped up on Netflix out of nowhere, since I am a big zombie movie fan, I ended up watching it without knowing anything. Must say, its pretty good, changes pace in second half and it looked like it is made in this lock-down period, kinda feels fresh too! Realized the cover image was kinda spoiler-y so changed it.
  11. Pretty much sums up the scenario right now!
  12. Only 55 inch and above models have HDMI 2.1 and other features like 40W sound output and all. This os why 50 inch is not really worth it in this model!
  13. That has to be the most retarded thing I've read about movies in a while. I hope movie makers from now on never target awards while making movies!
  14. What about Samsung Ru7470 43 inch? How much storage does that have? This was a very well reviewed tv overall with praises of PQ in this price range.
  15. Yes. I always thought one episode per week is an old trend. It will have its finale on oct 9!
  16. Yeah. Yeah. I got your point. Don't get all worked up [emoji14] My point was that these smart tvs were supposed to be self dependent and all. My tv will probably have 8gb, so no worries for me [emoji14]
  17. This is true as long as less means something like 8gb where usable memory is about 4-5 gb but you're definitely gonna feel this if you have 600mb of memory. Just last year there was no apple TV or Disney plus, today we don't have a dedicated HBO app but what if tomorrow HBO decides to have its own streaming service with dedicated app. Or if Disney would've gone for its dedicated app instead of going through hotstar. Not to mention the updates can be heavy for an app sometimes too. Sure TV is a TV, but now smart tvs are advertising that we don't need other devices for media content any more, their OS is enough so I believe they should at least give storage for future proofing!
  18. I still think storage is important irrespective of how optimized an OS is. Mostly because of future proofing, you never know when some important apps will launch in future and there may be even some non media apps that can be essential to the TV later on! If you are planning to buy a smart TV on 2020, you should be expecting it to last at least 2025-26. By that time, anything can change! Sure there are android boxes option but why even go that way when you can get something out of the box.
  19. looks awful, they couldn't even put a proper trailer. Should be a $5 game at max on PSN.
  20. Thanks. I was wondering if I can get it for even cheaper than this on TP or through some other place as a used copy. But I'll probably get this from PSN now!
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