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  1. HELP! duelsense controller facing left stick drift issues!! controller came with ps5 console. under indian warranty What should be done from here?
  2. bipin1143

    FIFA 22

    Heres the link of the retailer Hitech Gamez PS4 - 3699/- disc PS5 - 4199/- disc https://hitechgamez.in/product/fifa-22-ps4/ https://hitechgamez.in/product/fifa-22-ps5/
  3. bipin1143

    FIFA 22

    Great method but I think I will stick to my local retailer offer of 50USD plus Official EA Sports T-Shirt as Pre-order bonus Cheers
  4. bipin1143

    FIFA 22

    A trusted retailer in my area is selling at 3700/- (disc) for PS4 pre-order edition. Is it worth it? or can it go any lower?
  5. priest1143 PS4 & PC FIFA gamer
  6. bipin1143

    FIFA 22

    Is there any place/website that you can purchase fifa22 keys for ps4 cheaper than ps store I.e 3999/- cdkeys.com usually offers keys for pc for a less price than on official origin price. Is there anything that is similar for playstation gamers? (I'm new to ps)
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