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  1. bipin1143

    FIFA 22

    Heres the link of the retailer Hitech Gamez PS4 - 3699/- disc PS5 - 4199/- disc https://hitechgamez.in/product/fifa-22-ps4/ https://hitechgamez.in/product/fifa-22-ps5/
  2. bipin1143

    FIFA 22

    Great method but I think I will stick to my local retailer offer of 50USD plus Official EA Sports T-Shirt as Pre-order bonus Cheers
  3. bipin1143

    FIFA 22

    A trusted retailer in my area is selling at 3700/- (disc) for PS4 pre-order edition. Is it worth it? or can it go any lower?
  4. priest1143 PS4 & PC FIFA gamer
  5. bipin1143

    FIFA 22

    Is there any place/website that you can purchase fifa22 keys for ps4 cheaper than ps store I.e 3999/- cdkeys.com usually offers keys for pc for a less price than on official origin price. Is there anything that is similar for playstation gamers? (I'm new to ps)
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