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  1. Giving time and have built the roads from port knot city all the way to distribution center south of the lake knot city. Community is happy it seems, getting likes here and there.
  2. What are DOOMS? I may have missed the part when they explained. I just reached chapter 3 'Fragile'
  3. BB 2 is indeed a good idea but I would love to play BB on PC even though I've played the game on PS4. The reason would be playing on a consistent higher FPS. The console version was jaggy and rough, it will be a whole new experience.
  4. Damn i tried that. Not anything useful but fun to do that once or twice.
  5. When you press the touchpad sam loudly speaks, his voice echoes as if he's calling out to someone. Should we able to meet other players in world later in game rather than just giving signs and helping out with structures?
  6. Can anybody confirm the genuinity of this controller? If anybody by chance have bought this from here (from the same seller) and using it without any issues. Flipkart Link
  7. It's bullshit, don't believe any of those. Even Bethesda, Ubisoft games are being delayed.
  8. Got it, auto arrange is helpful. They should've provided this information instead of telling to unload all the containers and rearrange. Pressing O when you're loosing balance is great, my fingers can rest a bit, didn't knew that too. You become nathan drake when you're carrying full load. Also the navigation system is weird. Yes you have to find your own way but setting up those waypoints is quite absurd. You almost never follow the route and go off course while getting those lost containers and other stuffs. Just now I didn't use the map and thought i was going the right way I got way ofcourse and ended up being to opposite side. Fantastic, no dlc bullcrap.
  9. Confirming about games physical discs. Rumors were it was going to have 8k disc drive that can be used for multimedia purposes.
  10. Heaven Angel

    Days Gone

    Online hota hai to dekhta nahi?
  11. This might be silly question Will there be disc drive and physical games be a thing in PS5 and Xbox series X like it is right now in this generation of consoles?
  12. Any reason why all their games have been delayed?
  13. Heaven Angel

    Days Gone

    I was going to start this first but death standing got me.
  14. If you liked the main game then yes.
  15. I think i should do that first, for starters I want to know how to organize my containers. All my containers are equipped on my back. It gets quite tedious to continously hold l2 r2 for 20 min long journey. Can't keep holding the bags in my hands. The world and atmosphere is very well done. Only the inventory UI is pretty cramped up. What are timefall areas, how to know when you're approaching. Is there anyway to repair or buy/make new boots. They're 90% damaged now. Really digging the story tho.
  16. Hmm, E3 is a really big event across the globe for gamers. It's costing them a lot of exposure by these disputes.
  17. The game is mind bending, it's like a bad weird dream. No idea of what is going on and why it's happening. Soundtracks are awesome tho.
  18. Maybe because they don't have much to show at event like E3, major exclusives this year they have only 2 for Ps4 ghost of tsushima and the last of us 2. They might reveal more of PS5 later this year in their private press conference.
  19. Do one need ps plus to play online features of this game?
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