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  1. RUMOR PlayStation 5 Slim Listed On Australian Online Retailer
  2. Steam players, buy SIFU instead.
  3. Play on professional?
  4. This scene in John Wick is amazing. A perfect blend of a buyer and seller. No negotiations no BS. Pure deal.
  5. There are some preorder bonus like cases and perks. You recieve it as soon as you get to the first typewriter.
  6. Yes I was playing Rouge class but I want to try other classes to make a decision for my complete play through. Although every class is different from the other in terms of gameplay. Beta is just the top layer of real sweet inside.
  7. Summary: - Limited capture to first 2 hours of game, still be ware of spoilers. - Resolutions and Visuals: - Series X roughly hits 1800p in performance and 2160p in resolution mode, both w/ checker boarding. - Resolution mode is a bit clear but both hold up pretty similarly owing to the games dark contrasty nature. - PS5 in performance mode comes around 1944p and resolution at 2160p - Looks 'substantially blurrier'. The game is smeary on PS5 on opaque surfaces and a lot of break up on transparencies and a lot of SSAO shimmer as well. - Series S renders at 1080p in performance and 1440p in resolution. - Series S takes a hit in texture quality but otherwise very close to the others. - Series S, despite lower resolution, has about the same amount of aliasing as PS5 - Turning Resolution mode On and RT Off also disables Screen Space Resolutions for some reason. A baffling issue. But DF thinks the RE engine SSR is bad so they would have rather removed it entirely. - Lens Distortion and Chromatic Aberration is advised to be turned off. It degrades the IQ and PS5 is especially effected with a very soft resolve. - Hair Strand should be disabled, DF (Oliver specifically) likes the non-strand hair. The lighting also doesn't play nice with Strand = On. - RT improves presentation but only applies to reflections, does not apply to all surfaces and is rendered in low quality. - Series S does not have RT on/off toggle but the resolution mode enables RT reflections by default at a very low resolution. It does not have Hair Strands either. - Performance: - Series X, without RT/hair runs a tested scene at 60 but as you enable things like RT and Hair, it starts dropping performance to a big extent. Even with everything off the performance can fall in combat scenarios to mid/low 50s. - Resolution mode drops even more than the performance mode. Can drop as low as mid 30s with everything enabled in Resolution mode. - PS5 is much the same but the average frame rate is higher in all modes. - In Frame rate mode with everything off, drops to mid 50s in combat. - In Resolution mode bottoms out at high 40s and everything enabled at low 40s. - Series S runs worse than both the above, but it has RT locked on in Resolution mode as well. - Series S frame rate mode spend between 50 and 60 and Resolution mode drops to low 30s in combat. - DF's recommendation: Stick to frame rate mode. - If you have a VRR display, then enable Ray Tracing. - 'Xbox players have a bit more latitude to play with' thanks to the larger VRR window, at the cost of response fluidity. - Overall, Oliver is 'not really happy' with all the modes and none of them having locked performance. Would have preferred a simple 30 and 60 FPS toggle instead. - DF also encountered some visual bugs like flickering water in their testing. - Xbox versions controller dead zone response is tackled. Neither console feels very responsive but Series version has the added dead zones on top. - Last Gen: - PS4 version is 'an impressive effort taken as a whole' - But a lot of differences when seen side by side - Texture resolution very low and a lot of streaming issues - Lighting also downgraded with low quality GI and missing shadows from dynamic light sources. - No SSR and sub surface scattering either. - Foliage lacks animation and enemies drop to half frame rate at medium distance. - PS4; 900p, only one visual mode. PS4 Pro: Frame Rate: 972p, Res: 4K w/ checker boarding. - PS4: Generally between 35-50. - PS4 Pro Performance: 60 in quiet areas and drops to low 50s in combat similar to Series X - PS4 Pro Resolution mode is the worst performer in all the tested versions, in low 30s and drops to 20s. As good as this game is it's not properly optimized. Nothing groundbreaking stuff in the entire game but still there are quite a few performance issues. Even PC is having few and there's a heavy denuvo on top of it.
  8. It looks fabulous, I was actually waiting for individual parts of gameplay videos to be uploaded properly Here are the gameplay videos uploaded by a third party youtuber. World and gameplay is damn good, keeping my pre-order and excited~
  9. One of my friend says yes there is. Focus.. Man this game is linear and somewhat feels like old school but it's done so well that it's literally addicting. Also Resident Evil 4 Remake tops 168K concurrent players on Steam making it by far the biggest launch in the history of the franchise.
  10. Yes, the game has a large inner deadzone, all the versions have this issue but it's severe on Xbox. A small patch will fix this issue. On PS5 it has terrible lighting issues, game looks blurry by the reports. That also needs to be fixed. Waiting for DF analysis.
  11. I noticed this, quite good!
  12. Bound to be a hit, the game is damn good. Although some are assuming Diablo 4 will come on XGP as soon as the deal goes through I think it'll take much more time than some are anticipating. The game won't be free that easy, wait after the open beta the orders will go up drastically.
  13. Headshots don't do sh*t in this game but a kick by Leon sends the guy to hell and above.
  14. Not announced, maybe later
  15. It's bad that steam didn't had preload option. Preload is a blessing for day 0-1 players.
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