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  1. Being a traditional female is a problem and backwards now? ... heh
  2. What are you implying dude?
  3. PlayStation FY21 Q4 PS5 Sale Report PS5 Shipped 2m units till March 2022 PS5 Lifetime Shipments now at 19.3m till March 2022 70.5m units of PlayStation software for the Quarter 14.5m units of first party games for the Quarter Digital Software Ratio 71% 47.4m PS+ Subscribers 106m Monthly Active Users A rough quarter for the PS5 stocks. No major improvements in stocks expected even this year.
  4. This is a legit playstation fan. Awesome! shame on you @AnK @radicaldude @RV1709
  5. Heaven Angel


    Design - Difficulty Settings: Student Difficulty (Easy Mode) : More life and structure for the Main Character Enemies are less aggressive Enemies are less reactive in defense Simplified patterns for various archetypes and bosses The Death Counter cannot beyond 1 Better shrine rewards Disciple Difficulty (Normal Mode) : The original Sifu experience Master Difficulty (Hard Mode) : Less life and structure for the Main Character More life and structure for various enemies Enemies are more aggressive Enemies are more reactive in defense New patterns for bosses
  6. Heaven Angel

    Elden Ring

    It'll work Radahn wins the heart.
  7. Heaven Angel

    Elden Ring

    What you're referring to? It's a bit of a work and there's a chance for save file gets corrupted or lost. No major reports so far so the chances are slim. I'll send him a DM if he asks for it.
  8. Predictions Starfield gameplay Hellblade 2 gameplay Indiana Jones gameplay reveal (less likely) Forza Motorsport gameplay reveal id Software New Title Redfall Gameplay Avowed Gameplay New unannounced titles
  9. Games, Games, Spencer & Possibly Elder Scrolls 6 World Premier on June 12 Gamepass & More Did I mentioned Spencer? https://www.youtube.com/user/xbox/hub https://www.twitch.tv/Xbox https://www.facebook.com/xbox/ https://www.tiktok.com/@Xbox (LOL) We’ll see you on Sunday, June 12 at 10 am PT June 12 at 10:30 pm IST Spread memes not fanboism..
  10. Hope is asking for hope? Whatta hopeless situation.
  11. Replying to this sh*t, yep probably his best work..
  12. It's baffling that even after 2 years (well, almost) some are still struggling to get one PS5 at MRP. People who have a PS5 right now at MRP have got lucky, I got help by few of the kindest in this community @HarishProGamer @Assassins Creed
  13. This is perhaps from your own perspective not others. You mean there is no room for improvement. Games which 'Sony' makes have somehow reached it's epitome of gaming? :/ Hamare upar dimaag hai, koi AMD Zen 2 8 core 3.5 Ghz to hai nahi ki bolega 'Bas bhaiya ab isse zyaada me nahi kar pauga'
  14. Yes, play with the controller. Much better! You don't even need proper aiming as such.
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