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  1. Just kept for downloading, it's 39 GB approximately. Still quite small for an open world game.
  2. They are, in some parts you'll be surprised to see where they come from
  3. I was glad i had 8 shotgun bullets with me. I used all of them and 2 shivs to take that stalker cum clicker.
  4. It reminded me of the game "inside". The final sequence had some similarities with the appearance. This was way much creepiest though. It seemed so real.
  5. Whatt who.. wha the f**k was in the basement of the hospital .. creeps!
  6. The little details in this game. Abby is acrophobic and whenever she's on the edge the camera starts shaking and she starts breathing heavily.
  7. It's Odyssey, just re-skinned. 15 studios my a*s. Poopisoft
  8. Fuk these clickers .. takes 2 shivs to die Can't even stealth coz stalkers were already stalking me.
  9. You completed the game?
  10. We have vague death numbers from govt. but we have solid recovery rates. We atmanhirbhar boiz..
  11. There a soo many easter eggs in this game. I usually don't find many but I've found a lot in this.
  12. I'm to at the Hillcrest mission. Just took out 3 dogs with headshots. It's little tough to be discreet when they're on the field. You need to be constantly moving.
  13. 22 hours in and just completed Seattle Day 1
  14. The weapon upgrade animations are soo satisfying.
  15. Human AI got good at flanking. I saw 4 enemies coming, they spotted us and all took cover. One without making a single noise or getting spotted flanked us successfully and killed me from behind. Happened many times. Maybe because I'm playing on hardest difficulty. Never experienced this kind of behavior in previous title. I'm really glad that we'll get to see even better AI than this in next gen.
  16. I'm playing at a snail speed such that the ones who started playing after me are now ahead of me. I just found out about TV Station. The real tension began now as human enemies started to show up. I'm still so pissed of the antagonists that I'm madly butchering them each one of them.
  17. I'm thinking if ND can do this with a 7 year old system. Think what they can achieve with the powerhouse called PS5. I can't wait to see their new IP. Mark my words, their next IP will be based on SUPERHEROES.
  18. I think you're gonna have a blast with the game's audio. Hearing the clickers sound with bass will be something, lel. Where's your PS4?
  19. Dude, i found the ring.. Coool.. Sic parvis magna. Alternate universe
  20. Guys the bank heist ellie did.. look at all the piles of money. In this world it's just pile of trash .. lol
  21. Are tou playing this game. I don't see you playing on my PSN.
  22. I was also thinking of playing as stealthily as possible throughout the game but Abby the thicc bitch has ruined my plan. Now I'm going in all gun blazing. I want their blood on my boots. These f**kers deserve painful death.
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