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  1. I get a feeling the interns in pg have made this game. Combat don't seem like it's made by the mighty platinum games.
  2. They better don't f**k up the campaign mode. Consider it as a dlc.
  3. I think Sony will aquire that studio at some point. Seems like they are quite knowledgeable, no clue what RAD is working on right now.
  4. Uh, what's kraken in PS5 stands for?
  5. Watched the previews, this is shaping to be a fun game. Thinking of getting this one but Feb is packed.
  6. Doesn't seem like a day1 game from gameplays. Still waiting for reviews.
  7. It's already a win for me.
  8. Didn't see this one coming. If this is coming on PC then expect every major titles coming later on PC. Sony and Microsoft both are planning to reach as many audiences. Good timing as well when Ragnarok is near release.
  9. Heaven Angel

    Elden Ring

    Yep,Sifu looks good. Dunno why trigger ain't happy.
  10. Heaven Angel

    Elden Ring

    Saints row might but Sifu has already delayed once I think.
  11. Heaven Angel

    Elden Ring

    Dying light 2 also seems quite good. D2 new expansion is got to try. Hype is all over Sifu is nice and something new. Kept an eye on it. Saints row okay, not much into it.
  12. Heaven Angel

    Elden Ring

    Feb 4: Dying Light 2 Feb 18: Horizon Forbidden west Feb 22: Destiny 2 The Witch Queen Feb 22: The King of Fighters XV Feb 22: SIFU Feb 25: Saints Row Feb 25: Elden Ring
  13. Heaven Angel

    Elden Ring

    f**k .. Elden Ring and Forbidden West are releasing same month now.
  14. Heaven Angel

    Elden Ring

    signed up for xbox...
  15. Heaven Angel

    Elden Ring

    Okay, Fine (with heavy heart)
  16. That kind of games will only be seen by the end of this gen. Some games does looks somewhat next gen like Stalker 2, Forspoken, Ride 4. But can't say true next gen yet.
  17. But you spoiled us.. I watched and it's awesome.
  18. hmm even @Assassins Creed said this.. This game on my radar now.
  19. I have, it's quite a long journey. It took 145 hours but I've also completely build my roads and all of my buildings were lvl 3.
  20. Heaven Angel


    a genuinely good game giving more reasons to get into the game.
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