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  1. PS3 FAQ

    Does anyone have a lead on where a genuine new DualShock 3 may be purchased from?
  2. Controller for PC

    Right, makes sense of course. I am probably in the small minority that just needs the receiver.
  3. Controller for PC

    Thanks piper and Alpha. I'm surprised we can't get a receiver domestically for a comparable price, but I'm sure you would have mentioned it if it was so. Guess wireless controllers for PC aren't a popular choice, India-wise?
  4. Controller for PC

    Yup, have the controller.
  5. Controller for PC

    Hello folks, I'd like to use my wireless Xbox 360 controller with my Win 8.1 PC - what do I need, and if possible, can you link/suggest where to buy the same from? I am in Mumbai, if that could be relevant.