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  1. Yolo

    Gtx 1080 from newegg.

    Was looking forward to build a pc. Currently, cheapest gtx 1080 in India is at around 50k. Importing from newegg costs 35k including all shipping. (40k if from amazon global store). That's a huge difference. Do you guys recommend buying 1080 @ 35k with no warranty. Or 1070 @ 32k with warranty.
  2. Yolo

    Why no PS4 Pro Launch in India ?

    And we still do not have Xbox One S in India.
  3. Yolo

    Online Shopping : deals and discussion thread

    Xbox one with quantum break @ 21500 on flipkart
  4. Yolo

    Steam deals

    COD IW is already 1600 on steam, if you get it from G2A.
  5. Yolo

    Gaming PCs

    Keyboard : Logitech G310 .This one has mechanical keys. Mouse : Logitech G402. And get a good (extended maybe) mouse pad.
  6. Yolo

    EA Play 2016 Thread

    I was browsing Amazon, and saw BF1 up for preorder. But. The price is f**king 5199. Why EA why.
  7. Ubisoft already told earlier that there wont be a new assassin creed this year. There was a 4chan leak/rumour, that next Assassin Creed will be set in Egypt and mostly like Witcher 3.
  8. Yolo

    Game of Thrones Spoiler Discussion Thread

    I really want Tommen to die in next episode. He is also a bastard, right? f**ker ruined cleganebowl
  9. I would suggest to not go all in at start. Adding gaming PC's and 4k TV's with recliners seems a lot of investment for starting a business you are not quite sure of. I would suggest, buying 2 Xbox One, 2 PS4 and 2 Xbox 360. Generally, the most game played at cafe is FIFA. So you don't need to have all the games. Just the most played games (generally co-op games like WWE, FIFA, and racing games). Give out 360 at Rs 60 / controller. Xbox One and PS4 at Rs 120 / controller. Instead of buying recliners, get a good cushy sofa, 2nd hand maybe, and make the room really dark. No one care once they get into game. Also, you can offer an all-day package. Like 500 bucks for full day, with complementary unlimited food. This would be ideal for birthday party among students. Have a good collection of food. As with try to have the famous foods which are cheap to make and costly to buy ( things related to potato, panner and tandoor ). Also, have lots and lots of drinks and try not to have packed food like Lays, Pepsi. Instead make the order yourself, cause margins are higher and people get to think they cant eat that dish anywhere else, but at your lounge.
  10. Yolo

    Game of Thrones Spoiler Discussion Thread

  11. Yolo

    ~The TV Shows Thread~

    Game of Thrones 4th episode big leak : https://www.reddit.com/r/freefolk/comments/4jbjeo/purported_episode_4_leak_now_in_text_form_and/
  12. Yolo

    Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

    Am I the only one who though trailer was good?
  13. Yolo

    The Graphics Card thread

    Doom running at 200 fps on Nvidia 1080. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ueRjbYdcXbs
  14. Yolo

    Game of Thrones Spoiler Discussion Thread

    This was probably the most epic episode in GoT. Seems in the next episode Braan will know about R+L=G
  15. Lot's of new screenshots, gifs and models :http://www.dualshockers.com/2016/04/30/leaked-uncharted-4-a-thiefs-end-screenshots-show-incredible-graphics-in-game-filters-and-more/ A ton of spoilers : https://www.reddit.com/r/uncharted/comments/4gvgot/spoilers_ive_finished_uncharted_4_ask_anything/ Summary of Reddit AMA : What happens in Epilouge? Their daughter wakes up, plays crash bandicoot then goes to find her parents, she unlocks a cupboard full of artefacts and Nate and Elena catch her and are forced to tell her about it the game ends Final boss: It's Raef and you sword fight him on a burning pirate ship . Pretty fun you have to predict which way to counter, square for left or triangle for right. After Nate and Sam escape the pirate ship it's falling apart and there is explosions after they make it back to sully and Elena they make jokes and talk about the future before it jumps to the epilogue It looks very likely that Sam will die in the last 15 mins but he survives Sam says he owes money to a drug lord or he'lol be killed to guilt trip Nate into helping. Nate tells Elena he's on a business trip but she finds his hotel room and catches him planning. She leaves angry and reconciles on the island after sully convinces her Nate needs her Game have Cheat codes: Infinite ammo, weapon select, all the good stuff? Do we see Nadine after she betrays Raef? : No, her fate is left unknown. Total chapters and time : 22 chapters and around 14-25 hours long. does the volcano erupt : No Nathen's real name : His real name is Nathan calgrase or similar.... He and Sam as boys break into someone's house to steal their moms old diaries. But the police chase them so they change their names to Drake as their mom was a fan of francis drake to start w new life of treasure hunting. what happens after the PS Experience section when Sam says that he is in trouble. : Chapter 4, they go to an auction house to steal a cross. How does the game begin? (first thirty minutes) : t begins with Nate and Sam heading to the island on a boat, in a huge storm being shot at. They get separated and then you play a flashback set before U1 with Nate, Sam and Raef in prison as friends.