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  1. roque

    PS4 Slim Sudden Lag in between game?

    Since when are you experiencing lag? I am facing the same issue for the past week on FUT 19. Ping test is yielding double latency in PS4 as compared to what I am getting on PC on same hardwired network.
  2. roque

    Playstation Plus Region

    Okay. Thanks for the heads up.
  3. roque

    Playstation Plus Region

    Is that really so? I thought US just provided more indie games than PS+ Asia and thus AAA titles were were almost same. I think since ps+ is so cheap in Asia, there has to be a catch.
  4. Hey guys! I need to purchase PS Plus but am confused between PS Plus Asia and US. I want to choose whichever gets me more double discounts on games. Would appreciate any suggestions.