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Found 6 results

  1. A Plague Tale: Innocence

    Initial release date: 2019 Developer: Asobo Studio Publisher: Focus Home Interactive Did anyone see the gameplay? Thoughts on the game? I'm kind of sceptical but it could be something really amazing.
  2. Hi, I've got a poor internet connection. 2Mbps until Fair usage policy and gets to 512 Kbps once its lapsed. So, a 512 Kbps(60 KB/Sec) wifi enough to download day-one patches??? I thought of getting an Xbox One because of Forza, Quantum Break and Ori. I know its not enough to play online-multiplayer. But, is it manageable to download day-one patches??? Ori is around 10 GB...Does the XboxOne has resume support after all???
  3. Rare Replay

    Rare Replay game list
  4. Xbox One (US model) Power Supply

    So I bought an Xbox One from the US and shipped it to a friend in NY. While it hasn't reached here i.e. India yet, I made my friend open the box and check the power supply specification. Not surprisingly, it's rated 110V and is incompatible with the Indian voltage. So here are my options: 1. Purchase an original Xbox One power supply from Microsoft India customer support - No idea how to go about doing this, whether it's possible at all, and what the price will be. I'm guessing it will be quite expensive though.. 2. Purchase a compatible Xbox One power supply from Amazon.in or Ebay.in - there are a few options available, but again, no idea on quality and reliability. 3. Purchase a step-down i.e. 220V-110V voltage convertor that will provide the Xbox One power supply with 110 voltage - Again no idea on quality or reliability. I'm guessing many people have bought their Xbox Ones from the US. How did you guys sort out this voltage issue? I have some time as the console only arrives in end-March. Still, any suggestions you guys may have on this will be very helpful. Cheers.
  5. [XBL- Live]- Fifa 15

    Hey Guys!! Welcome to the Xbox Live Community of the new version of the game - FIFA 15 in XBOX One. Dont think we have any other community for FIFA . It would be good that we could play some tournaments or Pro league as a team together... Would like to know who all would like to be part of the league. Request you guys to put in your GT. Lets have fun :-)
  6. Inside