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I'm pretty sure people may have missed this in light of all the heavyweights releasing this quarter.




Something like The Humble Bundle, minus the charity.


What is IndieRoyale ?


Indie Royale is an indie game bundle website that offers up four top-quality indie titles every two weeks for you to purchase at seriously silly prices. All you need to do is pay the price stated - or pay more - and the four games currently featured will be yours to keep forever.

The website has been set up by the creators of leading independent video game editorial site and the makers of notable online download service Desura as a joint venture. We know our indie games (a little too much, some might say) and we know the games that are worth playing.

The point of Indie Royale is to put the spotlight on those indie titles which provide fantastic experiences, but may well have been passed over by a good portion of the mainstream gaming public. If you purchase an Indie Royale bundle, you can be safe in the knowledge that you're not only getting four brilliant indie games - you're also supporting worthwhile developers.


Once you choose to pay for a bundle, you'll be taken to the payment screen. From here, you can choose to alter how much you want to pay for the bundle, choose whether you're buying the bundle for yourself or as a gift, and then choose to pay via Paypal, Visa or Mastercard.

"Stars" determine how much you'll knock the price down for everyone else. Depending on how much you pay over the minimum, you'll knock the price down more the higher you go. If you knock the price down enough, you may well end up on the front page scoreboard! (You can choose to opt out of this and remain anonymous if you'd prefer).


As people buy the bundle, the minimum price for the bundle rises, and you'll have to pay over this amount if you want to purchase a bundle of your own. However, people can also pay over the minimum amount to knock the price down . Hence, the current price will keep changing as the week goes on!


Pretty nice concept for discovering Indie gems. The keys can be redeemed on Steam/Desura.


The Launch Bundle is running right now. It has:


  2. A.R.E.S. Extinction Agenda (available on: windows, desura, steam)
  3. Gemini Rue (available on: windows, desura, steam)
  4. Sanctum (available on: steam)
  5. Nimbus (available on: windows, desura, steam)
  6. NEW BONUS!: Third piece of Sanctum DLC (Penetrator) now available as a thank you to all buyers! Steam keys for all four games and (bonus!) Violator & Killing Floor Sanctum DLC also now live. Follow @indieroyale for latest news.


The going price right now is just 4$.



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