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  • IVG Back Catalogue: Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 15th December 2012

    Before vampires shot back into popularity thanks to Twilight, there was Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines.Read More

  • Back Catalogue: Call of Duty 2 16th November 2012

    Back when to World War II games were cool.Read More

  • Back Catalogue: Halo 2 8th November 2012

    With Halo 4 making waves around the world, we look back at one of the less celebrated games from the franchise.Read More

  • Back Catalogue: Need for Speed: Underground 2nd November 2012

    With the latest Need for Speed game - Most Wanted, hitting shelves today, we take the opportunity to dig through the old collection and revisit one of our favourites.Read More

  • Back Catalogue: Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 24th October 2012

    Great music and fantastically balanced gameplay aside, Red Alert 2 oozes character, with cheesy full motion video sequences, dark humour, and a plot laden with double crosses.Read More

  • Back Catalogue: Fable 17th October 2012

    A look back at the game that was instrumental in the popularisation of western RPGs.Read More

  • Back Catalogue: Return to Castle Wolfenstein 10th October 2012

    Before Halo wowed the world with regenerating health, a two-weapon system, and squad mates to make firefights seemingly easier, there was RTCW.Read More

  • Back Catalogue: Fear Effect 3rd October 2012

    A game involving the Chinese triad, demon hookers, a human sacrifice and the lord of hell. You know, the usual.Read More

  • Back Catalogue: XIII 12th September 2012

    The sensibilities of the Belgian comic of the same name with a story that would give the Bourne trilogy an inferiority complex.Read More

  • Back Catalogue: Anachronox 5th September 2012

    LOL in space.Read More