Games Convention Asia 2008: Day One

IVG’s very own Sameer Desai has been whisked away to Games Convention Asia, one of the biggest gaming expos in the continent. He writes back with daily updates on the going-ons at the event.

Today was the first day of Games Convention Asia in Singapore. We flew in at about 8 am and we had to make it to the convention centre by noon. By the way, the convention centre is right in the middle of the Marina Bay F1 circuit. The stands are already up and so are the barricades and lights; its gonna be awesome. But back to GCA.


We got to the convention centre at about 11:30 for EA’s press conference. While there many announcements made, none of them affect us in India. Rock Band was finally announced for Asia, bit no confirmation of India. Same goes for PC titles FIFA Online 2 and NBA Street Online, which have been developed in Korea and will be available in several countries in Asia, but not India, at least for now. Other than that, there were the customary presentations for FIFA 09, Need For Speed: Undercover, and Sim Animals.

Following the hour-long, uneventful EA conference, we headed to the show floor after a quick lunch. I got to play a few games, and there are still so many still to play. Here’s the games I did play and my brief impressions:


Mirror’s Edge: Awesome! Difficult, but awesome! However, only the first level was there on the floor.
FIFA 09: Not much different from the demo, but more the something good never hurts.
Need For Speed: Undercover: The feel is a lot like Most Wanted. It’s definitely an improvement over ProStreet, but too many framerate, pop-in and freezing issues. It’s still an early build though.
Saints Row 2: Only the first jailbreak mission of the game was there on demo. I loved it; hand-to-hand combat is awesome and it’s pretty crisp visually too.

That’s all I can think of for now after a tiring day. Will try and post more after day two.

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