Images from Games Convention Asia 2008

Just got back from Games Convention Asia 2008 (September 18-20 at Suntec International Convention & Exhibition Centre) in Singapore. There’s a lot to share with you guys, including game impressions for some of the games I had the opportunity to play – Need For Speed Undercover, FIFA 09, FIFA Online 2, Saints Row 2, Mirror’s Edge, etc.

We will also have interviews with Cevat Yerli, CEO of Crytek, John Doyle, producer of Need For Speed Undercover, FIFA 09 producer Clive Gorman and Christopher Teskey from the FIFA Online 2 team.

There’s also an in-depth interview with Tom Farrer, producer of Mirror’s Edge. Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about Mirror’s Edge will probably be answered in that interview. Also, Nash and I haven’t recorded a podcast in a while, so you guys can expect a GCA 2008 podcast soon; we have a lot to talk about.

So while I gather all my thoughts and transcribe all the interviews, here are a few pictures from GCA 2008:




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