This week on IVG: Week of 30th August, 2009

icon_feature1Yes, yes I know I am late.

In case you guys plan to pull out the pitchforks for the bluish tinge on your face, I would request you all to reorient your weapons in the direction of MarketTantrik (Get it? Bluish tinge -> face turned blue -> holding your breath waiting for this week’s edition……..? Yeah, it was funnier in my head). You see, I started reading his summary of the week’s purchases yesterday afternoon and I just finished with the list. It seems that MT has been splurging at the mall, spending what appears to be the GDP of a small African nation on gaming gear.

There’s a lesson in it for you kids. Study hard, drink your milk, listen to mom, get good grades, and become an investment banker. The perks are in front of you.

In other news, we have been busy bringing you the hands-on previews of some of the most hotly anticipated (and in the case of Need for Speed: Shift, not-so-hotly-anticipated-anymore) games from EA’s media showcase event last week. Check out our latest previews of NFS: Shift, Brutal Legend and FIFA 10 in case you missed them. Speaking of EA’s event, after conquering the print media, Sam has set his sights firmly at the domination of television, with an appearance in the recent edition of MTV Wassup, interviewed by our very own gamer-in-disguise-of-a-VJ, Dr. Hojay. Of course, the news of Sam’s television debut was met with a lot of enthusiasm and excitement, until of course, people got a little too excited. What followed was an extremely detailed, lengthy and disturbing discussion about Sam’s legs. You can read it all here.

Before I continue, the responsibility for the evil image for this week’s edition lies with Nitin (ghb). Sam, Hozay, you guys can sue him if you want.

This week also saw the culmination of the IVG preorder for Batman: Arkham Asylum. A delay at the customs meant that many had to spend the weekend without the company of our favourite caped crusader. That, of course, is blasphemy! How dare we not get our hands on the game two seconds after its worldwide release! Well, here’s why:

  • India is a very small market for gaming. Which means that distributors order small quantities, which in turn de-prioritizes us for timely delivery
  • Publishers (except Sony and Microsoft) do not have local offices in India (read the first point in case you are wondering why). Which means they can’t have the game delivered in India too early in fear of their game getting re-shipped as grey market goods into other countries
  • Customs are attracted to game shipments like Pushy is attracted to Sam. We don’t know why, but it’s a fact.

Moral of the story: Do not whine! If you’ve placed an order on IVG, rest assured you will get it. Contrary to popular belief, discs do not start decaying if unused for 3-4 days after release, so be patient.

Well that’s it for this week folks. No fanboy bashing for Ragz, Karoo, Hellsboy and Saha this week (ohwaitaminute!).

Here’s your weekly round up of reviews:

G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra (PC/Xbox 360/PS2/PS3/PSP/Wii) – 3/10
Shadow Complex (XBLA) – 9/10

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