This Week on IVG: Week of June 13, 2009

icon_feature1A CNET poll pitting Forza 3 versus Gran Turismo 5, Valve once again professing their dislike for the PS3, and Microsoft claiming a 10-year life cycle for the Xbox 360 – these are just some totally unrelated discussions this past week that all inevitably turned into a childish console war. I swear I can literally feel millions of brain cells being fried when I’m in these threads; they make my brain hurt.

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But that happens every week, so what’s new this week, you ask? Well, more IVG members got their hands on the Uncharted 2 multi-player beta this past week, and the feedback is mostly positive, as you can see from Nitin’s preview. If you were wondering why our inFamous review was taking its own sweet time to show up, well, it’s because Ty was working on an epic, and I’m sure you won’t find a more comprehensive inFamous review anywhere.

Elsewhere, Prakhar, the unfortunate victim of the Xbox 360 scam we mentioned last time, has received his full refund. We also had some random dude hijacking every thread in sight, telling us how he can offer the best deals on games. Needless to say, the banhammer got a much needed workout. And speaking of console wars, they might be losing a bit of steam now that rabid PS3 fanboy Raghav has got himself both an Xbox 360 and a gaming PC. And the word on the street is that Donz is looking to pick up a PS3; he’s got a PSN ID and everything. What is the world coming to!

So it’s been a bit of a slow week here at IVG; an E3 hangover if you will. The weekend will be a slightly more relaxed one for me though, with our Red Faction: Guerilla, Fuel, and Virtua Tennis 2009 preorders all concluding this past week. There’s no respite however, as our Prototype preorder and Jade Empire Pricebuster are now coming to an end, and the coming week will see a new Pricebuster and our Fight Night Round 4 preorder finally getting underway. Plus, there are the obligatory console wars to look forward to, of course.

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