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  1. Dont buy instant coffee people. Get a french press (pretty cheap ~500Rs) and order some actual coffee from BlueTokai or IndianBean (again, pretty cheap 300-400~ and will last you a good couple of months). You will NEVER go back to that instant sh*t again.


    Its just as easy to make as instant. You dont have to worry about bacteria or cleaning like a coffee machine. And its the best tasting coffee you could get.

    Can you also recommend a coffee bean grinder for the same purpose.



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  2. Which mi mobile has gorilla glass 4 apart from mi5

    Also any gorilla glass is scratch resistant not shatter proof

    Cant see why not to buy protection :P

    Mi5 has gorilla glass both on front and back. It's best to use without any screen guard or case as it feels much better that way.


    As far as protection goes, it depends on the kind of drop. One of my friend's phone screen also cracked along with tempered glass. It was a normal drop but he is 6ft+ so I guess it was a huge impact.



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  3. In mi4i? No, it used to get warm like any other phone. Not hot.

    I was talking about mi5. I feel phone warming up in the initial setup itself. I didn't even used any app till then. The upper back of phone feels warm and lower back remains cool.


    Since you have mi5 can you please confirm it for me. whether it is normal to warm up even with normal use, will it go beyond that warming up or your device remains cool throughout as I heard in some YouTube reviews.



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  4. guys, suggest a good android cell, budget is 15k


    don't need those xiaomi, or any online retailer types, which go through that flash sale bs and all

    moto g4 plus in my opinion. both in terms of brand value and features. very well priced by moto

  5. I used the phone for some bit, it does not get hot. It does get a bit warm, but all the phones get warm whilst charging. Moto G4, get even more hot as compared to Z1. The finger print scanner is also good on Z1, but G4 has the best finger print scanner. Both of them are best phones right now in this range. I've never been happier with purchase of a budget phone. Tell your friends to go for G4 plus or Zuk, updates are also guaranteed on stock android.

    Thanks for the advise.



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  6. Got myself a G4 plus some days back. No magnetic sensor is an issue sometimes, when playing ingress or navigation. However, i am very happy, coz i replaced my S5, that POS used to work like a power point presentation.

    Also, convinced my friend to buy Zuk Z1, its a very nice phone, and was almost tempted to return my phone and get that one.

    Please let me know ur friend's experience with zuk z1. Heard it's got some heating and hanging issues. One of my friend also wants to buy it but is confused between zuk and Redmi note 3.



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  7. So seems like Oneplus 3 will be having the same Sony IMX 298 sensor as the Xiaomi Mi5, at least from the leaked specifications. Was hoping it would the IMX 318 sensor which Asus Zenfone 3 Deluxe has.


    Anyways, can someone tell me, between the MIUI and OxygenOS which is the better firmware ?

    Miui is completely custom rom with their own skin and tries to emulate Apple like home screen. Oxygen os is a balance between cyanogenmod and stock os. I haven't used any since long so not sure how accurate my description is.



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  8. I think its a bit of a cliffhanger. More like "will it be enough to escape those allegations or not" kinda deal. I dont think they are in the clear.

    Alright. I found season 4 to be dipping in terms of content. First two seasons were best.



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