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  1. Both of them are not launched in India yet, huawei will launch on 24th and asus around 2nd week April. You can check review on internet, both are expected to launch at 20k


    I checked both the devices on gsmarena. Asus one definitely looks better. whats your opinion about Intel atom chipset.

  2. just purchased OnePlus one. so I already know its a good option. I want to know if not OnePlus one then which option should one go with.


    I had following in mind:


    Lg g2

    Nexus 5

    Xperia Z1


    I read reviews of Mi4 and S4, they don't seem to be performing good.


    Why would you not want a OPO?


    How about,



    Xperia Z1,

    Galaxy S4?

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