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  1. Tata Indicom broadband connections are great for online play because the upload/download ratio on most of their connections is 1:1, unlike many other broadband providers who focus on download speeds at the cost of upload speeds. For eg: MTNL's broadband connection offers 2mbps download speed, but upload speeds are restricted to 256 kbps, making them terrible for online play.

    im on airtel n i get 1:1 speeds and so do the others who have airtel.The main problem is TATA-Airtel compatibility,a TATA user will always get lag with and airtel user n an airtel user will always get lag on a TATA connection.Except for this,they are pretty much the same.

  2. HFCL Connect will provide their services throughout the nation within 2 - 3 months currently they only operate in Punjab.


    here's their broadband tariff


    300kbps UL - Rs 400

    500kbps UL - Rs 666

    800kbps UL - Rs 888

    1mbps UL - Rs1111


    my cousin in Punjab has been using it from the past 2 months and he gets full speeds without facing any problem.

    tariff is very attractive imo.


    just wish it doesnt lag with other isps

  3. Well, even you have the Ping issue. You just don't notice 'cause you've never bothered about it. Go to speedtest.net, do a speedtest to Bombay and post the test here.

    i know we dont get a nice ping with the mumbai server on speedtest.net but when playin on live it majorly depends on the host's connection.I get a ping around 250 ms with the mumbai server but with Toxic(who lives in chandigarh) i get a ping of only 50ms(he is also on airtel).Airtel n tata connections cant stand each other,suppose ur on airtel n the host is on tata,ur bound to get lag.In halo,the lag is partially "hidden" whereas in gears its the actualy lag.I play gears almost everyday on various connections.When playing with people from bangalore who have an airtel connec,i get alil bit of lag but it obviously aint that much.Toxic seems to have almost 0 lag with atleast all airtel connecs.

    Yes,speeds dont matter much but pings seriously do and yes we do have a lil bit of problem with our pings but i dont think its a really very big deal.

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