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  1. leoz

    ps4 from dubai. Few questions.

    Thanks for clarifying this, which one did you get the Model and how much did it come to in all
  2. leoz

    ps4 from dubai. Few questions.

    So SOUQ it is then , thanks for the replies guys, Sony has some authorized online sellers in india like Cloudtail does the same thing apply there as well and should something go wrong with the console there's some sort of support in India Right irrespective of the Seller
  3. leoz

    ps4 from dubai. Few questions.

    So My Cousin will be at dubai and i'm kind of pushing him for getting the PS4 Slim any region concern that i should be worried about like NTSC , Pal etc and any Reliable shopping places that might offer me the best price i saw this on souq, is this good ??, i also saw a model with NTSC R3 Region code , is it a good one
  4. leoz

    ps4 from dubai. Few questions.

    How much does the price of PS4 500gb slim work out to,I mean how much do you save on it if you ask someone to get it for you from saudi