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  1. No mate there aren't any retailers in my city that provide with gaming console accessories and so online shopping is the only source for me.

    Also, how can an original wired Xbox 360 controller be cheaper?? On eBay, it costs ~2000/- and hence the reason I am looking to go for a third party one.

    Thank you.

  2. Hello guys, so I am in a bit of a confusion here. I wish to play nfs rivals on my laptop using a controller. And, as you all know, the boneheaded developers have made it mandatory to use an Xbox 360 controller.

    Now, my questiom is can I simply use a third party (duplicate) Xbox 360 controller as the original one's quite expensive.

    This is the eBay link for the product:-



    PS: I've read that both the original as well as the duplicate make use of the same Xbox drivers provided by Microsoft.

  3. @ALPHA17

    Thanx for the advice it was really helpful...

    So AMD is out of the window now but I do have a persisting question. The haswell vs ivy bridge performance and price difference. I've read that the haswell provides a higher battery backup but only 10% performance increase. Hence I wanted to know if it would be good decision to invest in a haswell or a comparatively powerful ivy bridge??

    P.S.: I am looking to buy the laptop to last for next 4 years at least. Please recommend accordingly.

  4. Hello everyone, I am looking forward to buying a gaming laptop under a budget of ~80000. I looked up many options and now am really confused although I have a certain affinity towards the Lenovo y510p.

    I have following doubts:

    It comes with an i7 haswell chip 4700mq but an equivalent i7 ivy bridge (if there is one) may provide similar performance for much less. Also, is there an ivy bridge gaming laptop in this range that can provide higher performance? And what about AMD, is there any AMD based gaming laptop which I shall consider? Please help me decide?

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