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  1. Amazon is just losing it, they returned my courier saying no one at home, when my wife and mom were home all the time.


    They'd usually do it if the delivery fellow couldn't deliver it for any given reason/excuse.


    It is a cod order, guess they will come tmrw, this sale season jas f**ked up the logistics


    Exactly. And take a look at this. For a package that has to be delivered via Mumbai sort facility to Baroda...


    Shipment History
    • Monday, 13th Oct
      • 01:33 am
        New Delhi
        Received At Rangpuri Sort Facility
    • Saturday, 11th Oct
      • 11:33 pm
        Expected At Bhiwandi Sort Facility
      • 11:41 am
        Received At Whitefield Sort Facility
      • 11:13 am
        Shipment In-Scanned At Whitefield Sort Facility
      • 11:13 am
        Expected At Whitefield Sort Facility
  2. Congrats man.


    Are you a reviewer or something? :fear:


    Hey thanks. Nope, just cellphone freak!


    congrats chaz, and saying LG G2 is a highly under rated phone is a wrong statement, it has got awesome reviews pretty much across the World.


    How much did you pay?


    Thanks bro.


    i5 64gb - $920 and LG G2 - $626


    Yes it has received great reviews but the issue is that the people are preferring other brands and phones against this one. I have used LG Optimus G Pro and it was some leap by LG and this one takes the contest to a whole new level. I wanted to sell the G2 after getting the 5S but I am just not able to get rid of it, its that good.


    congrats chaz, LG looks much better i5s in that pic .... when will apple move beyond 4" *sigh*


    Exactly bro, expectations with apple > what they deliver but then the design and all isn't that bad and the fingerprint reader is super accurate and I somehow have started loving the 5S for that. iOS 7 is just decent, nothing great but yes a good change.




    @harjas, thanks mate.

  3. My first Paranormal experience comes from when I was 4 years old. And I have a few other stories to tell but first this one..


    Island of Dolls - Location: Mexico














    Story- Isla de las Muñecas is a tiny island located in the canals of Xochimilco. The popular story of the island says that a young girl drowned off its coast roughly 50 years ago. The island's sole permanent inhabitant was hermit Don Julián Santana Barrera, who, shortly after the girl's death began finding dolls in the canal. He feared that these were a sign from an evil spirit, but believed that hanging the dolls on trees would direct him from evil spirits and the girl's ghost. Soon he began actively searching for dolls in the canals and the trash near the island and trading for dolls. He hanged them on trees and wires stretched between trees and kept some of the dolls in his own cabin.

    Over time, even the dolls that weren't already battered and broken were distressed by time and exposure. Eventually, tourists got wind of the creepy island, and began paying a Barrera a small fee to take photos of the island. But for all of Barrera's superstition, he drowned in 2001, much like the little girl whose ghost he hoped to keep at bay.








  4. oh yeah, the no sleep challenge ! back in mid 00s it was a rage in gamefaqs boards. Epic stories.


    @ tyler. same here, i am a skeptic by core and do not believe in any supernatural thing. I do believe in unexplained stuff, for me it is just a part of science which we have not yet come to terms with, it is unknown because it is unexplored. Everything has a rational scientific explanation, some just take longer than usual to be discovered. What we now perceive as magic and miracle might very well be commonplace 100-150 years from now due to tech advancement. I love sic-fi's take on this notion, like Too human for example, it showed us Gods as technologically highly advanced humans.


    a person from mid 17th century will see all that we can do in our homes as conclude we are wizards.


    Being a skeptic and being a stubborn non believer are two different things.

  5. Anyone here know about Bhangarh Fort?


    That place is a pure myth as proven by a group of paranormal experts and the Aaj Tak team who actually spent a night in that place.


    Nice thread. I'm a sucker for scary stories and supernatural stuff. Haven't experienced anything first hand though.


    The closest I came to it was a terrifying experience of sleep paralysis. If I hadn't known about the phenomenon I would have considered it to be a supernatural experience.


    It happened when I was staying with my grandparents (about 10 years ago). It was a lazy Sunday afternoon and I decided to take a nap. At some point I woke up but everything around me was fuzzy. It was the same room and I could see everything (furniture, the ceiling fan spinning etc) but the atmosphere was thick and there was a weird droning sound in my ears. The worst part was that I felt a very, very malevolent presence around me. It was just out of sight but I could hear it breathing and making sounds. It was then I realized was that I couldn't move at all. I tried to speak but I couldn't do that either. This went for (what felt like) a very long time. I surely didn't feel like a dream at all. Everything was so real. Eventually I slipped back to sleep but when I woke up I was f**king terrified. Let's just say I couldn't sleep that night.


    The next day I googled it and found out about sleep paralysis. I breathed a sigh of relief knowing that it was a very common thing and almost everybody experiences it at least once (some more than others). Still I was glad that it wasn't a haunting or anything supernatural. I still get it from time to time but now I know what it is so I can wake up or slip back into sleep.


    If you could actually see things around you while being in that state its more like a stage between Astral Projection and Sleep Paralysis. Sleep paralysis can be scary when it happens in the middle of the night in the dark especially when no ones around.




    Its bullshit.Most of the missing planes and ships have been found and have an explanation.Used to fascinate me few years back.I did some research on the internet and found out its just a myth.




    Just read this :lol:




    About Bermuda Triangle. I saw a documentary filmed by Discovery, which actually showed how the electromagnetic field in that area (some specific parts in that region) is actually higher than it usually is supposed to be. This interferes with the electronic system at times. Thats the best Discovery could show/prove.

  6. I think after release of s4 we might see the eye scroll and eye pause features for old samsung flagship phone like s3 and note as they have the latest android version.


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    Don't raise your expectations there as Samsung would want some additional selling/awe worthy points to sell SIV apart from its hardware.

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