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  1. Helper

    Nintendo 3DS game case replacement

    Sorry for the spam. I encountered a cloudflare related server error and the post got posted multiple times. Please keep one and delete the others
  2. I was looking for game case replacement box for the games which I don't have a box and planned to create one myself. To do that, I need the Game case and box art. While looking at internet, I was found the Nintendo store has the case https://store.nintendo.com/ng3/us/po/browse/productDetailColorSizePicker.jsp?categoryNav=true&navAction=jump&navCount=0&atg.multisite.remap=false&productId=prod10460&categoryId=cat550080 . But they send it to US and Canada only. Another site zeldlabz delivers to India free, but I am not sure whether to trust it or not. https://www.zedlabz.com/products/official-replacement-nintendo-3ds-retail-game-cartridge-case-25-value-pack-white So, I want to ask if someone here does these things and if yes what are the other ways to find and make a new game case cheaply. Also, how to print the box art properly and the sites to get the proper box art
  3. How do I delete this thread. Please ignore this thread. Posted at appropriate place.
  4. Can you point me to the correct thread
  5. I have dragon Ball xenoverse 2 for Nintendo switch which I want to sell. I have used it only 3-4 times and bought 2 months back. Price would be around 2.5K . Let me know if interested
  6. Helper

    Can anyone buy me a game from US

    Is anyone currently in US or planning to go there in near future. I wanted to buy Pokemon let's go Pikachu with pokeball plus bundle for Nintendo switch. Can anyone help me regarding this.