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  1. The_Cruel_Legend

    Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden

    May I know when will it release in xbox one store in India?
  2. The_Cruel_Legend

    Rainbow Six Siege

    Rainbow six siege xbox anyone?
  3. The_Cruel_Legend

    Rainbow Six Seige Xbox One Anyone?

    Guys bought a new xbox one console and hoping to play rainbow six seige. Anyone willing to join?
  4. The_Cruel_Legend


    Guys wanna team up for fortnite Cross play... I'm an Xbox One player... Wanna play some matches and learn the game...
  5. The_Cruel_Legend

    Destiny 2

    Guys is it worth to buy destiny 2 forsaken legendary edition for xbox? FYI new console player. And is anyone willing to co-op with me.