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  1. Ravi Kumar

    Protect PS4 from power cuts and surge.

    Ok so i have APC BX600C-IN 600VA, 230V Back UPS bought it from a FB market place for around 1200 as the guy was moving out of bangalore. I have connected UPS to the main powersupply and PS4, 22 inch monitor and a wifi router is connected to UPS . I am getting around 20 minutes of standby when power outage occurs. Good enough to turn off my PS4 . Tension of a wrecked ps4 is a night mare always, Glad its finally working .
  2. Ravi Kumar

    Surge Protector for PS4 (UK)

    I just got my ps4 today from UK but can anybody let me know how do i make sure it wont be dead as the plug in EU is different and here it is different Bangalore (india) Can it take 240 V is my ideal question ? Any best surge protectors out there which will support UK or should i buy any extra accessory !. Please advice !
  3. Ravi Kumar

    Protect PS4 from power cuts and surge.

    Hi All, I just got my Ps4 (not pro) 500 GB from with RDR2 bundle from UK to Bangalore, India. I have few queries before i connect : I am planning to buy TV or Monitor - could you let me know your suggestions also if any models link it would great . Power issues - Any successful stories here w.r.t to UPS. Plus i have to buy a spike buster to change from UK plug to IND plug. Please let me know your thoughts, much appreciated !