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  1. Is there an episode focused on repairing the general gaming hardware? repairing mice, gamepads, input devices etc basically. You would have to do research...
  2. rockygrenade

    The Gaming Channels Thread

    My channel is over 10 years old. I don't upload fully edited videos frequently. Mostly sticking to streams and gameplay footage. However if the audience reception is good I would definitely make more scripted videos with good editing. Youtube is not rewarding any money to me, but I love sharing my gaming experience and thoughts from time to time. Kindly subscribe! your support and feedback is valuable to me. RockyGrenade: https://bit.ly/2O2P82T
  3. rockygrenade

    The Sales Charts Thread

    Why is Japan called the "knucleheaded" market?
  4. rockygrenade

    Jump Force

    Could one possibly get a seizure from all that heavy lighting effects?
  5. rockygrenade

    Jump Force

    This game could use more fluidity.
  6. rockygrenade

    APEX Legends

    I said to the game to go "F" itself. I won one game, but damn the hit registry is broken and pathetic. I'm shooting a spitfire just 5ft away from target which is not moving much and whoa. smh. Uninstalled*
  7. rockygrenade

    What games are you currently playing?

    Was playing Apex Legends but really frustrated with the bullet registry. Playing Titanfall 2, but player base has take hiatus again. The original hype of Apex Legends had brought back old players. Takes more time to find games (again) Playing Middle Earth Shadow of War. Epic orc slaying fest. Helps relieve stress or build some.
  8. rockygrenade

    Suggestions and feedback

    Can we have a mechanical keyboards thread?
  9. Hi, its my first day on this website and I notice it looks a bit similar to LTT forums design. I want to know what platform or tool was used to build this website out of curiosity. It looks neat and nice!