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  1. hey guys i need sum help

    actually i bought x10 sum 6 months bak its a gud phone but its locked and therefore all hardware cant b used

    so i want to replace it with desire hd can u guys point me towards some models of android or nyother os for dat matter and tell me if i shud go for relacing my x10 with dhd

    thanx guys

  2. hehe feels lyk the boss is here now but bro if u think she cud b the grl u can spend ur lyf with and itshard to find grls like these dekho naa i found only 2 in 6 years so u start gettin afraid ,one thing m proud of doin is that i made a very trustful realtionship with her family her mother trust me ,she can say it to her that shes comin to my place my mum likes her shes the second person to know bout my feelins towards her and let c wat happens

    i'll definitely try and propose her without drinking i only drink when m happy (my rule)

  3. as i said ther are a lot of people with stories who are nt able to cum out cause of wat people wil think ,i started sharing mine so that people my nt b afraid ny more and do the same ,wats a community if u cant do thse kinda talks (i knw its gaming one but cmmon its affecting my gaming lyf too)

  4. @abhinit

    abey what to do......she liked me i hated her then.....i am consoling myself by saying the she is playing hard to get coz ignored her then.....and what do these girls think of themselves......y cant they propose!!!!!!!weird.....



    yeah....exams ending on 11th n her bday on 12th......crazy stuffs r happening.......uffff....hard man........i am sure she likes me but not as much as a boyfriend.....these girls r weird......(sometimes i really wish i can get into there mind)



    koi mr hitch ka zaroorat nahi hain....trust me....u have it in you trust me......u just have to fathom up the guts (agar daru pita hain to 3-4 peg rum ya whisky pee k bol daal).....i did it....otherwise propose to her at the break of dawn....do it...call her


    sumtymes i feel lyk it wat if i were a telepathic i cud know wats goin inside cause grls have power to cover their emotions i said i luv her casually she din mind but replied i luv u bhaiya :roflroll: ,, sumtyms i feel she feels for me sumtym i feel she dont

    bas ab rose leke she luv me she luv me nt karna padega

  5. bhai she cumes to my place on a regualr basis and m in one of the grp of colg with whom people r jealous ,i xist for her and knw her quite well which makes it even harder knowing the answer but i mentioned about my gamin she said bachcha hai kya but i said ki meri lyf i like it this way the prob with me is i stay calm all tyme nevr show or xpress wat i really feel thats the root of this thing

  6. yeah man tell me about it......we are generally all cool and suave even with our female friends....but when it comes to proposing to someone zyada se zyada logo ki fat ti hain.......phew


    true story in gamin u can do all that stuff in real life u can b a bad a*s but when it cumes to grls u think more than twice ,and i hav seen sum peoples here who are nuthin but r nt afraid of grl ,kya pata bhagwan kya karta hai


    and for me i need a mr hitch

  7. and i din created this thread so u people can punch me in face with my problem i wanted people to cum out and believe there are people in this community who r really heart broken meri to shuruwaat hai and by wat i know sharing is a gr8 cure to such things so plz share

  8. peace bhai

    as i said i nevr left it bas ab mann nahi karta yaar and its after 6 years sumthin happened to me and 6 years is a long tym aur wat u guys sayin is true vry true bas meri hi fati hui hai v can shoot and kill in games but real lyf with grls its hard

  9. Well everything has a story, all it depends on whether it's told or it rests untold. :roflroll:

    yaar take my opinion,it's better to tell her, she may say yes, but even if she denies(god forbid if she does)i can really understand the thing but it's better to end it now,it's like a parasite, the more you'll allow it to rest inside you , the more it'll take out of you and leave you dead(atleast emotionally)

    Since your best friend is also in love with her, it's a complicated situation, and everyone has, just dont make it complex, well atleast you can tell her before he does .

    Imagine just for a second in an alternate universe that your best friend proposed to her before you did and she agreed , how would you see them together?


    Or maybe after a really really long time you would come to know that she liked you ?


    After this advice think again and do what you think is good for you, as this is as far as we can help.


    nice thing u said bhai i too think its tym no reason to drag it around bas afraid nxt tym let her cum to my place

  10. abe aise baat mat kar bhai ,actually its the reason m afraid but bhai she wont say yes shes frm typical orthodox family and she already made a mistake nw she dont trust ny boy

    meri kismat hi phooti hai its second tym that m in luv after 6 years and the same things happenin to me that happened bak than

    those of u who are frnd on fb knw her too

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