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  1. Shadab653


    Dm me if anyone want psvr v1 to buy.....
  2. Does anybody knows about nektan gaming technology shopfrom Hyderabad. I recently bought Oculus quest 2 from them for 15k and was being a bit suspicious as it is super cheap. So can anybody confirm it to me?
  3. Hey I want to buy psvr from him urgently but he doesn't seem to reply if you have his number do let me know please See pic - http://imgur.com/a/BuQJ3gy
  4. So I have looked online and in most of the websites it's either unavailable or really expensive, OLX have some good deals but I can't trust someone with transferring that much money....
  5. I don't why but the login system is so bad here. If I wrote wrong gmail account it won't let me write another one. Also the Google sign in method doesn't work!
  6. Do anybody here have spiderman or marvel Bluray for sale?
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