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  1. @aman... Japanese Hell? WTF? LOL... best movie title since Snakes On A Plane!

    it's true to it's title :happydance: and is second to visitor q in my movie hate list :furious:


    Yeah a.k.a. Cannibal Ferox. It was a lame movie made to cash in on the shock value of Cannibal Holocaust (which was in a different league altogether).

    in a good way or bad one? :makeout:

  2. saw many movies lately but will mention only few of them -


    Death bell - a good concept with few scary moments but the climax is little disappointing :P




    Bangkok haunted - this movie isn't scary at all and out of 3 stories only one is worth watching <_<




    Japanese hell - the most lamest and nausea inducing movie in ages :roflroll:




    Orochi blood - excellent horror movie with nice looking babes :good:



  3. BTW I watched the Dead Or Alive (DOA) movie on Star Movies last night...

    I liked it

    . :fear:

    :angry: it was a good movie but the climax was full of crap, holly valance :rolleyes: btw i finally saw Watchmen, it was simply amazing experience to see a graphic novel come to life, all the character casting was done perfectly, i couldn't believe my eyes when i first saw Rorschach utter his gibberish :majesty::P it was exactly the same as i had imagined it to be while i read the GN. For me it was a perfect comic book adaptation in ages, and as a fan of the book i can very confidently say that Jack snyder has done a commendable job :devil:

  4. The Shining

    Rosemary's Baby


    Basket Case

    Dead And Buried


    Dead Alive (a.k.a. Braindead)

    Clive Barker's Nightbreed

    Stephen King's It


    Session 9

    hmm well these are the one which i haven't seen yet, will look out for them asap :unsure: btw from ur list - hills have eyes is my fav remake movie of all time :wallbash: btw you should watch- mother of tears the third mother , asia areganto :doh:

  5. saw few movies-


    Marley and me - good movie for dog lovers out there :D


    Ju on The curse 1 and 2, Ju on the Grudge 1 and 2 - Japanese versions are way better than the lamesauce sarah michelle crap :angry: Grudge 2 was quite different from the 1st movie, at few moments i even felt as if it is some different movie all together, btw i just found out that Grudge 3 (hollywood) has been released and takashi shimizu wasn't involved with this movie, so it will be better to wait for him to make a good japanese Grudge 3 rather than to watch the hollywood version :P

  6. saw two movies-


    confessions of a shopaholic - very nice chick flick with cute beech :doh:

    x- men origins - some part of the movie were good and some were quite ordinary, nevertheless decent movie.


    p.s- dante watch - hanna montana movie, best horror of this year :naughty:

  7. [rec] 2 :wub:


    btw saw few movies recently-


    disaster movie - lame movie is lame :lol: only good thing was kim kardashian and she was the sole reason to check this movie :P


    man on fire - a good movie ruined for me by the fukin bollywood :drunk: ek ajnabee was scene by scene copy of this movie and to my bad luck i watched that crappy bolly flick few years ago so every plot twist was already f**ked for me :doh: p.s - harry gregson william's music :P


    priceless - a french movie feat. Audrey Tautou :wub: thanx fatwa for recommending this one, brilliant movie :cheers:


    love 'n dancing :fear: the movie was lame but the ost was good :D

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