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  1. You bet dude,

    The first time when a game asked me for installation, i was like WTF

    looks like i got myself another PC instead of console but after a few games, it kinda became a routine thing. Some of the games like R6 Vegas 2 and others take a lot of disk space on PS3.


    im wondering how it will be in the future when most games will be downloadble directly. as of now, u need to isntall every damn thing u get from the PS store. but if they make it such that it can be played directly (like a DVD iso can be played), it should be good.. because all the sht is on the hard drive ANYWAY...


    on another thought.. "install while you play" anyone? like Ubuntu Linux's "play while you install"? lol

  2. problem happens when ur HDD is full and to play a new game, u got to uninstall some old game. And just when u want to play that old game again, u have to sit thru a installation process and keep rotating your game installs. The pop-in-disc-and-play advantage of consoles vs PCs is literally gone !


    seriously.. this was one of the main points why console gaming is better than PC gaming... no installation process..

    and this whole 360 core/premium configurarion difference is also headed the wrong way.. who the hell wants to check system requirements of your gaming console before buying or playing a game?! LAME!


    pretty soon they'll have graphic cards and memory upgrades for the consoles.. im SURE that's the next generation.


    its crap.


    the day that happens i'll find a modded old PS2 and play thru my 2000+ library of games that dont need hdd, no installation, no patching, no config, no sh*t.

  3. Dude, there's an installation for UT3, DMC4, Hot Shot Golf 5, Ratchet and Clank and a bunch of other PS3 games, which reduces loading times. Old news. Welcome to 2007 yes?


    WTF! i havent played any of those games so i dunno.. but again.. WTF?? why the hell would R&C and Golf need installation?!?! crap! If a game like Burnout Paradise doesn't have installation, what excuse to these games have? Im not too keen on playing DMC4, HSG5 or R&CF:TOD, so im not worried about the installation, but UT3 i'm going to be playing... :| What benefit does UT3 installation give? non-stop death matches without load times? I didn't think so...


    The pic that i posted was taken by my friend. He managed to find a copy of this game on Craiglist and paid pretty high for it. He said it took roughly 5 mins for the game to be installed.I know its a bit annoying and all but at the end of the day you don't have to worry about your console dying on you and can play well. Hardly a huge thing imo


    5 mins is okay.. but someone said 45 mins which i found quite disheartening.. either way im okay as long as there are no subsequent in game load times...


    23 hours to worldwide GTA IV release as of writing this post...

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