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  1. Got everything from SMC Int. at Nehru Place


    WD640GB - 3.7k

    MSI R4850 - 12k

    Deathadder - 2.9k

    Mantis - 1.2k

    MX5021 - 6.8k


    Hard drive is really fast. Had to throw away my old 320GB, as it got burned. Have around 140GB saved for OS + programs + games, while I'll use the rest for my videos/music. At 3.7k, it's an absolute bargain. Arguably the fastest 7200 RPM drive around. Best to get this, if you can't get/afford Raptors.


    Haven't installed my graphics card yet though.


    Deathadder + Mantis is a great combination. Still have to get used to the shape of the mouse, but the feel is great.


    And the MX5021 ROCKS. By far the best sound system I've heard. Very powerful, and only needed 20% volume to satisfy me. 50% would blow away my house, and 100% would probably blow away my neighbors. Had a great listening session of some Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Tool and Queens of the Stone Age. Probably still can't match hi-fi bookshelves in the 18-20k range, but I bet with a few mods, it's going to give entry level bookshelves a run for it's money. Basically, if you have 7K to spare for speakers, get this. A million times better than the boomy mess that were my previous Logitech speakers.


    Still need to pair it with a decent soundcard though. Thinking of Xonar DX.

  2. more weekend fun:


    Is Harold and Kumar 2 coming to India? That would be AMAZING!


    Loved the first part. I was actually waiting for the DVD release, but if it's coming to theaters, then I'll defo watch it.

  3. On what basis....Frank Lampard was injured for half the season and he still managed to score 20 goals last season...

    I don't care what people say about his game...I don't think there's another midfielder in the world who has scored 20 goals each season for the last three seasons consecutively...


    And if your talking about his creativity (lack of) then i can point out to you that he is in the top 10 players of all time as regards assists in the epl


    So.Your judgement is baseless..


    Also Lamps has scored more goals for England than Gerrard..And he was named Euro player of the tournament 2004 and also was runner up to ronaldinho as world player where the panel was made up of captains and coaches of teams from all over the world..I agree that Gerrard is a great player but its goals that win you games ultimately..


    On the basis that he is a limited player, who is only able to suit a system, which is specifically built around him. On the basis that he has not a drop of guile or creativity, and that he has failed to perform in a team where he doesn't have two midfielders behind him doing all his work.


    He's a good player, but nowhere near the class of Deco or Gerrard. They are world class. Lampard is average.

  4. I'm so happy that Liverpool beat Inter Milan. They were really having a very rough patch (that loss to Barnsley at home in the FA cup was just shocking) and this win will hopefully give them the confidence to bounce back in the EPL and atleast finish in the top 3. I know it's damn tough right now but let's hope for the best!


    It's just unbelievable. Liverpool just dominated and beat the most in form team in Europe 2-0, yet we will probably get beat by a goal deflected from Mido's a*s against Middlesbrough on Saturday. Guess we are made for big occassions like this. :wOOtjumpy:


    I just hope the team can get some confidence from this, and secure 4th place, and even push for 4th.


    Anyways, till Saturday, I'll enjoy this victory :wOOtjumpy:

  5. I used to love wrestling when a few years ago. Now, it's become crap. And the Rock was my favorite. Loved it when he returned as a heel for the whole Austin and Goldberg rivalry. He was very funny!


    @Sam, that Bret Hard fight vs Austin was real or scripted?

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