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  1. yeah thats the event, but no photos for it unfortunately :( freakin no hype for it man, it was a quite 1 with noobs :/


    EDIT:- ppl. were mostly watching animes etc. n career workshops


    Hey, so you were one of the winners? Damn, why didn't you tell me that you were from IVG while receiving the prizes. Anyways, which one out of these three is YOU champ?





    Also, I thought we received a decent turnout, the hall was full, so why you say there was no hype for it? :-|





  2. God gives birth to a child who only wants to play cricket




    He's only happy when he has a bat in hand




    The guy goes on to achieve everything that there is, in this sport, they call, Cricket...




    Save winning the cup that matters the most




    But the nation he served for more than 20 years and never let them down, decides it's time they give something back to him and his team wins the




    For him, Take a bow, Sachin Tendulkar - A name which will be remembered as long as there is Cricket





    Well deserved win, everyone played as a unit and gave the best possible gift to the man who gave us everything he could for all these years.



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  3. That was Blades of Athena I guess, you can only use them in the first sequence till Athena gives you a better blade and you fall from Olympus, you won't be able to use it anymore. And that tornado power also ends with it.

  4. Neither one of them is over rated or under rated. Both stand at a healthy 80something on metacritic AFAIK and thats pretty much where they deserve to be.


    However the cult status both games enjoy is not deserving.



    Both of the games in question were flawed..yes. Indigo Prophecy started off as good as any game can ever be and then QTEs, the music, the guitar...oh YEAH and then, that supernatural BS, that uncalled for murders and retarded twists and turns and oh so confusing plot and it became highly unbearable even to finish the game...the ending was utter rubbish aswell. Beyond Good and Evil was better than IP...the colorful world, the so beautiful objects and environment...CARLSONS AND PEETERS, the great story and a denjo stick as the primary weapon, could the game ever go worng? It did..some horrible puzzles, boring missions and not good enough development skills.


    Both these games were fresh in approach and lacked in implementation down the line, so I would actually not be surprised if people say that their cult status is not something which they truly deserved. I am one of the few who believes they were very good games...gone wrong and should not be worshiped upon.


    Personally, I would have loved to see a sequel of BGE, it could have been everything that BGE could have but din. As for IP, that game was so fcked up at the later stages, I don't even want a remake leave alone a sequel. Plus, HR suffered from some of the same flaws as IP if I am to believe some of my frnds but I have not played HR and don't intend to play it anytime soon aswell.


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