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  1. Gayle trolls Sir Jadeja on phone -- Must Read Conversation !! xDRavindra Jadeja: Hello, Chris. People are calling you the next Ravindra Jadeja. Let me tell you, there is just one and only one Sir Ravindra Jadeja.Chris Gayle: Totally agree. I can never become a Jadeja. By the way, you scored a duck in the last game and conceded 45 runs in 3 overs. Naa, I can’t become another Sir Jadeja, never.Ravindra Jadeja: That’s more like it. I’ve scored triple hundreds in domestic...

  2. Game of Thrones begins ... silence pls for the next 52 mins!!!!

  3. just when the feeling starts seeping in .... that wat u r doing is not wat u were meant to do ... and tat its time!!

  4. Finally in time for Oscars !!!

  5. The festival of lights is just around the corner wish you all a Very Happy Diwali..!!!

  6. iOS 6 updated!!!!!!!! :))))))))

  7. Billa 2 awesome.......!!!! must watch for all Ajith fans....

  8. Saw Chota Bheem : Curse of Damyaan..... finally..... awesome...... :))

  9. iPhone 5 released :)P.S. Yes, I know it was irresistible but I was just joking, take a break and enjoy the weekend :)

  10. Thank you actor siddharth... For making Hyderabad the only city in south to actually understand my name in the first go!!!! :D

  11. "The hulk is always angry" .... And then see the carnage he does... super awesome movie.. Must watch for all marvel comics fans....

  12. Got tickets for avengers for tomorrow night..... Yeeeeee!!!!

  13. Awesome takedown by brock lesnar for John Cena.. wat was cena thinking slapping a senior member...

  14. Ek Baar Ek Judge ne Rajnikanth Ko Crime Karte Hue Dekh Liya..To Kya?.............Tabse Kanoon Andha Ho Gaya!!

  15. dONE WITH vAMPIRE dIARIES.... Starting with the Secret Circle next!!!!

  16. i don understand by wat the hell "earth hour" ... anyways they cut power everyday for 2 hrs... wat more do they want...

  17. Just updated himself wit all the episodes of bleach, naruto and one piece..... fairy tail remains!!!

  18. Don't argue with an idiot they will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience. !!!! :))

  19. kehtey Khuda Is jahan mein Sabhi k liye kisi na kisi ke Ko Hai Banaya Kisi ke Liye!!! :))

  20. downloading Season 1 vampire diaries!!

  21. so called vander decken sama and hordy jones... just got punked by luffy and zoro.....!!!!

  22. Is wondering whether to buy... arura's wrath or Reckoning: KoA??? any suggestions anyone...

  23. You know that you are a hotel salesperson when - you see a firangi in the office which you have called on, and are sure that this company has loads of business... :P

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