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  1. 12 hours ago, yamakinkara said:

    I'm planning to buy 'Xbox series s' from them which is being sold at 26,500/- and am imported piece.


    Will there be any voltage related issues here in India and is it ok to go with them ?



    Not sure about the voltage issues , but they seem to be a trustworthy seller , they have plenty of good reviews on Google as well. I myself have ordered a Switch Pro Controller and Zelda BOTW from them , both were sealed and Brand new units. Maybe you can contact them to ask about the voltage issue. 

  2. 5 hours ago, Bluebolt05 said:

    C1 was available at Croma in Delhi for 108k. Can share sales guy's number but not sure what he could do for pune. This quote was from last month. 

    Oh nice , that's atleast 6k cheaper , maybe I should hold on for a bit. I had gone to Croma earlier in the month to buy an AC , but I didn't ask about the TV prices then. 

  3. 8 hours ago, R1shabh said:

    How come they're selling "Nintendo Switch – OLED Model" for 26999 when it's coming to 27K+ in USA itself? I was going to ask someone to buy it from USA  but why bother when its available (at a cheaper rate) here in India.



    No idea, but their prices are always cheaper. Sucks coz I got a Switch Oled on Amazon just 2 weeks ago for 28k. That time it was about 27.5k on mx2games , but got it from Amazon coz they had a 0% , 6 month EMI option.


    Could also be related to the Euro and the pound dropping. I also got a switch pro controller from them for 5300 , whereas the cheapest I could get it anywhere else was 5700. 

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  4. 1 hour ago, kittoo said:


    Damn. Didnt know big screens cause blindness/other issues to eyes. Apart from dryness etc., do they seriously cause major issues?

    Actually on the contrary , I feel more eye fatigue when I use my phone for a long time , not as much with my TV. 

    I have a 50 inch TV and I sit at about 6 ft distance from it. I think the main issues are with prolonged use without taking breaks and all. 

  5. 12 hours ago, Horizon Days Dawn said:

    What's the longest delivery time they have taken for a delivery for anyone? It says 2 - 6 days. If they deliver between 2 - 3 days I have an order to place.

    Actually I've noticed that even Amazon is taking quite a bit longer to deliver these days, so you should probably be prepared for longer delivery times. 

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  6. 18 minutes ago, Snake said:

    lol, ive been waiting to buy one as well, but for me. A savings a saving

    Ya and Diwali is 5 months away, and we re assuming it's gonna be 10k cheaper than this, it's not a guarantee. So the question is , is the 5 months with an OLED worth 10k ?? :censored:

  7. 5 hours ago, silv3rgunn3r said:

    Does it vary with 6 months payment? Because I was billed 88.1 during April and now 85. Any further margin beyond 88k is a win for me :P

    but anyways i got reimbursed by my company for buying this :fear:

    As per my understanding,  here.s how it works , whenever you buy it on 0% EMI , the upfront cost is discounted further in the backend , I'm not sure who pays this , the retailer or the bank.

    So basically,  now in their system , you have taken a loan of 85k @ 12% interest rates or something ,  and after 6 months your total outgoing inclusive of Interest will be 88k. So basically you are trying to shortclose that loan 6 months in advance , that's why it's only 85k for you now. 


    My argument was that you.re better off paying 6 instalments of 14684/- rather than pay off 85k now. 

    5 hours ago, KunjanPSD said:

    Bhai har cheez pe opportunity nhi dekhte.

    Phir toh 50 saal ki House EMI bna lo and stock market me laga do.

    Enjoy your new TV.

    Arey , I'm not telling him not to buy a tv and invest the money. I'm saying,  don't prepay , and invest the money instead. 

    2 hours ago, Snake said:

    wait till diwali if you can

    Diwali is still so far away , and I wonder how much of a cost difference can it be then. Minimum of Rs.1 lakh ? Wondering if the wait is worth it for an additional 10k. ( considering that I've been wanting to buy an OLED since the C9 came out :fear1:

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  8. 1 hour ago, silv3rgunn3r said:

    Update on the LG c1 48 payment

    Though it was finally billed 88.1k with 6 months emi . . I requested hdfc for preclosure of the emi for the tv. They told me vendor side the payment was further reduced to Rs 84.9 . So I was told to pay 84.9k  :bigyellowgrin:




    The opportunity cost of the 85k might be worth more though. If you pay by EMI it's just 500 rupees per month extra. Stock market has just gone down, good time to invest in shares . But I guess this is a debate for another thread. 

  9. On 4/26/2022 at 9:29 PM, silv3rgunn3r said:

    Posted a few pages back 

    But I bought for 88k 

    Hey , by any chance did you enquire about the cost of the 55 inch ? 


    I called up a local LG store here in Pune and I asked them about the price of the 55 C1, he first quoted about 1.23 L including all cash backs n all. I told him I'm not looking to buy a tv now , unless it's an offer I can't refuse. Then he asked me what's the budget , I told him between 1 and 1.10 L  and he.s like " ho Jaye ga sir , aap store ko aa jao pehle " 


  10. 1 hour ago, SpyVision said:

    You have to bargain with them. Offline stores get many people dropping by just to have a look, so they’d mostly quote a standard price. But if you go prepared and know what you want they’ll take an interest in you properly. Make sure you goto 3-4 outlets like Croma, Vijay Sales and other brand outlets then get their quotes and bargain with them saying “this place is offering at this price, can you offer a better deal?” Then you see who’s giving the best price. Me and my Dad did this for my Samsung QLED TV and got a great price, like it was listed at 2.10 on the website and I got it for 1.60 if I remember correctly.

    Ya makes sense. I didn't even go to the store , I just asked on the phone ?

    I'm looking to buy an OLED in May or June., so will plan to go to atleast 3,4 stores.  Either the C1 or the Sony A80J.


    Only reason I'm considering the A80J is that my dad has some beef with LG over an Old TV of ours ( we.ve been fighting a court case with them for the past 3 yrs ) , so I don't think he.d want me to buy an LG TV. But let's see. 

  11. 6 hours ago, Bird Bird Bird said:


    Very expensive. Offline during sales is the best. 


    9 hours ago, playstationdude said:

    Dont buy it online Imo. Try to price match it offline, peace of mind.

    During the last big sale I checked the price offline , and it was about 1.45 L at the official LG store. Which was about 5k more expensive than online. This is in Pune. But I guess it makes more sense to buy it offline if the price difference is only 5k. 



  12. What a game this is. Bought it 2 weeks ago and played it atleast 5,6 hrs everyday. Finished the game multiple times with all the weapons. Best 1400 bucks I've ever spent. 

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  13. 1 hour ago, jak3072 said:


    you can see the sales trend on this website - www.psprices.com & then make your call. 

    Oh nice,  this is a pretty cool website. I'm gonna save it for future reference. I've already purchased Hades for now. Not buying anything till 2023 now. ( Unless there are some crazy discounts  ?‍♂️

  14. 7 hours ago, VelivolusDas said:

    The thing I've learnt after getting the PS5 Digital Edition, is that almost all games come to a sale after some time (2-3 months in the case of older games).


    Best thing to do is keep it added to your wishlist and turn on notifications when there's a sale. You will be notified, if the price suits you then, pull the trigger.


    Having said that, out of the two games you've mentioned above, it totally boils down to what kind of game you want to play sooner. Always go with that feeling and buy that game. Then, buy the other one when it's on the next sale (generally in 2-3 months time), it could possibly even be slightly cheaper than it is now.

    Ya very true , I bought Hades coz I knew that i.ll play it much sooner than Last of Us 2. But then I went through my library and I realized that I have a ton of games in my backlog so I probably shouldn't have bought either ?. Happens to me every sale , I decide that i.ll finish all the games I have first and then buy new games, LOL.  I'm also waiting till I get a newer TV to play some of the games as I'm still on a 1080p TV so there.s that. 


    Also , some games don't get these huge discounts , like for instance Sekiro , I've never seen it fall below 1750/- on the store. And that game has been around for so long. 

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